When the volume has to be an even number

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LokiLord : I’m fine is it is an even number or a multiple of 5, anything else and I feel pain

Curt : “I’m going to live in constant anxiety the whole time”

Sara Wawa : “I’m at extreme unease for like half of my life” same

Ethanol : : You melon

Madison Claire : “I’m at extreme unease like half my life” and I live by that (Please leave this on an even number of likes because on god I will cry)

Never Give An Inch : Mine just has bars. No numbers . I have to count them though to make sure they’re even. Sometimes that’s tricky while driving and paying attention , but definitely necessary .

Mahoneywj : Hence why Bill Gates told Microsoft that Windows had to increase volume in twos.

ptvHanna : This is exactly why i love you!! you speak up about real issues that need to be talked about😩 thank you for spreading awareness this struggle is so real

Adam Garon : Anyone else ok with it at multiples of 5? My CDO will allow that too. Oh, and it's not OCD. CDO is the same, but the letters are in alphabetical order so no one dies.

CCBM : It's allowed to be odd if it's a number like 25 though

Dreworks : Omg what if every even year, he was at an odd age; never ending suffering

Killer D : It has to be an even number, or a multiple of 5, I don't know why but it has to

Gerald L : It's been a tough 3 days guys. Only 362 days to go.

Corrupt : I used to do the exact same thing with the TV volume lmao

Ella-Jasmine Sings! : *Why is this so me but if you're gonna have an odd number make it like 25* ❤😂

Leeanne Kenyon : 😂👌... This is me! Although I dont mind if the number 5 is in it. 15... 25 ect

Brendan Wright : A video title that speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Sam Purdon : " You melon" This whole video made me die but that one line did it for me

KattsArt : "I'm at extreme unease like half my life." I'm getting that tattooed on me.

Pinky Dinky : This is me trying to explain my anxieties to friends and family. "Eh, what do you mean the way the lights are arranged is giving you a panic attack?"

Galaxy Filmz TV : OCD has joined the chat

Enda Hynes : This is so my family in the car

AccountName : wow i actually do this....

Adam : “It’s the law! It’s in the constitution!”

Jonjy : I relate to this on a spiritual level.

Nick Prosperi : *its in the constitution*

Future : I can’t stand if it’s not even or multiple of 5

Kanna Chan : 0:36 my 2019

Noah Marshall : I like how faltering the thumbnail is for Jake.

WILLBOY11 : I like to have it on an even number aswell?!?! 😂🤣😂🤣.

mattyboy141 : I'm the same haha - then I started working in a machine that had a radio that ONLY used even numbers, so then the number also had to be divisible twice. 46->23. Nup, 48-24-12-6-3. Nice.

Jessica Badenhorst : IT’S THE LAW

Antonio Evangelista : It’s funny how I have the same thing Lol

Itz Sh0ckerz : The rules: 0 - yes 1 - no 2 - yes 3 - no 4 - yes 5 - yes 6 - yes 7- no 8 - yes 9 - no

Kim Jong-un : This is so true for me my uncle always does this to annoy me

Tesco is Cool : 17 is the worst kind of number

The Eye Odin Lost : Its the opposite for me. An even number feels like it lacks a middle, so I need an odd number.



Dr. Evil : I'm also particular about the volume. If it's at 19, I turn it up to 20, if it's 24 I turn it up to 25.

Mikaimais : First!!! Oh and this is too real

Kokonut Binks : If I had to share a Fairbairn video with my friends, this would be the one. Relatable comedy is usually pretty good comedy

hamed 2gg : He doesn't have a problem i do it too

Kel May Bel : Haha, even? Odd is where it’s at

Criticsb : But seriously though, 20 is too loud and 19 is the sweet spot

Rhys’ Official YouTube Channel : I’m not the only one?!?! 😂😂😂

Covnit : This relates to me so much

livvv : for me it has to be a multiple of 5

Fraser Halse : Toyota Rav 4 so bloody good mates......

Alina Hernandez : For me the number has to end in 0 or 5