Stamper and Sprinkles

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description oh yeah spazkid also animated the intro thingy, cool Italian Version (for some reason):


Grub : Rip Sprinkles 1986-1985

Ben Wells : Can we have a petition for Stamper to read every single book and song known to man in the hattington voice?

Runnie : Rest in ashes, Sprinkles. You won't be missed. You almost killed my ears. ;-;

butterscheese : I love how every funny animator on youtube know eachother in real life and are in each others videos. That's hilarious.

SodaKopp : fuckin...

Backwards Cloud : I couldn't even tell that Stamper was a puppet!

Gage Snodgrass : Someone NEEDS to make a gif of Scream Day.

Connor McCulley : I love how in the beginning there's a bunch of bottles with their contents at different heights, and he sets one down after drinking it and picks up a different one.

Robin : Me and my family have been waiting for the next episode for 650 years, many died in the process, we had to eat my brother because we're waiting in front of the monitor day in, day out. non stop, my life is a void waiting to be filled with stamperTV videos, we've finished Battleblock Theater 361 times since it came out, and learned all the dialogues. we've developed super voice acting thanks to our hearing abilities that have improved because of the fact. we've also created a clone with some chewed gum we've found in his trashcan and forced it to sing "all star" by Smash-mouth 24/7. and we're creating a religion in honour to his talent and voice, called Stampisism, which consists on three basic things you've got to do everyday for the rest of your life, those three being, 1- Sing the "Breakfast with sushi" song every time you wake up (if you forget to do it, someone must cut off one of your limbs, and if none is available, you should do it yourself) 2- Make a account in twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and like all his work every time you use a screen (monitors, flats, or even phones) 3- Masturbate to a flying cow 83 times a day, being boy, girl or both. Thanks for your time

Stuff by David : will sprinkles be ok?

Zachary Harrison : Wtf was stamper watching lol

Jachob Roper : cant wait for the next episode of sta- oh.....

Jeffrey Coley : I just really loved your work as the narrator of that indie game with hatty hattington.

kota1155 : haha i just noticed how all the beers are like full

Argus : That wouldn't happen to be the guy from Battleblock theater would it

King Uvitall : Wtf stamper.... you do a voice in a childs game then sound nice... then your like this! --.-

SliceYourDice 7 : Get well soon sprinkles.

Delta's Best Minecraft Videos! : Man...I can't wait for season two! Really hoping for more character development on Sprinkles, and that Stamper character... I can't wait till he is killed off and thrown off set.

!SARON_DE_AWSOMO! : I have a theory Sprinkles is representative of Stamper. Sprinkles was funny and nice, but he died soon. Same with Stamper

A TurtleInside : i love a good barbecue....

Blicious : Stamper and Ashes.

Andrew Bond : I think of battleblock theatre, then I see this... DAFUQ???? LMAO

Alpha00Fox : I was too giddy when scream day popped up xD  Damn it Peewee! Childhood had me in a head lock for this video.

GmanLives : Haha the Showdown in Little Tokyo bit at the start

Joel Robinson : That last image ruined my childhood! Goodbye Sprinkles!!!

Zachary Harrison : Wtf was stamper watching lol

4tahlulz4 : You'd think it would be harder to fap to all the Spazkid animations having that face applied to the voices, but you would be wrong. 

corn : Now I know how he did the narrator voice for Battleblock.


jayjaylito/ jayjayloto : Isnt that doofy the dragon

Kimmy Cub : The accent, the constant swearing, the hilarious content, THE FAAAACE. My god I think I just found my man crush. FOR THE 7TH TIME.

Nicholas Esparza : It's Doofy the Dragon

Jakari : I took the audio from 0:36 to 0:48 and made it my Alarm lmao, hopefully I don't piss my self tomorrow

Nickanator58 : RIP sprinkles

Chris Roldan : Reminds me of Wonder Showzen, this is awesome. I want more videos like this. 

God 2: Electric Boogaloo : 0:56 All these times, you've censored your profanity in Battleblock Theater, and now you let us down with this. Shame on you, Stamper.

Nocturnal Forest : that's look like doofy the dragon

Raanan Elefant : "Do you know what day it is?" "Tuesday?" "No!" "Wednesday??" That shit is funny on its own XD

LarzTheQuartz : Best show ever

Schlick Sleezy : I can honestly say i saw the burning of the puppet coming

Curiosity Kills 124 : Doofy the dragon?

NoBodyOffline : is this a series?

Nacia C: : Abortion day, please?

arcooleo : need more its so funny

lisatressa : Here is the voice of Sir Pentious in Hazbin Hotel

TheBlightDroid : the car alarm in the background while all the shits are screaming--perfection.

Spaalonebabuguuscooties : the aftermath of the puppet being burned is straight up nightmare fuel

James .Grasch : jesus stamper how about you finish a beer before you grab another.

S0ci0stan : Rule 34 when?