Australia isn't real. Here's why...

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ragreynolds : UPDATE: I spoke to 'Australians' LIVE on my podcast:

pro gamer : Top 10 dumbest person in the world.

Emma Lott : Who is here from Isaac butterfield?

xxellarose : Oml!!! 😂😂😂😂 Yes guys it’s true, i’m not acually Australian, i’ve been lying to the world! I’m an actress! Hahahh this is so funny tho.

Cotticker : You either need medical attention or an award for being the best troll.

Rose Okane : Australia wasn't built from convicts no one wanted, are you honestly dumb? I am an Aboriginal Australian and you are a Youtuber who obviously didn't pay attention in history or geography during your fifth year of primary school. I know the history of my country, how it was invaded and my grandparents stolen, beaten and forced to marry white British convicts as well as being thrown into slavery. I hope, that for your knowledge and safety that you go back to school and finish it properly. You should stop insulting my country's people and learn some respect instead. Please don't take offence in this comment but instead use it as motivation to do something with your life. ~🌹

Simply Skyline : Being from Australia I am shocked that such a genius found out our secret we are all not real.

CCPlays : "Snow White and the 8 continents" well I don't remember watching Snow White and the 7 continents either. I do remember watching the 8 Harry Potter films though.🙄🙄 Also 37% of people voted that Australia 'doesn't exist' well did it ever occur to you that Australia has a smaller population then the rest of the world and that if everyone except us aussie's believe that we don't exist then yes 63% of the worlds population will say we don't exist!

C.Kaydee 206 : OMG WE HAVE A GENUIS! All “Australians” (fake people, actresses and actors) gather! our secret has been revealed! Go into hiding with your family’s before the whole population come out with their pitch forks and torches! I hope this is a joke!

jamie bradley : anyone from Daz?

Lara Prineas : Omg guys! He found out our secret that Australia isn’t real..... obviously you should go back to school and pay more attention in history and geography I also recommend a therapist as you must be feeling terrified that the whole world has been lied to by the AUSTRALIAN government. It must be pretty hard to know all this. You should have more respect for us. Calling us arrogant and annoying makes you look like an a**hole since you don’t know us and how can we be annoying and arrogant if we are apparently not REAL? ...... Exposed. Next time get your facts right.

Xavier Vogrig : Did you know Scottish people are just Irish slaves


Ibbo Beast : Issues, this man needs tissues, when he finds out the truth, it'll be tripled, by the billions around the earth, that observe, to reserve, to learn, and to not turn, into this.

Rose Okane : Well if I'm not Australian then I'm definitely Great Barrier reef-an! XD

mystar : OMG guys I just found out America is fake did u guys know this it is so true OMG does he actually believe this p.s I was just joking

Tape_ Dorrent : Australia wasn't built on convicts. in around 1849 a prospector (a person who looks for gold) (oh yeah because of how dumb you sound I'm going to say what everything is) found y'know gold and in around 1851 there was a gold rush where over HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS PEOPLE FROM SO MANY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES came to Australia because gold fever happens (something that makes people leave their jobs and family) and they y'know look for gold Australia was built on poor people who became rich INCLUDING CONVICTS and I don't usually swear but this has angered me GO FUCK YOUR SELF

Indiana Belle : Wait so if we are being drugged. That means for thousands of years we still have ingredients for the drug? Dude come on -.- TBH if the even was a drug we would've run out of the ingredients. Australia is real.

Bob Ross : Oh then what is the land that we call “Australia” it’s not a near island because the island would be small not as big as a continent. And i know you have an hq of 1 but Australia is a continent. And no kangaroos are real how do they mate how do they give birth and why the that hunt and eat them say it’s not robots.

Brodie Haddon : Being an Australian myself, I completely agree with this theory, I’m totally not secretly a robot living on planet Oogly boogly.

IslandofIdeals : Top 10 anime plot twists

Isabella349 msp : In your other videos you were saying “Australia isn’t real “ but you just said “in my other video you can see how I’m mad over the existence of Australia “ so you just said it’s real?😂😂😂😂what are you on man😂!

Limbo The Dancing Cat : Boi, I am Australian, and, I think that I am an alien that come from outta space. ( just kidding )

Cali dancer : Please tell me genius, if Australia isn’t real then where the hell have I been living my whole life? 🙄 you’re an idiot

Michael Lamarche : if Australians are 'fake' then I could say America is fake

Soph productions : I am pretty sure this guy is trolling but if not... *AUSTRALIA IS REAL* (I am Australian so I can confirm that lol)

3.141592653589793238462643383279 : 3:37. Just because someone made a robot doesn’t mean that all kangaroos are robots. Robots have been made in the shape of humans. Does that mean that all humans are robots? NO! GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND MAYBE TRY BEING EDUCATED AND SMART!

Pepperoni Ice Cream : wow I do not exist and I am a dumb dumb and i am a fool and I am Australian btw, why would google put Australia on google maps and millions and millions of house locations in australia and other stores and stuff if it was fake, and how did they get the photos either? PLUS if Australia wasn't real and it's animals aren't either then why do you see animals like kangaroos and koalas in zoos all around the world? Why is there a whole 200 years of history for it? Why is there dot paintings that the "Indians" created being sold around the world? Why is there boomerang types that came from Australia that you can buy? Why is there a law not to copy the "Indians" dot art? Why do these "Indians" exist if Australia doesn't? AND LAST OF ALL, WHY WOULD THERE BE ALL OF US TELLING YOU IT IS REAL IF IT IS FAKE? Also, they are NOT Indians, not one bit, they are Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, AKA Indigenous people. Have fun trying to explain how this is all fake!

Jared Buttigieg : That bloody map is old AF it was made before Australia was found.

GANGSTAR PINEAPPLE : Oi fatty u might wanna burn some calories before u burn Australia down mate

Peter Katiforis : you know your channel is banging when you have 2.6k subscribers who are flat earthers

Aidan Penaherrera : You clearly didn’t finish middle school if you’re thinking this

Electrical Storm : Am i getting paid for being an actress all my life?? IM FREAKING RICH!!

imowntoplay : How can their be kangaroo meat then?. You should be a stand up comedian instead of making a big argument.

Rui Oliva : I think this guy is just extremely racist

ozeworld : Dude wtf I’m Australian and I’m pretty sure I’m real mate oh and by the way get an education

Xavier Sayegh : Australia is real you dushbag i live there

ACM 12 : This mans IQ level.exe has crashed

ariescrusher offical : The like dislike ratio explains how many brain cells you have rag

Lochlan Ridley : Don’t you realise your wrong because you have more dislikes then likes

KittyGamer 24 : Who's here because of Isaac Butterfield

ninja man : This video is in the comedy category. Do you think he’s trolling us??? Hmmmmm

Oscar Wilson : Yeah cause they definitely had robots in 1776

Logan McCarthy : ITS TRUE! THE DISLIKE BUTTON IS TRUE and his IQ is like 0.00000000000000000000001

Tasabeh Taha : Then how can I have just watched a kangaroo get killed before ( in person cuz I am Australian) and see blood actually coming out ? Is that hoax too ?!?!

Kirsti Swanson : Ok I guess I am dumb because I know I am Australian

Inspector Gadget : Back in 89 i was apart of the australian coverup. What people think is australia is actually a virtual reality program...

simply.edits ;] : I am Aussie, I’m pretty sure I’m sitting on my couch in NSW right Australia 🇦🇺

Tiger Cutie : Look stupid Scottish dude, I’m pretty sure it’s real but how would you know if I’m not a paid actor god this is what is wrong with people I mean who does this guy think he is he’s probably never been tho this “FAKE” country that I live in. IDIOTS.

MrJellyfish4200 : So the upside down whopper doesn’t exist