They Sold Their Souls: Carlos Santana

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Yvonne Barocio Molina : Yup meghan markle marrying prince Harry was no coincidence its all part of the satanic society and their rituals they use the money the glamour the fame prestige to glamourize their lifestyles and hide it with their supposed superficial good deeds they are all sodomist bisexuals lesbians who knows what else its time they all get exposed and the truth comes out they are bonifide satanists

Gerald Armstrong : It's weird at how many people will hear this and think it's cool.

Andy Saenz : I choose to worship and serve JESUS CHRIST alone! If I ever break into the music industry, I want to be a Gospel singer to lead millions of lost souls to Christ.

Chrystal E : That's why supernatural sounded like crap, I much preferred Santana's earlier stuff when he actually did believe in Jesus and not his idolatrous vanity.

Geraldine Agathon : So literally every musician In Hollywood sold their soul

Fran Villarreal : Not a fan anymore.. .after knowing this

Johnny Davidson : Definitely sold out. Was great in the 70s, but now lacks any originality and was shit the last time I saw him live. Kept talking about happy squirrels and not hitting all the notes, waste of time and much money going to see him. Never again Carlos.

Doug Klugston : OH NO! Not Carlos Santana, Rob Thomas and Match Box 20 too ......!

Michael Quintana : wow i dindt know

Worldwide Ghosts : These things do happen but Carlos to me always comes across to me as a little spiritually nuts.

Be Ye HOLY : Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

SticksNkicks : Why sell out to a temporary situation?

ladie Cawthon : I thought Carlos was different, disappointing 2 see he's just a other sellout puppet.

Marshall Eastwood : trying to justify he is working for evil people just for money and promoting the nwo, assbag!

A men : I believe it his music sucks any way. Repent Carlos before its to late. U will not like the lake of fire for one minute.

Forever Swayzee : I'm glad this was exposed..! I've been asking God to reveal information of good and evil in the spiritual world and he has. Sometimes it's hard to believe what's real or fake. So many people are being deceived and pray it continues to get exposed. May God bless you all through his son Jesus Christ

Kathryn Hill : I will listen to his music for free but a Luciferian will never see a dime from me. Soon they won’t be able to walk down the street. I thank God I will never be caught up in an evil message such as this.

james cassidy : one million % not worth it if you are Led Zeppelin and sold your soul. But how crappy is it to be lame Santana and sell your soul? Or Hall and Oats?

Mrg C : There's a price to pay, is it worth it ? Just to have fame, money, stardom, all the flashing lights, go before world leaders? One day they will come for you it will be time to pay up. What will you say? Jesus help me to late you will spin the rest of you life in hell for ever, and ever. The bible says what dose it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. So ask your self is it worth it? Think of all the stars who have came and gone. Only a hand full made it into the present of God. Some people say there is no God , no heaven, Jesus is"t a live. Well die and see. You only have one chance. I would take this time to ask Jesus to come into my ❤ heart and to forgive me of my sins before it's to late . l hope you do . Hand writing on the wall. Just look at the news God bless you

Kim Westwood : we need to pray for these people in the entertainment business. So many like Santana have exchanged their souls for fame, money

Nelson Vargas : Beautiful on the outside , but ugly on the inside . What's the use ?

Nelson Vargas : Fame and fortune is temporary .

R.J. santino : The name Satan is in the name of Santana!

Sammy Maxwell : Own divinity? Theres the problem. The devil did the same thing, he wanted to be equal with the most High God and was booted out of heaven. Turn to Jesus, be saved.

J R : An entity wanted him to play with Rob Thomas soooo bad that he just had to get involved and get him exposed to "junior high schoolers." Seems pretty obvious to me.

Rapture Angel : carlos santana=satanists, who's job it is to take as many souls to hell as they can! HORRIBLE!

Robert Lavrakas : Marvel not that satancomes as an angle of light.test the spirit to see if it is of God or not

Robert Lavrakas : I pray jesus came to Freddie one more time and gave him another chance to receive christ as lord and saviour

Lioness Es : In these last and final days of whatever or whomever is before you does not confess Jesus Christ is come and as Lord & Savior it is not of God.

Truther 48 : I do believe that they all have to make a deal with the Illuminati - which probably involves rituals etc - the illuminati gives alot of things to these people - beautiful houses etc -

Cara Jarman : HELL IS SO HOT.

Cara Jarman : EVIL PEOPLE.

Cliff cal : Sad that Carlos Santana has let himself be sucked into this scene.

Bryan Curtis : Serious question: Are there any top artists who haven't sold their soul to the devil? Is it possible to be great without satan?

alterdestiny : Carlos Santana really into it deep !...

Thomas Matranga : Time is running out you better get saved are you going to hell

Oszz Gerald : Damm I've been thinking about this. They are putting pianos in every airport with people wearing black anonymously playing music. I got to throw away a lot of garbage.

Rene Moya Mata : I've known for many years that Carlos Santana practices some form of brujeria (witchcraft). To make matters worse his music sucks as well as his guitar playing.

stormsparrow : Heavens! NEVER ever play around with joking about selling your soul! You won’t begin to like what you find the nano-second that you’re dead. Only only only only Jesus is THE ANSWER to all of your problems. Ask Jesus to save you RIGHT NOW! Believe that He was sent from LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to be sacrificed for US. That Jesus died on the cross and suffered instead of you, IF you ask Him to SAVE YOU NOW! That He rose to life on the third day after He died! It’s not enough to just believe that Jesus exists. You MUST ask him to save you RIGHT NOW!!!

Vetty Clarke : Metatron is a demon. A great video that tells of the satanic devices is Ex OCCULTIST TESTIMONY EX OCCULT GRANDMASTER NOW IN CHRIST. very informative.

Tow Truck Truther : I never learned how to play music. I sometimes regret it. But then I watch this stuff and it makes me glad I didn't. If I was destined to play, it's because God would have wanted me to

thepeaklevel1 : no wonder why he makes shoes, the gay agenda that goes with it, smh

Shamdy Crook : Santana is a joke. A "Chicano" used by PedoWood to bring pedophiles together. Scum.

Roberto Nocturno : Everyone who sold their soul only get's material things,fame and money at the end you burn in hell for all eternity not worth it

majorpremise : I'm a Muslim and I have benefitted from your lectures and videos...thanks Pastor Joe!! I'm getting rid of my music collection. I was debating whether or not to donate my albums to the public library but I've decided to toss them into the recycling bin so that the possibility of others being negatively effected is rendered null-and-void.

Lioness Es : And Eric Clapton should know better!

Mike Boyd : Hidden in plain sight. It's truly sickening that this is mainly aimed at children!

Woody Chadwick : Satan was the angel of music.

Guy Wade : The dark angels...

Paul Grimm : Satan is a master of Music and instruments .