Australia isn't real. Here's why...
This man Thinks Australia isnt real

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For the longest time, I was pretty worked up over Australia. I simply could not handle the fact that such a terrible place actually existed. Turns out, it doesn't. Follow-up Australia video: My previous Australia video: Read more: Ask me a question: Contact me: Blog: Join my forums: Twitter: Twitch: Tumblr: Instagram: Patreon: Facebook: Snapchat: ragreynolds


Simply Skyline : Being from Australia I am shocked that such a genius found out our secret we are all not real.

alfie car012 : This mans IQ level.exe has crashed

Charzard 1098 : Me: *steps outside* Me: yeet where am I Me: *checks phone* Me: oh wait I'm at home in Australia

Caterpeace _ : Plot twist He's australian...

Ng Indrayanti : And people from Australia is literally robots WHAT THE FUCKKKKK

Emma Lott : Who is here from Isaac butterfield?

Henry Pan : I like that he has more dislikes than subs. Sheer. Genius

Landsis123 : I am pretty sure this guy is trolling but if not... *AUSTRALIA IS REAL* (I am Australian so I can confirm that lol)

Daniel Cunningham : Oh my God... Kangaroos don't exist but are robots. I always knew... 🤣🤣

I.REQUIRE.LASGANA : Damn guys He found us out... Take him out

Michael Lamarche : if Australians are 'fake' then I could say America is fake

Frederic Lee : 1:07 If your saying that Australia did loose the war, then it MUST EXIST Ps: Australia didn’t loose

Pyro : Someone made a robot that moves pretty similarly, but less naturally than a kangaroo. Concrete evidence

Dave Kirdy : WTF Australia is real I f***kin’ live here

Ishbel Swain-Marshall : How about you go to Australia and then cut open a kangaroo 🦘 I don’t think you would see metal

pro gamer : Top 10 dumbest person in the world.

Sofia Jones : Um bro I'm in australia... How do you know you know if they are mean bro.have you even been there actually NVM you have never been there so you can't even prove your on "how australia isn't real"

Livly : why not book a ticket to Australia to see it for real?

That One Potato On Your Shelf : Oh my God...Kangaroo’s and Koala’s? The ones I saw in the zoo were ROBOTS?!? Wait... BEAR GRYLLS IS A ROBOT

Josiah Scollary : Wait your telling me Australia doesn't exist that I don't exist that I've never really existed...... Wow you learn something new every day kids.

Brodie Haddon : Being an Australian myself, I completely agree with this theory, I’m totally not secretly a robot living on planet Oogly boogly.

simpl3 : Have you been to Australia? Yes. No you haven’t it’s an imaginary land and your on a plane. And somehow this plane doesn’t run out of fuel. (^_^)

All about Stuff : Um, i mean i walk in to my backyard and ... It feel very real to me buddy


Charlie Hendrix : My dad played baseball in Australia for over a year and he FaceTimed me hundreds of times and has pictures... so it must not be real... right And I’ve been there

Rui Oliva : I think this guy is just extremely racist

Charlie Hendrix : So New Zealand has been drugging almost 25 million people for hundreds of years... Yea


Skid1288 : This man could have gone further... Alabama is actually a part of Texas witch doesn’t exist... and the only part of New Zealand that exists is the South Island and my wife broke up with me

Charmaine Baird : Nope making false videos about australia and book a flight to Australia and see where you go

Cotticker : You either need medical attention or an award for being the best troll.

HPfan : But their accent is actually amazing especially compared to yours 😡

Charlie Hendrix : So robots have been around for thousands of years in the form of kangaroos... how were they made thousands of years ago

Pyro : There is literally ZERO evidence that any of this is true. Like it is I GUESS possible that this stuff happens, but you’re telling me this is more plausible than Australia actually existing

Yo 777 : I lived in Australia most of me life, then moved back to New Zealand...

Afoinden420 : America is not real, we were tricked into believing that America was a real place, plz support the cause

ez films jr : Australia is real and captain cook is real because he found New Zealand. Also they helped England in WWII. Also that drugs on the plane it's because you had jet lag.

Harris T49 : I actually liked this video because I found it hilarious in my opinion 🤣

Clash Of Cadence : Australians Im American And I Know Australia Is Real, Let's Team Up And Say America Is Fake 🤣 And Then See What These Fellows Say

Pickel : I'm not Australia but I live in Australia and I can confirm Australia is real . I can also confirm that part of your brain is missing.

fionn sheehan : who else is here because of memeulous

pranker boy 226 : Your the sort of guy that forgets to breath and die

toto abe : i gotta salute you for your mere idiocy sir, you are truly an inspiring cow

KillerDeath : This guy wanna send us to space I’m down for that

Just Building In Minecraft : Actually look at SPACE LIVE STREAMS. ITS RIGHT THERE!!!!!

sxmply.edxts : I am Aussie, I’m pretty sure I’m sitting on my couch in NSW right Australia 🇦🇺

Kyce Essadki : Also that map is from before Australia was dicoverd

DarkBlade15378 : I hope this man has some sort of mental disability. mainly for the fact that I just want to have faith in humanity

Tiger Cutie : Oh I knew I would be an actress😂😂