Arturo Sandoval, Trumpet, National Anthem 1/1/09 Orange Bowl

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Bailey Bradshaw : most of them have no clue what they just witnessed

Allen Yu : Legend has it that he went up another octave, but they couldn't hear it, so they asked him to go back down.

boogyyman : Me: oh i can do that. * 1:31 goes by* NOPE NEVER MIND

Max Milliken : only the band nerds understand how incredible that was :)

postjm9 : Lots of videos of trumpet players playing high notes on YouTube. But this is the difference between making the instrument scream and making it sing.

boogyyman : RIP his lips

09_26_02 : Who else got chills when he played the high parts.

Ella Grace : I play trumpet and I would have popped a blood vessel trying to go this high TBH.

Andrew Plays : Only a trumpet player can truly recognize how awesome that was

Fishhunter2014 : ALL RISE FOR THE MASTER!! (trumpet)

Tim Warring : Literally the best national anthem ever

Connor Buckley : Damn...he takes it up an octave, and then he still takes it up another octave

mikejohnsb : Can anybody agree that, this sounds WAY better than ANYONE who has sang the National Anthem ? I agree

Darryl Mann : Wow. I played trumpet years ago. When he hit the high high note I cried.

Nicole Miller Barnett : Wow I'm a trumpet player and I would never be able to hit that note that was amazing!!

Kamau As-Salaam : It's not the fact that he can hit it....but the testicular fortitude to take a chance and do it...Pure confidence lol. If I could do this, I don't even know if I'd take the chance my god.

qazaqwert123 : My mouth hurts just watching this.

evan cawthon : I heard he kissed a girl once. she died

saruni :3 : God I wish I could play like this. I feel like the majority of the people in that stadium have no concept of the greatness that they had witnessed.

Vaughn1 : 1:44 the momment you have to go to the bathroom XD

JAKE WITT : Is this Donald trumps grand father look at his hair looks like its gonna blow off But he is really good at the trumpet I’m a trumpet player myself and I’m first chair and i could never hit that high note even if i did try i would crap myself lol

joe s : If you have played the trumpet before, you realize how impossible those last notes were to hit

Rey Hernandez : On the day of the lord, God will tell Gabriel to let this man blow the horn instead

Fruzzinoid : I started crying valve oil.

DeebO : When you are listening to something so exceptional, that you can't do anything but laugh....

Peace Out Man : 'Merica

rtsdrums : That look at the end was into a different dimension. He only had a single O2 left in his head.

Survivrs : God I love listening to this when he goes up into that higher register. I only dreamed about doing that. I spent my high school years listening to Maynard Ferguson, Bill Chase, and Herb Alpert, all incredible musicians with a trumpet. I got to see Ferguson twice in high school. That was a long time ago.

horrorfanpodcast : What even is that note

Jay Surles : That was great, but I wish he had held out the last note a little longer, that would have made it unbelievable!

Danny45635 : I can squeal double C's on good days. But it's nowhere near what you would call a note. This is just amazing.

saladofdoom42 : Having defected to the US from Cuba, he loves this country like no other musician could, and man does it show.

Chevy Racing : He had incorrect form his pinky was in the crook smh

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Bacallao : I can not understand how 50 peoples dislikes this perfomance. Arturo Sandoval is the best trumpet ever. This was a perfect perfomance, thanks god for Arturo Sandoval.

MrDuncandunc : Damn my highest note is a c above the staff and I thought I was decent

saladofdoom42 : My GOD, that tone quality.

Bangtanhut_one : that was the most amazing part of the game 😂 wow

CooLuke : Needed a detox after Fergie

Bruno BlogDeCodigo : Well done, Arturo Sandoval!

Jason Carter : I almost died at 1:35 .It was soooo freaking awesome

Velour Connoisseur : 122 people hate our freedom octaves

Savion Mcglone : I keep replaying this video😂

Cajobu : Goosebumps anybody? Or is it just me?

goodstrudel : All of us trumpet players are like " ;w; "

Tyler Houghton : 84 people.don't.have.souls...

DSA Music : My highest is a G above top C on a 'good' day. That double C is INSANE!

Think890 : Done and Drops the Mic

Mark Luhn : There's something so unique about Arturo - in the lower register, it almost sounds like he's going to lose the pitch sometimes.  It isn't the unwavering intonation that he shows when he gets up really high.  When he gets up to the upper register, it's like the most crystal clear sound you've ever heard.  Very interesting and fantastic musician.

Jeff Rocha : Maynard Ferguson is smiling from heaven when he hears anyone play high notes on a trumpet!

Gonzalo Alpizar : I totally taught him that