George Michael's Unfailing Internal Clock

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Owen Thompson : Plot twist: Michael Cera is the one behind the camera who paused the phone

ShadesAtKnight : There were things about the new season that I loved, and other things that disappointed me greatly (such as the deterioration of Michael and George Michael's relationship). However, this is absolutely awesome.

bgustinjr : The most worthwhile YouTube video ever! :D

Jaded Jonny : Nailed it.

Garrison Taylor Everett : You're a freakin genius.....

lindy lamb : this is what the internet is for

CJW 48 : It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that Arrested Development actually payed this much attention to detail.

Ricardo Hernandez : it is the BEST show in the world!!  SAME!

Mulvi747 : Some call him the human metronome. 

centpushups : Or maybe he was looking at the clock on the wall. And the audio was edited to fit the period

Rowan Charlton : I didn't compare Arrested Developments humour to the humour Tarantino uses, I compared the story structure and how it all inter-links. In Season 4 you have to be practically be paying attention in every episode, but in every Tarantino or Nolan film you don't have to be. There are scenes in the story that if you don't pay attention to you won't figure what is going on again. Season's 4 story, with how complex it is, you have to pay more attention than you do in a Tarantino or Nolan film.

Wasago Games : I don't get this meme

Tim Jones : Exactly 41 seconds thanks to the magic of editing

Douwe Boerma : Read the names on those tabs lmao

Liberty Justice : Frieza: This planet has about five minutes left Goku: Do you know what a minute is? Frieza: Y-yes. Goku: I don't think you do.

Tungst : Best show. Worst season.

Waseem Saada : I fail to understand any of this. First question: how is this relevant to anything? (more questions will be added to my own comment as a reply)

Jon : really thought this was George Michael from wham!

Torgo Torgenson : HUZZAH!

Ryan Smith : wow this is brilliant. attention to detail to an extreme and i love it

BrentlyTV : Whoa

Jay Tee Kay : Why is one of your tabs "candid" I see what kinda websites you're on

CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED : Anyone else notice the 'Candid' tab?

No Name : Ouch... I just wasted a minute of my life... Oh well... Television is not magic, btw

Bayani Miguel Acebedo : did no one stop to think that they shot the scene, counted the number of seconds George Michael doesn't talk, then add it to the narration afterwards? It isn't really that impressive

Salvador Buttkiss : Its called a stopwatch infront of him during the recording.

Nithiun Rivers : Wouldnt the time it took to make it clear it was 41 seconds and the time it took for him to respond be more than 41 seconds?

easilyamused713 : I'm sorry but... Isn't it possible he had someone queue him?

Jushi : 0:02 *internal* clock? Why use an internal clock if there is a real one behind his parents😂😂😂

Riley C : God damnit youtube i have an exam tomorrow

Bedcorn : He'd be amazing at that Mario Party mini game with the timer that disappears

niles browning : I was just watching Binging With Babbish and now I'm here... god damn algorithms of YouTube.

Commander Shepard : RIP GM

Richard Fukuda : I wonder how many times you practiced hitting the button exactly at 41 seconds. Shit's impressive.

Nate Young : This guy doesn't even look anything like George Michael. Is this before he joined wham?

jimmjimm6699 : I have this too. I can not look at a clock for like 2 hours, then I try and predict what time it is, and I check with a clock and I'm like 4 minutes off most of the time.

Gertrude Perkins : So.... they did it with the narration so its a piece of piss. If it had actually been done on set then it would have been impressive.

NotPaulAvery : Almost all of the people who hated the new season were the ones who binge-watched it. The rest are just tasteless.

ItzPronto : I'm sorry but this is a fake video. No way you paused right at 41.0

John C : LOL they can tell time!  such intelligent humor!!

hmmm nope not interesting : Are we not gonna talk about the fact the guy keeping track of time was SPOT om

Gabe Hey : I miss this show

Tony Music : They should replace batons with clocks in relay races... It would be a great way to pass the time

Lee McDaid - Donegal : Yeah... it's called "Editing"

hectic scone : >mac

Jacob Mccullah : Why?...

Patrick Bateman : I don't get it

FRISHR : Every 42 seconds in Africa a Pilgrim passes

Caustic Calico : I’m on the beginning on season 2 I love it