Pythagoras Cup (Greedy Cup) filled with Mercury
Pythagoras Cup Greedy Cup filled with Mercury

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Tanner Cortez : I’m glad Neil took off his entire vacation time to record a few minutes of mercury and water

Grimmex fox : Water: mercury move I need to drain out Mercury: no Water: YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER

David T : 1:52 The first u tube! We can thank the Greeks for cat videos.

Idiot Entertainment : Can we just mention that this man looks like the embodiment of science ?

WhatAreYouBuyen : The true test of greed was whether or not his students were willing to drink it as it spewed out the bottom or let it all fall on the floor and pour another glass of wine

Alexandre Babin : The u tube drains you out if you're too greedy Me at 4AM on YouTube

OWellWellWell : "the downside of course, is that they would have poisoned themselfs." *Video ends*

Praise the Stun : Moral of the story: be clever, poison yourself

Rameez Jamion : Maybe... Students were smart enough NOT to use mercury.

TheAntiTrope : Jokes on you pythagoras, I'll drink it right from the bottom of the cup. Endless flow of wine says I.

Huskypilot 630 : What? There’s a teacher that gives his students wine? Sounds a bit catholic to me.

Revan : I cannot believe I found you and your channel again. When I was younger, my dad and I watched literally every element video of yours available at that time. You folks are the reason I passed chemistry last semester. Keep going strong!

Rational Reality : Not to mention they would have taken up some of the volume of the glass with a substance other than wine.

Austin Bartose : And thus the toilet was made

Jamie F : If you put the mercury in the bottom, then you would still get the same amount of wine

Brian : You've gotta love a nice refreshing glass of mercury , but make sure you don't take tooo much😉

markus ballsdeep : This guy went on to write 3 papers about this same topic receiving over a dozen prices and funding that would make you cry

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Pythagoras: *See I pulled a sneaky on ya*

Stephen White : Pythagorus (greedy cup) genius....Me=average slamming wine before leaking!

MrSwekkerBoy : "The downside is that they would have poisoned themselves." Seems like a win win to me

Lysander Heath : No one: Pythagoras: Greedy person : hmm, i want a full glass of my beverage, let me just fill it with a poisonous liquid first.

Raphael Joaquin D. M. : Pytharogas Cup ❌ Self-Urinating Cup ✅

Karol Clark : 3:30 those silly students! If only they put mercy on the bottom they could have drank way more wine!

Ritchie Valens : Get a Haircut, or give Neal some. 🤣

Virat Zaman : What if the student just put a finger on the hole? 😂 😂 😂 😂 "modern problems have modern solutions"

Dom s : Doesn't actually drinking from the cup cause the syphon action to start?

Samrod! : Me: *plugs the hole at the bottom*

pui-hoi chan : same working principles as flushing toilet

Engineer57 : If they were smart, they would have poisoned themselves.

Chad Connelly : Can I use this to draw 2 cards from my deck?

Unfeeling : Why not just plug the hole? Duh.

TeRMiNaToR 69 : If they were really clever they will put a finger to cover the hole :))

Turninator : when you realise you could just block the hole with your finger

Delta Tango : This guy obviously knows what he's talking about, just look at his hair.

josh reuben : I would just stick my finger at the below the cup to stop it from spilling out! 'Shut that hole!'

imdad ali : Why his hair like Einstein?

Glowy AlanFaded : And they get similar amounts of wine because the mercury also takes up space

Zee captain : Just put your finger on the hole

Albin Grahn : When I read the title I thought it would spike your drink with mercury if you were too greedy lol

kotonpap : I'm Greek :)

CraftedGadgetMC : I cant hear MUR CYURRI. All i hear is NOTARY.

Ninja Cutting Onions : Salad Fingers is great at science

obiwanfisher537 : In other words:"If Pythagoras studente would have been clever [...] theyd poison themselves."

Teirdalin : Pythagoras Cup. The original Youtube.

Joseph Schmosovich : ..similiar to Bell Siphon used in Hydroponics

Lt ChugaCast : This man is definitely a scientist. “Oh it’s a fine design! It works perfectly!” ........... *FILL IT WITH MURCURY*

Muhammad Ali : this is actually how modern toilets work as well

Bennett Chan : I actually did a homemade version

Дмитрий О : What prevents to put a finger under the hole below?