Kingfish plays Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" @ The Blue Canoe in Tupelo, MS

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brian shive : Super fine Jimi feel and touch. Great to see Jimi's spirit come to life. Thanks!!

Jay Hoe : Yeah, he looks like a kingfish


Spesh : 17 year old. Sheesh he's large

707king : Just saw Kingfish for the first time last night, and got to meet him as well. Believe me when I say you should go see him if given the opportunity. He’s extremely humble and tore the roof down in the venue. Seriously, can’t wait for him to get famous, only a matter of time.

davocreative : He should get on a tredmill right now cos he aint gonna live so much. By the way he rocks.

GoodPaper : That's a big dude right there... And very young too. I hope he can get his health in order so he can jam out for years to come.

Deacon Dean : This dude ate jimi and got his powers

Nate Quick : AL sharpton on the bass?!

Tony Lee Glenn : That solo is just jaw dropping good. This guy is legit. I do like his voice too. New blues legend in the making here folks.

dario rodriguez : Must be difficult play those riffs in that ukulele

TheDevilsInterval : yeah he's fat, so fucking what. he slayed it.

Muhammad Haryandi : More like BB King.😂


Bryan Figueroa : yeah hes a damn good guitarist/singer, but that backing band tho

fenixmaker : Good show man but, loose some... would be sad to lose you do to health issuess

D M D : Love it , 🇬🇧

M Ragunathan : If BB King and Biggie Smalls did the fusion dance

Mike C : I just looked at some of these comments and I feel bad for some of these people, you guys are so lost I would love to see you put yourself out there and give other folks a crack at your flaws ;) And maybe after you go through that, you will learn...there are no such things as flaws and why did I ever say such hateful things?!It's time we are all aware of own actionsAnyway great vid!

eatin ass : legend has it that he isn't fat he just has so much soul he can't contain it

Charles Mullins : Drum man is dead on it. Bass is so tight in the pocket it chirps. Guitar man is just a genius ..

Man In Water : Jimmy did heroin, this guy does cheeseburgers

Cankerous Booch : Simply great band all round, loved how the drummer killed it at the bridge and then that sick little reggae pop out of nowhere. Top bass and keys too

BabaSmith : Fat ni🅱🅱a shreddin

David Parry : Well sure. Good stuff.

SarcasticElephant : I hope one day he puts as much effort into his health as he has put into learning guitar. It would suck to lose such an incredible talent to heart disease

jgodin312 : Throwing in bootsy Collins at 5:15 oh lordddd

Mike Klement : Wow this band is fucking tight! The bass, keys, drums and guitar/vox, these dudes are in the zone, don't need to even look at their instruments just feeling the vibes!

AulSkillz music : This boy is a legend. And I want him to get in shape so he will live long and bring us more music

Alex Carrillo : He ate Jimmy, that's why he is so good

Dwyane Wade is the best : Most of people doesn't notice his playing and just notices his body and weight mannnnn this people

RB Brown : I think he ate Jimi.

RC : This kid is 17 and already that big? So much talent may be lost too soon if he doesn't take care of himself.

John Leon : He's great at 17 yrs old , just wait till he gets more "Experience ! !!!

project10bball : When a 300lb guitar player can rip, there's bound to be electricity in the air. Band sounds really good too

Gabe Thornes : Who gives a fuck what he looks like. He plays the blues like a motherfucker. Thats all thats important

D M D : I'd give my wife's left leg to be able to perform like that.

Charles Handren : Just a thought... when you have a world-class blues player at your venue, turn the tv off.

Lucas Cisneros : Am I the only one really annoyed by the tv in the background??

Yair van Eer : Awsome guitar player.....but damn that bass be groovin

gtgargon : Dude need the extra weight to store all that effin talent

BongWatcher : He ate Jimi Hendrix!

Aron Soumete : The amount of musical elitist snobs in the comments is downright revolting, not to mention the racist and ignorant fucks... So he's black, so he's fluffy, so its not a strat... I call BULLSHIT, music is all that counts and this man got a nice overload of it and its amazing! Love for the music and the beauty of it binding people together regardless of "race" or "nationality"

ARR0WMANC3R : The whole band was super tight throughout this. Props to excellent musicians.

Tuukka : dude needs to shed some weight. would be a shame to lose another fine musician to the 27 club.

CV : Hey Joe + a quick purple haze lick + some reggae + plus some bootsy collins = i'm buying a ticket next time he's in town.

Blue Horizon : hes good I enjoy it, and stop ripping people for there physical appearance, whether its genetic or a consequence of life, every man lives the best he can, so ya know, worry bout your own lives and let the man be himself in all degrees.

John Smith : If he gets healthy he'll make real money

Handsome Jack : Hang on, the dude's only 17?! Damn he's WAYY too heavy for his age ( no hate)

Benny Ly : Leave some pussy for the rest of us.