When the volume has to be an even number
When the volume has to be an even number

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You either know someone or you are someone that can't handle the volume at anything other than an even number. This is for all of you. Buy tickets to our show in your city - https://www.fairbairnfilms.com/shop


Adam : “It’s the law! It’s in the constitution!”

Dreworks : Omg what if every even year, he was at an odd age; never ending suffering

Killer D : It has to be an even number, or a multiple of 5, I don't know why but it has to

Mahoneywj : Hence why Bill Gates told Microsoft that Windows had to increase volume in twos.

Kyu mic : *"Well I can f*cking try, ya melon!"*

Sam Purdon : " You melon" This whole video made me die but that one line did it for me

KattsArt : "I'm at extreme unease like half my life." I'm getting that tattooed on me.

Gerald L : It's been a tough 3 days guys. Only 362 days to go.

Madison Claire : “I’m at extreme unease like half my life” and I live by that (Please leave this on an even number of likes because on god I will cry)

Galaxy Filmz TV : OCD has joined the chat

Itz Sh0ckerz : The rules: 0 - yes 1 - no 2 - yes 3 - no 4 - yes 5 - yes 6 - yes 7- no 8 - yes 9 - no

Razvee : it needs to be either a multiple of 5, or the number 14 or 22. then and only then i will not raid the cookie jar

Pinky Dinky : This is me trying to explain my anxieties to friends and family. "Eh, what do you mean the way the lights are arranged is giving you a panic attack?"

Oh No It's Ethanol : You melon

Ella-Jasmine Sings! : *Why is this so me but if you're gonna have an odd number make it like 25* ❤😂

pop is trash : Well, 2019 is here... TIME FOR CONSTANT ANXIETY

Tesco is Cool : 17 is the worst kind of number

Noah Marshall : I like how faltering the thumbnail is for Jake.

Enda Hynes : This is so my family in the car

Nick Prosperi : *its in the constitution*

Tanguy Breton : I always do the multiplied of 5 so 5-10-15-20 etc

Leeanne Kenyon : 😂👌... This is me! Although I dont mind if the number 5 is in it. 15... 25 ect

Never Give An Inch : Mine just has bars. No numbers . I have to count them though to make sure they’re even. Sometimes that’s tricky while driving and paying attention , but definitely necessary .

Pass Dah Boof : Bruh, called him a melon🤣🤣🤣

Mystii : I just stare at a odd number due to anxiety and extreme hate but, somehow I like multiples of 5 and 3 idk why

Szechuan Sauce : i love how they produce comedy and other shit and they're Australian

Matthew Earwood : 20 is too loud, 18 too low. I think 19 is the perfect volume. I leave it on 20...

AccountName : wow i actually do this....

mattyboy141 : I'm the same haha - then I started working in a machine that had a radio that ONLY used even numbers, so then the number also had to be divisible twice. 46->23. Nup, 48-24-12-6-3. Nice.

Antonio Evangelista : It’s funny how I have the same thing Lol

W0lf1k : 26 is an even number. But you would switch it to 25. Just because.

Dr Glump : This is so true for me my uncle always does this to annoy me

Jessica Badenhorst : IT’S THE LAW

James Johnstone : how are u guys only on 500k subs wtf

Daniel Jun : 1 3 7 9 11 13 17 19 21 23 27 29 *I even took out the numbers with a multiple of 5*

Gabriel Rosalez : Didn't expect to be hit with such a large uppercut of relatable, today. But here it is. My volume only goes up and down by 2s. I need help.

gblawrence03 : 1) Every second year it’s an odd number. 2) Every second month it’s an odd number. 3)Every second day it’s an odd day. 4) Every second hour it’s an odd hour. 5) Every second minute it’s an odd minute. 6) Every second second it’s an odd second. Therefore Jaxon is free of odd numbers for 1/2^6 of the time (which is 1/64 Therefore jaxon spends 63/64ths of the time in constant anxiety

Jonjy : I relate to this on a spiritual level.

Shadilay la mia Libertà : I leave my volume on 19... I have this obsession with primes. The volume has to be 7 when I'm in a drive-thru, 11 or 13 when I'm having a conversation, 19 for casual listening, 23 if I like the song, or 29 when I'm blastin

Austin Thomas Films : I go by fives here's a list of okay numbers to cure your anxiety: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40

CloudyVex : Jaxon : hey this is a good song you should turn it up Lachlan : yeh..*turns it up to 19* Jaxon : *GETS UNSATISFIED*

Plant Lovaaa : In my car, the perfect volume for me is 13 but I always avoid it bEcaUsE iTs tHe woRsT numBer eVer

william gjelsten : 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, (NO! No DOUBLES, but 21 is somewhat acceptable) , 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 etc Fight me

nia james : My mum and I literally had this conversation 4 hours ago. She turned the volume up to 19 and I had to turn it up to 20 cause it was bugging me so much

UnSeen : I felt so uncomfortable watching this

Kenny McCormick : If it isn't multiple of six, I am just about ready to flip out. So, when watching a show, it's either "I can't hear shit", "It's fine if they yell" or "My eardrum is a thing of the past, but at least I am not a savage".

DjTittieMilk : im ok with numbers 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, but im usually in the 30+ range. An odd volume number makes me feel. *Odd*

Mikufan 001 : I always turn volumes up or down by 5s. 15-20-25 like that

Knightwalker The One : "you melon" dude thats sick