Pythagoras Cup (Greedy Cup) filled with Mercury

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Astrid : Dr. Poliakoff, I think a safer way to stop the pythagoras cup would be to simply melt some wax into the bottom and let it dry to effectively plug the hole. Much safer!!

riff anchor : Make hole under the cup greedy cup 2

Jonas Kgomo : As the comments rises,The Youtube fills up,it siphons

PyroX : The oldest youtuber?

dudle core : 1:51 youtubeception a u-tube inside a youtube video

RPdigital : 1:49 "Inside there is a Youtube.." :D

Kounter : 1:52 lol youtube

Michael Thomas : This man looks like science

Baixiao Huang : This man looks like physics.

Kay Antonius Mulyadi : There is a youtube.

Derek Reeves : A smart student would drink from the other end.

ELFM 2: Electric Boogaloo : Why does Neil look like he's going to tell me my tempo is off, or that there isn't a Mars bar?

FerdRanger : So if i dump mercury in my toliet (ubend toliet) it will never flush again? Hahahahaha

Pet Paradise : I have one of these.!. I got one from Shanghai.!.!..

Lee Turnbull : I then asked David to drink the Mercury.

Snatxi : 1:50 proof that pythagoras invented youtube way before our age

Pierre Draps : Do you play games? No I delete games

Sam : This guy must watch a lot of Rick and Morty

Prsfd Thefdsf : He looks like a grandmother

Jafer Chalil : Just dunk the wine through the bottle....

Veto2090 : And Broteus filled his wine glass until it was full. His greed caused the glass to slowly empty out of the bottom. Soeth Broteus affixed his mouth to the bottom of the glass and thus the practice of "Shotgunning" Wine was born.

The Phoenix. : Best cup to limit you drinking

Mralabbad : does it allow me to draw two cards out of my deck?

VARUN.N RAO : I think honey would work fine, as it has higher density than water/wine


Der Jens : So, if Pythagoras' students had been clever, they would have poisened themselves... sounds about right!

derherberter : How about filling it with a little bit of salt water, which is denser than normal water/wine. That should work too and surely be better than mercury but still not perfect

The Science Boy : At 1:52 did you mean you-tube ha? I'll see myself out.

Jos Geerink : 1.53 YouTube

England is my city : 4:10 they wouldn’t, metallic mercury isn’t absorbed well by the body.

Kamesh Singh : I always wanted my science teacher to look like him😂😂😂

Pandula Thennakoon : Students will put their finger at the bottom until they drink😉

Giggle Cake : Oldier is my new favourite word.

Evan Fanara : This man looks like science

Yukej RL : Now this man looks like a *real* Scientist

Zeke Polaris : LOL you said YouTube. (U-Tube)

Dr Gusimyth : 1:52 there is a youtube

Malcolm Hazel : would oil and water work

SecondASMR : He sounds like salad fingers

Larry Bundy Jr : 1:50 Wow, I can watch YouTube on a cup now! What an age we live in!

Daniel Asher : There is a YouTube in YouTube. mind actually blown.

WashingtonTyrone : Or they could stick their finger in the exit hole

56t7ibbn 4tf5ui : So if you are greedy, you either have no wine or you die!

Mitchial Stones : the water actually pours out at a strange angle because water ia polar, meaning it is adhesive as well as cohesive, meaning sticks to many things. That is the reason capillary action works. Yay science!

danthemango : "And the downside is that they would have poisoned themselves" such is life

YouTube Quora : This is how the YouTube name found More: this is called chain reactions when air is not make gap in tube its pull other liquid as well.. I am impressed this can be helpful to make some short of trip switch or a kind of

Aidan Adkins : Its a shame mercury is toxic, because its so damn cool!

Kostas_ dem : Greeks lonely

Unstoppable Tramp : As a greedy monk myself I just tilt the cup when pouring and better yet, drink straight from the bottle when no one was looking! Thanks OP

Nihilism Squared : YouTube is inside of there?