Pythagoras Cup (Greedy Cup) filled with Mercury

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Comments from Youtube

Rohan Singh : "The downside of course, is that they would have poisoned themselves"

NAVYCalvin : Pythagoras : teaching how not to be greedy. Humans : still find a way to slip through.

Santhosh : What will Pythogoras do if I become greedy and drink wine from the bottle directly

HUMAN s : So the guy who made the right angle triangle pulled pranks with wine.

Yash Shah : If they put honey instead of mercy than too it would have helped and not get poisoned too ;)

Sir Galahad : >Tries to make cup to screw over greedy people >Greedy people shotgun wine from bottom of cup

C J : So if the students were greedy, they’d loose it all? And if they were really greedy, they’d poison themselves to death? Ok, got it,..

Mack Martin : imagine a cup with its own built in youtube

danthemango : "And the downside is that they would have poisoned themselves" such is life

Aidan Adkins : Its a shame mercury is toxic, because its so damn cool!

bingouh : why not just use smaller cups so your students can't fill it up with more wine

Wolflicious : Just plug the hole with your finger, and pour the wine. Then drink it all like a badass

cherubin7th : If they where clever...they would poison themselves :D

milujemplechy : you can tell he is a scientist just by looking at his hair

Rage And Serenity : This man is a visual representation of science.

doroniel : could you debate for us if water is wet?

Obviouslyataco : Regular cups already have an anti greedy feature, known as the top of the cup!

Folie Deux : Weird flex but ok...

NotTheWheel : "The downside of course, is that they would have poisoned themselves" Take that Pythagoras!

DVLtrigger : I prefer POT OF GREED which allows me to draw TWO CARDS FROM MY DECK

caremell : The students were Clever enough not to poison themselves

The Driver : Just close tht hole with ur finger ! Done.

Snatxi : 1:50 proof that pythagoras invented youtube way before our age

viscountalpha : I would imagine one of the students putting some sort of leaves in the cup to cheat the valve ;)

Jolly Templar : What would happen if you put something solid, nonpoisonous, and denser than water/wine at the bottom of the cup? Could you then proceed to bypass the trick Pythagorus put in place without poisoning yourself?

Son Of Kylo Ren : This man is the Physical Embodiment of Science.

imdad ali : Why his hair like Einstein?

Veto2090 : And Broteus filled his wine glass until it was full. His greed caused the glass to slowly empty out of the bottom. Soeth Broteus affixed his mouth to the bottom of the glass and thus the practice of "Shotgunning" Wine was born.

Chewy Lewy : Someone needs to make this without that pole in the center, having the u tube on the side instead of the middle. I would 10/10 buy it

FluBluBoy : 2:09 Hol up there buckaroo

THE TRUTH : Moral Nothing...

Siren Hound : Pythagoras' greedy students were just the first ones to shotgun alcohol.

Derek Reeves : A smart student would drink from the other end.

Austin Bartose : And thus the toilet was made

minjael : I was going to get my cup full so I can share but ok

MaͥrͣsͫBoy : Put your finger on that hole LIFE HACK

Siren Hound : Pythagoras invented YouTube and put it into a cup?

Jack Dumpsterfire : Should have drank some of that mercury

Heather Holder : This is one of the best videos ive seen in a while. Knowledge & Possible Karma. ♡ stay smart!!

robby rivai : Or you can cover the hole with your finger, I predict that would work

A sophisticated intelectual. : I wanna see this dude collab with micheal stevens i think there would be a black hole explosion

RPdigital : 1:49 "Inside there is a Youtube.." :D

:3 : A smart student could've just held a finger on the opening in the bottom

SabayZone : this man look like old man

Dwayne Stewart : I need an explanation as to how I got here

Sweg _Master : Cover the hole on the bottom and BOOM no spill and you can have more wine

thecolorthursday : YouTube is inside of there?

i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! i!i! : ...isn't Pythagoras that one guy who hated beans?

Richard Feng : Other youtubers: today we are making slime! This guy: *casually experiments with mercury*