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muselylove : I really strongly resonate and connect with you. There are many tarot readers and psychics here but people like you are rare. I'm really thankful that I found you, more like guided to. I chose number 2 and tbh I think this is a one whole reading. I want to connect it to your pick a crystal video because I chose Amethyst and Citrine. The Citrine reading were you said that I have to make a choice between the smart and radical choice. Even if I resonated with the radical choice, it gave me a lot of what ifs because if I chose that smart choice, I can be with my twin and call my so called twin flame journey over but I had a bad feeling in it not that it's not right and I can't pin point it out. I meditated, called my ancestors and Archangel Michael in particular- I pulled my cards too. I asked the what if question: If I would go smart or radical. Weird, because it turned out that whatever I choose, my twin will still choose the karmic and it wasn't my fault at all. They said that I was blaming myself too much for things that won't unfold. He still has to learn some lessons and so am I. On the smart route, it said that he still won't be satisfied because it won't make him rich. He would stay but would get bored and still cheat on me. If I chose the radical route, he would leave but I would be following my heart and path as a Divine Feminine. It's like do you want to stay with him or be happy and fulfilled-Living apart from the shadow of my twin. It's still a tough one for me because like in my other lifetimes I kept choosing him and maybe, maybe in this lifetime the Universe is urging me to choose me instead. Having a life myself besides being his wife and bearing him children aka dying young, being just a wife while he cheats on the same karmic born in this lifetime too. When you said there's a reason why we broke up, it's true not just because the reading said so. I was in denial of the fact that my twin isn't making me happy at all. It's an exhausting cycle of repetition for so many lifetimes already. It drove me to the worst depression so far and I asked myself if that is still love. Twin flame or not nobody that loves or cares for me would like me to be in deep shit and I am not realizing it. Of course the Universe would do something. Also that I know if it is for me, it should be effortless. I shouldn't be fighting teeth to teeth on someone with that person for a Queen knows her worth, what's more for an Empress? I learned to leave it to Fate. It is what I am learning right now, being an Aries moon, I hate loosing. But it is not really loosing but choosing my battles. I am in the midst of being comfortable with the unknown. Trusting the flow and still being grounded at the same time. Slowly getting back to who I truly am. I feel very vulnerable about it but I feel so much better now. I think if I didn't get to see your crystal video I might still be crying on how my twin is damaging me in spirit. I might totally loose it. Thank you so much <3

Gémeaux. 94 : Woow nice to see you again ♡♡♡♡♡♡

nigar poladli : it’s the second time I get Goddess of Ten thousand names 😇💙🕉🙏🏻🌈✨🌞

Ruchika maheshwari : 3

Premala Schlitt : I cannot thank you enough for the spot on reading! Card #2 was vibrating off the table for me and you channeled the information as if I was having a private reading with you! Knowing I'm not living my truth in a job that only weighs me down has me setting my sights higher for the next piece of step to take. Seeing this made me realize I've been giving my power over to my employers and I just turned the tables and took my power back! Very empowering! Thank you again from my heart!

JYOTHI LAKSHMI : I really needed this reading at this time.THANK YOU.

pinky007 : thank u no.2

Diana Voinea : Chose 1 and 3 ...I'm speechless 💗! Thank you!

Eric Harris : Great reading..Thanks for sharing your energy with us missed you

Sunni Ma : 7:50 Card #3

Sunni Ma : 14:34 Card #2

Alyssa Rollups : I chose number and it is really accurate for me ... I'm 18 rn and I have a lot of self doubt which I need to change and in order to do that I do have to accept myself and realize that it's okay to not have it together but also try to have a lot of realization when I'm not were I want to be thank you for this reading !

Boss Lady J : Thank you! Namaste! One Ancient Soul💞💫. I actually was pulled to the 1st 2 cards you pulled. Just in opposite order. The 3rd card was 1st and the 1st card was 2nd. Its just really brings clarity to my journey an obstacles.💛

Mystical Presh : #1, thank you!

Jylynn Watson : I was like 100💪💯

Leesah Angel Matsee : WOW! Thank You! I picked Number 3 too! I Love these Cards too! You are really Wonderful!

Daisy Pieropan : I felt a connection with #1 and #3 but as soon as you started talking of #2 I found myself being connected to that too... is that possible?

Candice Whipple : Great Reading thank you!

DG Cota : #3 thank you

maryelizabeth jenkins : Hello 🦋 Pop Up ! it was you 🦋Thank You 🦋 Listening was easy to connect for your words & voice flow sincerely expressing with the emotion of the reading made me feel and understand more important to EXCEPT 🤗 I thank you for that 💃⚘🌼💃🌼⚘💃 Many Blessings📿 ♡me

LaShawn Flewellen : Thank you so very much! Brought tears from within. Having a rough time but things will settle as I accept/adapt. Thanks again💖

MissDimplez : Crazy I chose #2

Rachel Burnett : Let me tell you how dope God is lol.....I LITERALLY went searching for you yesterday, like "dang I haven't talked to my boo Alexis in a while, let me check her page...fell asleep with that being one of the pages up still on my phone...wake up and BOOM new video!! 😂😂😂 I chose 1&2 and that was definitely on point for me! Thank you for your guidance and wisdom sis! Miss You! ❤

ellie bell : i chose the 2nd card. i listened all the way through though, and im sitting here bawling my eyes out. you said everything i needed to hear and i will start making a conscious effort for myself and the path that i am on. i love you thank you

melissa hernandez : Picked 2 great messages thank you Alexis ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

humble bee : Thank you so much! I chose 1 the first time sometimes back, and chose 2 this time around. I think different msgs resonated with me at different time and 2 is what I definitely needed to hear at this moment :)...can you do more pick a card reading like this in the future? Much love 🙏🏼☺️

Indigo Star Love : I chose card 2 & 3 i started crying as soon as you started channeling the guidance for the mother of life card that guidance and the words mother of life resonated with me so deeply thank you so much beautiful i really appreciate the humbleness compassion and clarity you bring oh and happy earth day :) ♡♡♡♡ xoxoxox

holly carpenter : thank you so much for another beautiful video, your readings of the cards im drawn to are always so helpful :) also i was wondering if u had a specific pack of cards you would recommend to a beginner??

Richele Johnson : I choose 2 and I really am in a situation where I keep 2nd guessing myself.

Daci Ortega : Thanks ❤️

YouTube User : I must add, today is earth day. Same day you uploaded this. I can’t get enough of Mother Earth ... always appreciating her.

nicki young : 2