What's in the Box? - Test Film 2009

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SpartanUruk : I remember watching this year YEARS ago, the thumbnail for this video is so iconic I don't think anyone who has been on YouTube for at least 5 years hasn't seen it before. This was a great project, too bad they never finished it as this left ALOT of room for sequels. Looking on this channel they haven't uploaded in 3 years and it looks abandoned. I have so many questions, like was this funded for a short series or was it a college project etc, what has it got to do with Half Life and what the hell is going on? lol

unrrear : i remember back in the day people though this shit was half life 3

WayTwo : Nederland!

Jack Dmz : Not available in my country? WTF? it's a short independent film... isn't? ISN'T?!

sobekflakmonkey : FACKN YES! FINALLY! OH MAN!!! Took me so long to find this video again, so glad I did, there needs to be more of this. I swear, best youtube video ever.

oBdurate : I'm never going to forget this. If 2018 rolls around and nothing happens I'll cry

Manuel Martin : what ever happened to the dude that made this video I really want to see what else he's done

MrlspPrt : I see the honest trailer: a movie where every one fights for the best bitcoin miner in the world...

bindarzik : Kill Switch (2017)

Ralexand : I wish so much that he will continue that ... 

RootedHat : This will be real with occulus rift

Jim Rustler : 2014 and still don't know what's in the box

Je Vader TFM : Half-Life sound effects

Pablo V. : I wish this was a full length feature film

Buddy Sokarijo : i saw the teaser for the kill switch and immediately thought about this short.

Andrew Wishon : lets hope Black Mirror picked you up!!

Raichupacabra : After seeing Hardcore Henry, I definitely feel like at least one of the people who worked on it had taken some inspiration from this short. Both are fantastic, by the way.

michiel beeren : Big skycrapers at 4.50 min,and gone by 5,10 min,,but good done to see my city Nijmegen ;)

UniQue : 2018 I'm here, I dont know how I got here but I'm here. Holy its been so long since I've seen this video.. years have passed...... good times back then.. HL3 & L4D3 when!?

HabboDeManager : NIJMEGENN!!

TehMondasianSpartan : A lot of content was inspired/used from Half-Life 2. Including the sounds, and the atmosphere. Yet the creators didn't say that this isn't a fan film of HL2.

Rocco siffredi : did he dieded?

Johnny Undead : Hey Tim, Komt er (na 7 jaar) eindelijk nog eens een keer nieuws over een vervolg op dit filmpje?



Franklin Ashe : 20,000 likes exactly, wow.

Yurlyn Plays... : TIM, YOU MANBEAST YOU!! I just saw the trailer to Kill Switch :D You did it!! I'm extremely hyped for it and can't wait to see it. I'm sure you're gonna deliver a fine piece of work. I'm sharing this everywhere again :D

Sam Wingman : Watched this years ago, glad I could find it again ! Amazing work from the team, I can only hope they will continue!

0p3nm1nD : Its like Dark of Netflix :O

David Watt : Who got here from the Little Big Planet level?

CheesyMJsandwich : It seems everyone on the internet has seen this video before, but they can never quite remember the context of when or where, myself included.

Bart Schenkeveld : best eng maar wel cool hahah

Sander : Hey Tim, maar ff in het Nederlands. Ik hoop dat je dit bericht leest. Komt er binnekort nog wat nieuws??? Ben zo benieuwd, heb dit filmpje vroeger gezien en was super enthousiast!!

Беседы с Александром Мишиным : Кошмар. Хуже отстоя я давно не смотрел. (блюёт)

Bore Ragnarok : happy 10 year anniversary

David Daniel Wouters : It's Kill Switch people, now in cinemas everywhere

ATTACKHELICOPTER : 1:21 largist colaps since black mesa it says it half life GUYS

BudgetPhoenix : 10 years later still looks great

Toa : Individual: You are charged with capital malcompliance. Anti-citizen status: *APPROVED.*

HayBayle : I remember watching this back in 09. To think it would turn in to a movie! Awesome! Rock on!

Wiejeben : Would watch the full movie again 8/10!

richard de valk : realy nice


Cunrad Slaya : WHATS IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!????

ExpertiseGamer : hey I want a vomitGun

Sander Ligtenberg : Dit is zoooo 2009.

Quan Cro : i love the original version

Shitposter 1 : 4 jaar later, en ik wil nog steeds weten wat er in die verdoemde doos zit!

Santiago Perez : what a time to be alive

Aref Eshghi : It's interesting how both in this short film and in Redivider (Kill Switch) 2017 bullets ad missiles avoid hitting the hero at all costs! :))