Inside the Dark World of Captive Wildlife Tourism | National Geographic
Inside the Dark World of Captive Wildlife Tourism National Geographic

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Cages, speed-breeding, fear-based training. Blatant animal abuse is hiding just below the surface of the wildlife tourism industry. ➑ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Hands-on experiences with exotic animals are thriving, boosted by social media. But behind the scenes, animals involved in tourism often lead miserable lives. In this short documentary, National Geographic writer Natasha Daly investigates wildlife tourism in Thailand, where many visitors seek interactions with elephants. Read more about Inside the Dark World of Captive Wildlife Tourism here: Read the full story, published in the June 2019 issue of National Geographic, here: The nonprofit National Geographic Society helped fund this story. More reporting on animals by National Geographic's team is at Wildlife Watch: Inside the Dark World of Captive Wildlife Tourism | National Geographic National Geographic


Affulent : Its just like slavery, it's nothing different. If they could do it with people again they would. But animals cant speak up, so this is what we have .

Smielo Pum : This needs to stop.

Free speech for all : Very upsetting to watch these beautiful animals reduced to performing mindless tasks by such unimaginable cruelty. These animals must be released to live the life God gave them.

Mindprovement : Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

Azliana Lyana : Demand and supply. As long as there are goers who wants to actually experience it, the industry will continue to thrive. I reckon it's even harder to stop since the government is supporting from behind.

Faithfull Kadan : The rage and heartbreak I feel from makes me sick an brings me to tears.

Milan Adhikari : The government of Thailand should do something about this or the tourists should stop visiting Thailand or these events (as a protest).

Abalhangshu lingkhim : all demons with the cover of human including mee πŸ˜žπŸ˜’πŸ™

dr. mikeska : If tourists stop requesting these encounters there would be no need for such torture! This includes elephants, lions/tigers, primates, etc. STOP engaging in these 'photo opt' shops!! Keep the wild in wildlife. Get involved.

Yanji Yang : Poor elaphant so sad but very true about what she said behind the scenes especially zoos & circus .

DieselDylan : Keep spreading this awareness! Thank you for bringing light to this

Pokemonkaty : As the Kratt brothers would always say WILD ANIMAL SHOULD BE FREE AND IN THE WILD

Abalhangshu lingkhim : these are conclusion of lack of education and economic status

Lone Swan : Why??? πŸ˜–πŸ˜” atleast give them proper medical treatment .. God please someone save themπŸ™

Stefano Ianiro Wildlife : Crazy to think this is actually happening. A very important issue to shed light on!! Some tourists might not even know they're doing damage.

Duchi : *This is so hard to watch* These animals does not deserve this much suffering

Mel Ramos : I thought thailanders love 🐘 but im completely wrong..

MegaPushpesh : Those people are worst than anything in world that poses picture with captive animal.. Suckers

Jeevals Chempakassery : Where is international organizationsss!!!! πŸ˜¨πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ I am from Kerala India elephants are tortured here too but i see not actions taken????!!!!!πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

fahim siddique : Its so upsetting and heart wrenching! We humans,as a kind of animals,is terribly brutal...

Jerrik Li : Whip the people that treat them like this

poorni rethina : It broke my heart when I see the elephant with broken leg.. It need to be a happy baby.. But can't even stand.. Horrible

Teresa Brown : PLEASE make a documentary length film and the word will spread just like blackfish did

Navneet yadav : This industry should be banned

Chandler Minh : Stop going to Thailand Boycott Thailand

RQsuperglue : If social media like Instagram and Facebook banned images with exotic animals like they do other types of violence, that would a huge deterrent for many people.

Shelley Wallace : We need to pass laws to stop any captivity of wild animals, charge and prosecute them. Seriously. This is criminal.

Fortnite is dead : CAN WE SHARE THIS AND RAISE AWARENESS!!!!!!! 😩😩😩❀️❀️

Sami Motaghedi : Thank you for posting this video. We all need to be made aware of this

Poorva ! : Why does mankind considers itself owner of and superior over everything in spite of many experiences of how nature can destroy whatever is made in just a nanosecond... This is ridiculous

Carlos Pinzon : I had to force myself to see this. Thank you for showing everyone what goes behind

Hemanth Srinivas : Strict laws and regulations must be taken world wide....put an end to it .

Earth Experiments 19 : I'm crying when i see animals suffering because of bad treatment's hard for them! When You respect an animal and the animal will respect you! If i could do something is to stop these stupid and bad people and to ask them very directly: "Do you feel what this animal feel when you beat him?"

Nubbel Monkey D : My heart is broken when I see something like that

Dutton Nucleous : YES. THAT'S What PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND. CONSUMER is the KING. STOP PAYING for such shows and automatically these shows will STOP.

Sunshine Circle : Why do people pay to see such shows?..I think they are no better than the people mistreating them!This is sickening!

225deru : people are shameless. So heart breaking.

Dark XXIV : Ahhhhhhhhh Nooooooo My Heart can't Take this Harsh Reality

Jennie Kelly : I couldn't watch this after seeing the juvenile elephant whose leg was broken and left to stand on cement in a very small 1/2 enclosure. My heart cannot stand to see animals in distress. I know I should, in order to see how badly animals are treated; but I literally get sick to my stomach seeing this.

ZiggyDiggy : This is so upsetting. So many humans are despicable.

Barnovai : How about sharing this clip as much as we can so other people see it too

Mona : Omg this hurts to watch I can't believe this

Nicoletta Raschella : Same thing with camels in Egypt, and horses and seaturtles in Greece... :(

Tom Daly : Sickening

Clydon Leonor : Capitalism. This is it! And we are all part of it. And it's sad that these animals have to pay for that - brutally.

Mai Mayer : The elephant situation ALWAYS get me fired up and angry! Like these such majestic creatures and look how they've been reduced...

PQRST A : Nat Geo .. Thank you for changing my views.. I hope all tourist will make the switch towards a less painful life for the animals

Sky : I won't go visit that place ever when I go to Thailand. And this needs to stop!

Diego : Everything is allowed for the sake of a selfie.