When the volume has to be an even number

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Madison Claire : “I’m at extreme unease like half my life” and I live by that (Please leave this on an even number of likes because on god I will cry)

CCBM : It's allowed to be odd if it's a number like 25 though

Curt : “I’m going to live in constant anxiety the whole time”

kiiiunε : wow i actually do this....

Jessica Badenhorst : IT’S THE LAW

Sara Wawa : “I’m at extreme unease for like half of my life” same

Mikaimais : First!!! Oh and this is too real

Ethanol : : You melon

Adam Garon : Anyone else ok with it at multiples of 5? My CDO will allow that too. Oh, and it's not OCD. CDO is the same, but the letters are in alphabetical order so no one dies.

Cameron Tilley : First world problem


Never Give An Inch : Mine just has bars. No numbers . I have to count them though to make sure they’re even. Sometimes that’s tricky while driving and paying attention , but definitely necessary .

Cole MIner : There is no music playing

ptvHanna : This is exactly why i love you!! you speak up about real issues that need to be talked about😩 thank you for spreading awareness this struggle is so real

Leeanne Kenyon : 😂👌... This is me! Although I dont mind if the number 5 is in it. 15... 25 ect

Corrupt : I used to do the exact same thing with the TV volume lmao

Insert Gaming : I am exactly like Jaxon(my name is also Jaxon) hope I can come to the live show

cafeteacup : Omg I do that all the time 😂

Killer D : It has to be an even number, or a multiple of 5, I don't know why but it has to

Ben MX : OCD haha great video!

Kel May Bel : Haha, even? Odd is where it’s at

Grean Zaza : Crikey

Brendan Wright : A video title that speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Mahoneywj : Hence why Bill Gates told Microsoft that Windows had to increase volume in twos.

Pinky Dinky : This is me trying to explain my anxieties to friends and family. "Eh, what do you mean the way the lights are arranged is giving you a panic attack?"

T Johnston : Odd numbers are better

Brisbane M. : I taste TomSka in this sketch. This is great.

Mitch Killer : 4 th yesssss

Knuett : I felt so uncomfortable watching this

James Darlington : First like

Simon 413 : Heck you im OCD as heck and everyone should recognize that getting the volume to the exact right level is far more important than forcing it to be a specific number

livvv : for me it has to be a multiple of 5

Mitch Killer : And first like

Kokonut Binks : If I had to share a Fairbairn video with my friends, this would be the one. Relatable comedy is usually pretty good comedy

lil tinky 42 : I have watched your videos since 10k subscribers

ClownsattiC : "Jackson, you can't live your life without odd numbers." "I can f***ing try you melon."

Blaine Finn : First You've gotta be kidding me, second

Eli- Chan : This is so true for me my uncle always does this to annoy me

Swegatty Swooty : What are they listening to ... 10 hours silent music

Miguel Navarrete : this is so me... The only even numbers I hate are 66 and 18 and the only odds I like are 7 and 21 and 69... lol

Cetanium : I gotta have my volume at the multiples of 5.

Kristian KRSTEVSKI : Its the law

Chelleken 1230 : I do this for everything (even times for microwaves)

Killacamfoo O.G. : TURN IT UP TO 11

Isa : 0:38-0:44....Me..

Charlotte with a Sea : I couldn’t of related so much!!!!! XD i am crying!!!

Prxyanqa P4t31 : OMG THIS IS SO ME

hewie : Relatable

Balladeer Harpsicle : Literally me

Ghost Hermit : E V E N is the master race