Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

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Omaze : What's your favorite Breaking Bad memory or quote?

Abelhawk : Thank goodness for Better Call Saul. The years since Breaking Bad ended would have been unbearable.

Royale Raider : annnnnnnddddd Now Im gonna reWatch Breaking Bad *for the 4th time 😁

PSL 109 : Its crazy to see how Bryan Cranston is a great actor even for a Youtube video

Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! : *TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT!!!!!!*

Royale Raider : LMAO "we still have the bucket we can poop in" 🤣🤣

VegasLowRoller : It's been 10 years since Breaking Bad premiered?!? I'm so old...


moiraine_damodred : "i want you to stop calling me hot it's weird" *YEAH WELL YOU ARE -- YOU'RE HOT*

Luis Diaz : Cranston attitude on this video is identical to Hal.

T Ghost : Why does Walter have hair and Jesse doesn't?🤔

Nicolas Van Orton : Dislikes are from DEA agents

theasianinvasion : I like to believe that Walter never really died but instead survived, started a new life , new family, and became Hal from Malcom in the Middle

Gus Fring : Just remember your contract with me Walter White

gabriel bruasdad : Some rich guy on internet please give the money for breaking bad season 6 dont be selfish

Nico Marquez15 : Even their *chemistry* in the show world works in the real world

nuno gomes : Dammmm i miss Breaking Bad

Latsch82 : *"And all the money raised will go to us, so we can buy new stuff!" "NOOOO! NOOO! NO!!!! Goddammit"* Haha I cry laughing!

ExTrEaMe LT : They filmed together this video as a joke, but they will show up in Better Call Saul

Bear 24 : Their chemistry is just amazing

Maximus Muslu : who else thinks the fly from the fly episode should have it's own show....

fsociety : This is the best thing I've ever seen

Abella : Hal and Dewey changed :/

Tommy : "It's like Roseanne!!..... without the racism" HAHAHAHAHAHAH

blowingupyourmind : i predict a sequel after better call saul

Hayley : Private residence? No. Private domicile.

MoudStudio : i think the toilet paper hanging off the emmy made it for me

Abel Cabral : Someone please bring back breaking bad. 5 seasons will never be enough.

L K : Bring back Breaking Bad.

KDS1000 : My heart breaks when watching this. So many shows go for 8 or 10 seasons while one of the greatest shows to ever air only gave us 5. They were a great 5 but still. I miss #BreakingBad so BAD.

Wolpertinger : Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston the best duo ever! 😍

Genesis : This is the best fucking video I have ever seen haha

Susanne Schwendinger : Bryan cranston is one of the best actors of the word love him

sentinel4minga : 1:05 This little ,,headshaking" is one of his classic moves <3

Jason Tubalado : The Best Dynamic Duo ever, better than batman and robin, green hornet and kato, lone ranger and tonto! :-)

The Campfire : *"Stop calling me hot. It's weird."*

Galang Adhitia : I miss Breaking Bad tho.

George Gray : I love how this is acting in of itself. Incredible 😂😂😂

Seamo One - Seamonster - : Hope they're featured​ in ""Better Call Saul"

Charlie Roderigues : Frigging Hilarious. Thanks guys. Like you both haven't been busy as hell.

McBuge : You're goddamn right.

Dan Mizzi : The best series I’ve ever watched, I’m not in danger Skyler I am the danger 🤣!

Paap Smurf’s kids : Bring back breaking bad

The Ninja Of Music : Bryan does a good job of playing two roles at once. He plays himself, and the average Breaking Bad fan so well, proven by scenes like this 2:53

Johnny Gaming : You are not the guy! You're not capable of being the guy. I had a guy but now I don't. You are not the guy. 😂

DEAN IS HERE : Breaking Bad coming back would make my life complete !!!

Анатолий Шпалин : This is goddamn brilliant 👌😂 i laughed so hard a got tears on me eyes "touch our emmies" – i screamed 😂😂😂

hello : Bryan: Wait a minute. Breaking Bad is gonna be rebooted? Me: Colombia did it a year after the show ended, but it didn't worked THAT well.

Kremit 17 : The first time jesse is smarter than walter white

MrMagsimus : Lol this is hilarious the guys still crack me up living legends 👍👍👌