George Michael's Unfailing Internal Clock

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Richard Fukuda : I wonder how many times you practiced hitting the button exactly at 41 seconds. Shit's impressive.

CJW 48 : It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that Arrested Development actually payed this much attention to detail.

LoL XanDad : I was just watching Binging With Babbish and now I'm here... god damn algorithms of YouTube.

Nate Young : This guy doesn't even look anything like George Michael. Is this before he joined wham?

Gertrude Perkins : So.... they did it with the narration so its a piece of piss. If it had actually been done on set then it would have been impressive.

Torgo Torgenson : HUZZAH!

Bayani Miguel Acebedo : did no one stop to think that they shot the scene, counted the number of seconds George Michael doesn't talk, then add it to the narration afterwards? It isn't really that impressive

No Name : Ouch... I just wasted a minute of my life... Oh well... Television is not magic, btw

213213yoyo : Season 4 is terrible, but this is good.

Jay Tee Kay : Why is one of your tabs "candid" I see what kinda websites you're on

MORRISMORRISMORRISMORRIS : i don't get what this is testing? did you not trust them?

Saxon O. : laughed so hard at this the first time i saw it hahah

blink182izawsm : This is why I love that show


Geoffrey Taylor : Definitely one of the most satisfying videos on youtube

LoafEye : Michael Cera, let's all say it together , Michael Cera

Coulter Sinclair : Orrr the time wasn't scripted and he had a stop watch going at the time of the reading

ItzPronto : I'm sorry but this is a fake video. No way you paused right at 41.0

braden7180 : Even the 4th season manages to impress.

Controlledburst : Now that's good script writing.

Camille Zajac : This show is so good!

lordshardik : I love this, because when I saw the first version of this scene, without George Michael's thoughts being narrated, I thought it was kind of dumb, but the pay-off was so good when I finally watched this!

Karragh : Which episode is this again?

Chubachus : Damn, I thought this was going to be about the Sports Machine.

MOH-Hansy : I was a little mad that there were no sound, turned out that i had unplugged my headphones...

Blondie : I'm a bit off... 38 seconds

It's Me Cody : Why? Why did Netflix bring this back, make their season *good*, leave it on a cliffhanger, and not continue it?

Iakirag 3000 : It's more likely they just timed him.

Maximillian Osaben : This video is just silly enough to be outright perfect.

Kyle Tomlinson : were you looking at the owl and the pussy cat in another tab or something?

Synochra : I can't get over the greatness of this video and of the show

centpushups : Or maybe he was looking at the clock on the wall. And the audio was edited to fit the period

Jeffrey J : Block BLOCK

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus : LIES, LIES EVERYWHERE

Pete Pyeatt : Maybe

Phoenix Dawn : Friggen amazing!

X. Y. : Genius actor

Qué vida de MRDA : shiiiit

Jaded Jonny : Nailed it.

Джинзó Аркайдия : Guys, I am not understanding why this has so many likes. Can someone fill me in why the person on the video timed the video?

dakotab291 : There is still a good 3-4 seconds after you hit 41 though when the narrator says he hasn't responded yet. So more like 45 seconds

Tony Music : They should replace batons with clocks in relay races... It would be a great way to pass the time

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Mulvi747 : Some call him the human metronome. 

Carrie Wagner : Damnit I hate Michael Cera. That's his name , right?

lindy lamb : this is what the internet is for

bgustinjr : The most worthwhile YouTube video ever! :D

jimmjimm6699 : I have this too. I can not look at a clock for like 2 hours, then I try and predict what time it is, and I check with a clock and I'm like 4 minutes off most of the time.

Ricardo Hernandez : it is the BEST show in the world!!  SAME!

John C : LOL they can tell time!  such intelligent humor!!