Kingfish plays Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" @ The Blue Canoe in Tupelo, MS

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brian shive : Super fine Jimi feel and touch. Great to see Jimi's spirit come to life. Thanks!!

Jay Hoe : Yeah, he looks like a kingfish

fiddlestick89 : probably the best guitar player you've never heard of

Buckarooskiczek Productions : Hell yeah! Kind of rude they had that tv going while anyone with a pulse was watching this dude’s awesome guitar work. Just a great arrangement...

bakerXderek : Legend

Justin Holmes : Remember the Hendrix tribute night where Slash played Hey Joe ? This guy was better :)

Charles Mullins : Drum man is dead on it. Bass is so tight in the pocket it chirps. Guitar man is just a genius ..

BAZ INGA : Such a talented young man!But having easily 200 kg at 17 years,that's sick!The dude can die of a heart attack at any moment man!He's so morbidly obese and I am seriously worried about his health!Damn fast food and hamburgers and fries!

Thelegend27 : He should talk to a diëtist and be more aware of his health. don't want this amazing talent to die young

Matvall : Kingfish: fast fingers, slow metabolism.

Tony Lee Glenn : That solo is just jaw dropping good. This guy is legit. I do like his voice too. New blues legend in the making here folks.

Robert Anke : holy hell put out an album so i can get some more!

weedandwine : Good stuff man.

Kevin M : He's only 17. imagine this guy when he's older. i'd pay good money to see him play anytime.

Hank Anderson : I hope king fish loses weight cause we want him to live as long as possible.

budsyremo : Jimi Hendrix reincarnated and on McDonalds.

Lucas PeRculiar : Notorious kkkkkkkkkkkkk

John Ashley : saw this kid on Luke Cage. Had to track down some of his live show skills. man this guy is the real deal.

StratmanDarrell : I just watched this guy on Netflix's show "Luke Cage" Season 2. Episode 5 I think. My thought, who is this guy, he's got soul in his heart and fire in his hands. I hope he takes care of his health, so many great guitarists pass before their time.

varmint tank : He plays in Luke cage

k3nn3thinatl : This young man is the truth. It does my heart good to see young black men who are real musicians and who embrace history and the true culture. We are not the urban ghetto. Hip hop is not the story of our people.

Neil Ballas : Where's the love for the bassist? He kills it as much as Kingfish!

Paul Goblet : This kid is brilliant. Turn that stupid tv off!

Spesh : 17 year old. Sheesh he's large

tpsin713 : wish katfsh would take better care of himself. We could be robbed of a great great musician!!

David Parry : Well sure. Good stuff.

john : In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

sawdust 69 : thats how its DONE◆

kk P : came here after watching Luke Cage.

runtyrobot : Turn the damn tv off!

MovieHound17 : you almost KNEW from the sec you saw him he had a soul full big guy voice...My man needs to lose weight, dont want him joining the 27 club.

Darius Owens : Guess everybody just getting here from Luke cage.

Eric James : Incredible!

anish timanna : shoutout to the Bass player!

RimshotKiller : So, I met a lot of people claiming that they could never play the guitar because they had big fingers...

Sundar Pichai : Wow didn't know biggie could play such dope tunes

nick : He ate Jimi Hendrix!

Cole Waverek : You know what they say: the fatter the player, the fatter the tone!

Walt Campbell : The fact that this man is 17 years old and can play with that much feel and accuracy gives me much hope for the future of music.

Chelcie Rice : Luke Cage brought me here also

hardgrain : I’m here because of Luke Cage. 👍🏾

Catherine Carlson : a thumbs down for this performance is a thumbs down for classic rock in general. this is magical

Patrick Daia : damn that bass nasty boiiii

DrVanNostrand : “On beat, cmon” *white crowd immediately claps off beat*

Bryan Figueroa : yeah hes a damn good guitarist/singer, but that backing band tho

irulan : 3:15 The expression on the keyboardist face when he does the purple haze riff 😂

Steven W. : Saw this dude on Luke Cage and was blown away. Had to look him up and glad I did!

Manolo Sap : He's a beast big time but needs to lose some weight, no disrespect but he'll join the 27 club at this rate

chocodiledundee1 : Man that kid can play the guitar 🎸...

murat kamiloğlu : mark my words in 3 years this guy will restore blues to its golden age. real music is back baby