Truck ploughs through cycle race finish line in Australia - BBC News

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Anthony Roberts : Reading the video description I thought terrorism, then I watched the video.

Amberoot Audio : Did the truck win? I think I saw a truck come second place too.

Spag Hetti : I bet the video title grabbed a lot of people's attention. 👳🚛☪️

The Badman : TRUCk of peace?

J Jee : #PrayforFinishLine #FinishLineMatters

Lawrence Smith : I hope the truck won

gary abbot : finish line has officially moved

Arges Hagan : As long as there's no "brown" guy inside, i think everything will be just fine...

S2MH : Nice job with the title BBC. I bet this got a lot more clicks than it should have ;)

Nice one : Mario Kart needs to add this function

Royal Family of YHVH : Relieved to know that it was not the fecesful religion.

dachicagoan : Sadly in the US, the media rarely hires reporters who aren't sickly thin. Props to Australia!

Jamshed Raja : Some big gals are sooo hot

ugaaa5 : He kept going.

COOLOU786 SSJgssj : The race was rigged i want a rematch

Mike Foxtrot : Why were cyclists racing on public roads?

Aryan Gupta : Damn it feels good to be a gangster

Holyeric akamegakill : I think the truck driver h8s bike...

sean102222 : Ohhh, my Gohd!!

Grey Chip : I think he came about 7th, unlucky fella maybe next time.

anna gregus : 😨😰😹😹😹😹😹

R Greenup : Cars race on race tracks, why are cyclists so precious?

Ali Sarsour صرصور : Was that another truck of peace

SirVixIsVexed : allahu akbar

Sara Wilcker : That's awesome. Roads are for vehicles, not bikes. You want to ride a bike? Go to a park.

Pro Life : he really wants to participate. even he brought truck still loses the race.

B. Hagedash : 11Foot8 Bridge training.

Justin evenson : She's very sexy that's the only reason I clicked

Michael Mariner : ISIS Will claim responsibility,if They don't blame Russia... British taxes fund Terrorism around the Globe..And Gullible Brit's think their Elite families of State walk on water!

Blazed and Confused : Thanks a lot, Muslims.

Bret H : We got ourselves a convoy

Chris K : Wow this is not news

Traxxas Tom : yeah the boys

Daniel Edwards : Bloody sat navs!!

Yacobus Fitri : Sorry to say, i think she is a bit fat '0:05'

TheShadedShadow : The truck that wanted to be a bike.

laser325 : A drawback of relying on GPS...

Dingleberry handpump : So what if the driver thought his massive lorry was a cycle he still legitimate entered the race and did finish haha.

bong breaker : Hay.

game player : RIP finish line.

Dennis McConnell : Boo BBC, I thought you where above the whole click bait thing. Please do better!

insaneshadow85 : He took out the Finish Line! But that's where I buy my sneakers!

Skyla Edwards : Thank God, I thought the peace trucks were at it again.

me myself and I : Gotta keep them bales rolling.

PacifierMusic : Please change the title. This made me think someone may have been killed.

Matthew Sayer : CHRIST BBC! Terror scare much?

Space Monkey : Truck be like, If I can't win this race, no body can. Then he brings the finish line with him.

tikara tano : Local Police didn't close this road for cycle race?

clauemmett : Hmmmm, subject line could be re-worded to avoid causing distress/panic.

Isaac Naim : Wait is nobody even asking why they were driving in a clearly marked cycling race to begin with? And not only that, but didn't even slow down once they saw the cyclists...