Truck ploughs through cycle race finish line in Australia - BBC News

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gary abbot : finish line has officially moved

Anthony Roberts : Reading the video description I thought terrorism, then I watched the video.

Amberoot Audio : Did the truck win? I think I saw a truck come second place too.

B. Hagedash : 11Foot8 Bridge training.

George 89 : I bet the video title grabbed a lot of people's attention. 👳🚛☪️

Ali Sarsour صرصور : Was that another truck of peace

The Badman : TRUCk of peace?

S2MH : Nice job with the title BBC. I bet this got a lot more clicks than it should have ;)

Arges Hagan : As long as there's no "brown" guy inside, i think everything will be just fine...

Silent Wind : Relieved to know that it was not the fecesful religion.

R M : Mario Kart needs to add this function

J Jee : #PrayforFinishLine #FinishLineMatters

dachicagoan : Sadly in the US, the media rarely hires reporters who aren't sickly thin. Props to Australia!

Lawrence Smith : I hope the truck won

Justin evenson : She's very sexy that's the only reason I clicked

Bret H : We got ourselves a convoy

Jamshed Raja : Some big gals are sooo hot

COOLOU786 SSJgssj : The race was rigged i want a rematch

Grey Chip : I think he came about 7th, unlucky fella maybe next time.

ugaaa5 : He kept going.

Sara Wilcker : That's awesome. Roads are for vehicles, not bikes. You want to ride a bike? Go to a park.

Pro Life : he really wants to participate. even he brought truck still loses the race.

Mike Foxtrot : Why were cyclists racing on public roads?

Holyeric akamegakill : I think the truck driver h8s bike...

Aryan Gupta : Damn it feels good to be a gangster

sean102222 : Ohhh, my Gohd!!

R Greenup : Cars race on race tracks, why are cyclists so precious?

anna gregus : 😨😰😹😹😹😹😹

Blazed and Confused : Thanks a lot, Muslims.

SirVixIsVexed : allahu akbar

Aaron Buce : Reading these comments i am so shocked how a lot of people don't know about this race They thought its just some people put fencing and finish line to the road and some random cyclists race ,for goodness sake They be like "cyclists are not for road , cyclists are parasite and etc "comment section People don't know how to ask or wonder first before assuming and saying anything Faith in humanity is lost

laser325 : A drawback of relying on GPS...

clauemmett : Hmmmm, subject line could be re-worded to avoid causing distress/panic.

Miss Amazon : Reminds me of my honeymoon!!

Space Monkey : Truck be like, If I can't win this race, no body can. Then he brings the finish line with him.

Dingleberry handpump : So what if the driver thought his massive lorry was a cycle he still legitimate entered the race and did finish haha.

B7R : As long muslims are in non-muslim soil, anything is possible...

Steven Wrigley : Some people are just arses in life. No need for that at all.

tikara tano : Local Police didn't close this road for cycle race?

PacifierMusic : Please change the title. This made me think someone may have been killed.

Tom Dub : yeah the boys

Pino Kio : That truck was misundrestood.

Knight Rider : So glad a Muhammad was not driving the truck. I was shocked after seeing the headline.

Jeffrey Davis : I though it was terrorism. Thank goodness it wasnt

rashida ateem : The leader of the telepathic Freemason Isis group abu bakar al bagdadi is dead. This will all be revealed to the masses soon.

Ralph Bernhard : Aussie driver probably smoking something and in a hurry to get to his Sheila....

Isaac Naim : Wait is nobody even asking why they were driving in a clearly marked cycling race to begin with? And not only that, but didn't even slow down once they saw the cyclists...

KEVIN HESKETH : Vote to be a Republic Australia.Dump the unelected elites.It not democratic to keep the status quo.

ben sumen : Trucks everywhere no one cares

Pura Vida dew : Why in the hell are these trucks on the same road as a bicycle race in the first place?