Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

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Omaze : What's your favorite Breaking Bad memory or quote?

Abelhawk : Thank goodness for Better Call Saul. The years since Breaking Bad ended would have been unbearable.

McBuge : You're goddamn right.

Wolpertinger : Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston the best duo ever! 😍

Nicolas Van Orton : Dislikes are from DEA agents

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : we still got the bucket we can poop in. lol XD

The Campfire : *"Stop calling me hot. It's weird."*

Koco : *The Beginners Guide To Living In An RV*

ian styles : This show can not be bettered no other show could be so real and fun for us, it had to end before it got to much like the other stuff and chopped and breaks put on content that shocked,, we ended up loving the bad guy....we miss this so much, can a new one come out of it ? well we got half the gang back and that to me is good enough

Chris Garcia : Why isn't this an hour long 😣😣😭😭😢


Hayley : Private residence? No. Private domicile.


Mitchell Grim : My favorite quote is " you can shit in a bucket"

Audrie Przybylski : bryan is actually me since breaking bad ended

Shannon Staley : So good!! I LOVE those two!

VegasLowRoller : It's been 10 years since Breaking Bad premiered?!? I'm so old...

Jcb Painting : Absolutely hilarious. Two very accomplished actors imho, and doing it for good causes. Great stuff!

Alexander Zhurovich : Breakfast Bad. :)

Daniel Conway : "there is like a month's worth of shit in that bucket" lmao

Royale Raider : LMAO "we still have the bucket we can poop in" 🤣🤣

nuno gomes : Dammmm i miss Breaking Bad

Nicolás Riveros : Bryan in the role of broke actor who wants to relive the old show that made him famous kinda remains me to Bojack Horseman, which is funny since Aaron does the voice for Todd in that show.

Anna Tran : "just like Roseanne - without the racism" lol

Mr Pickles : If I win I want to hold an emmy in each hand while taking a massive shit in the bucket

J wall : Brian I watched your show die. I was there and I watched it die. I watched the writers shoot Walt and let him bleed out. I’m an executive, I could have saved him But I didn’t

mikes hobbie's and random stuff : We didn't really see him die at the end... how many times did we see Walter pass out anyway? Bring it back damn it!!!

Erik W. : Watched this series at least 7 times...

zerocorpxc : Tight tight tight tight, tight

jademarissa : Mr. Hershberger was the real star here. Hilarious!

Anderson Rodrix : *Aaron Paul cabeça de ovo!*

Articade : I would love a show of these two just trying to move on from the show

Luke K : Bring back Breaking Bad.

ANGEL : Omg Walter and Jesse cooking until after ten years :D Pd:Breaking balls 0:48

JaxBlade : F*CKIN Beautiful xD

Whiteshark GMA : "I am not in danger Skyler ... I AM the DANGER! A guy opens its door and gets shot and you think that of me ?! No ... I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!" *Jesse shows up in the background* "BIATCH!"

Julian Walker : That bucket could be Crazy 8's bucket from episode 2.

Whiteshark GMA : Yeah Mr WHITE !! Yeah SCIENCE!! YEAH MAGENTS!!!

Antalor : I want a new show with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston :( They are just perfect together

r e q u e l l e : Bryan Cranston, gold as always :')

Hexa : Bojack Cranston

Fuck You Very Much : Whoever disliked this is heartless

Дмитрий Корчагин : Это же блять Во все тяжкие!!! Привет is Russia :)

hornetluca : Say my name

Derenker Official : Keşke yeniden başlasa:(

JellyFix : I don't believe that he is dead. Heisenberg is not dead. Bring show back. make new show "Breaking from Prison" or something. Heisenberg need to save Jessie few more times.

Alpha O'Mega : Bryan always likes to go without pants!😱

ЕВРEЙ : 5 years...

Kris Hammer : 2:43 There’s my Hal. And 4:35 Walter White.

ThaTheReplica : So good to see them together! And what a nice shit bocket!