Monster 57" muskie caught by 8 year old

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Chuck Cooper : What an awesome father and son moment captured for all time. The father learning the depths of his ability to give, and the son learning the depths of his inner strength. A truly moving and beautiful moment where each taught the other how to be better at being human.

wouter jema : u r one hell of a fisherman and 1 hell of a dad  kid will never forget this day ! it almost made me cry . U sir are a winner !

Erik Jacobson : Thanks so much! It's was an unbelievable experience. Really proud of all my fishin kids!

Muskie Matt : David, I don't know if you realize it or not, but you've caught a state record. We true muskie guys know that you don't need to kill an amazing fish to hold a title. Good for you for wanting that fish to live and grow. It is great to see that the future of our passion is in good hands. You are a true sportsman and your father has taught you well. Fantastic work and an unbelievable fish!

Mad Mac82 : Wow a lot of people could learn a lesson from this awesome young guy,when he said he wants it to grow bigger and not kill it.really loved this film me and my boy go fishing a lot but we don't have fish like that in England we catch pike instead.

ManicMindTrick : This makes me want to have children.

Tom Butler : It doesn't get any better than that! A lot of adults would have taken that rod and landed it themselves...Kudos to you Dad, you're awesome!

patdonovan85 : Probably the best video I have ever watched. Great job to your son, and great job on being an amazing dad!

22Laxer22 : That's a state record if it's 57 inches

Jennifer Malyon : Wow!! Good job little man! You handled that beast like a pro! Congratulations! That's a catch of a lifetime!

scott burnhan : That was awesome!! Don't fall I.......... I already did LMFAO

Scott Buczek : As an avid Muskie Angler and introducing my kids to the sport I cannot help but get goosebumps and emotional when I see a father and son team up to land a giant fish. I only hope one day my children and me can experience a giant fish like this. I want nothing more in the sport of fishing to see my kids catch fish. Far more rewarding than catching your own!! Great job Dad and son!

The Outdoor Broz : best dad ever I like how he didn't just push the kid out the way and catch it himself he made the kid feel special and happy and I thank you for that 👍👍👍

Coastfly : Watching this just made my day sooo much better.. Way to go dad! Im a passionate fly fisherman and i have a son "in the making". delivery at christmas time.. This is what i hope to get to do with my son when he gets old enough! Tell your son that he is the coolest kid i have ever seen! Tight lines. :-)

CrappieDev : women have cats and romantic movies. . for men we have moments like these.. that was awesome man beautiful moment all caught on tape! congrats to you and your kido!

Alaina Larson : Omg this is the cutest David I love you so much aww

Tom Hulbert : Good job dad keeping your cool! super awesome video! love your son comments

sew0in0tents : congratulations on an awesome catch David! My favorite part was your comment about not wanting anybody to kill the fish! I feel the same way buddy, let her grow bigger for next time!

Fifty0ne : This is an excellent video. There really is nothing better than taking a child fishing, and having them fall in love with the sport.

Christopher Belanger : That brought happy tears... adda kid!!

payavon : Best dad in the world!!!

pUPPY Kicker : What an amazing video

Jackson Bates : wow this kid is a champ!!!!!!!

steeve cordier : happy father and son :)

Dale Junk : That is the best musky video I have watched! Good Job Father and Son!

Reel Em' Outdoors : David films better than 99 percent of the people I know lol

Vladof : Man this video got me emotional! I had a tear to my eye, what an amazing experience that will stay in his mind forever. You two really handled it perfectly good job

Huge gay : I'll never forget when I was fishing with my papa and I managed to catch a big 40+ inch pike on my little kiddie rod

G Fals21 : Great moment, great fish, and even better that the kid has the respect and knowledge, so young, to call a muskie beautiful and wants it to live and grow . always great to see when kids are brought up right! Great video..

SPENCER SELLNER : this video is gold. pure gold. memories were made this day

Tyler Faust : "I can't." "No yes you can." That is what dads are for. #dadwin

Luke Ellis : Are you sure it's 57? That would have been the state record for length at the time

J Dean : STILL MY FAVORITE MUSKY VID..."of "ALLTIME".....Watched it tons of times!

Dale Hammond : Now that's a great father and son relationship!

Quick Wahay : Great comments with the exception of one tard named jake hart. Nice lanquage for the kid to read idiot.

august : Awesome Dad, kept giving the fishing pole back to his son and letting him land it. That's good fathering !! Hats off old man !!

Thomas : Wow...Nice video !!  The kid will never forget that one !! or the Father

The Observer : Way to go little man. Your dad's pretty Awesome too. You'll never forget that day. I enjoyed your video a lot especially the catch and release part.

Billy : Talk about father son bonding!! Awesome vid guys!!

Ciaran : Reminds me of fishing with my dad

sam s : So in fact the kid did not catch the musky. He realed it in with help. But he did not hook the fish, his Dad did. The kid reeled again with help. It waz a nice Musky though

Allan Johansen : 4.00 , Beautiful , strong little guy ! , Good job dad aswell ! nice vid

Ian Howe : What an awesome experience and an unbelievable fish. Congrats to you both. Love seeing videos like this!!!! 

Thomas Gladders : Awesome video dudes! So cool to see the release too!

Rob Tron : Anybody can troll and catch a fish. Not impressed.

c p : beautiful!

Kanen : Those are the moments that stay with you for life. 💯 pure

Mark Benn : Parenting at its best no phones ,no distractions (except for the fish, if u know what I mean) just memories to be made!!! Teach em young great dad.

Jon South : Can you imagine what effect this kind of father/son relationship would have on our society today if father's and son's would model after Erik and David. Not to mention that fish was huge!

Jeff Fournier : Awesome in every way what a nice pair of humans working together. Just love that kid. Oh yeah nice catch. Jeff Fournier the relentless fisherman Fairmont mn.