Scammers VS the real less fortunate and or homeless

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rocktruckrob : That just jars my preserves Tom....we have people in Barrie that float from parking lot to parking lot at the malls there looking for some spare change for the bus....once the same person asked me three times at three different i asked this girl how many times she does this to the same person.....she said she was only doing it to get to I asked her how much she needed ....she said that's ok mister don't worry about me....I said to her let's go to the bus station right now and I'll buy you a ticket....she told me to f off idiot.....REALLY.....NICE!!!!!.....cheers Tom be safe be kind

Melinda Gandy : My precious father is a minister and, in every single community we lived, he would coordinate a cooperative effort between area churches, government agencies, the police, etc. that would serve as a source to help those truly in need. Why?? Because he learned, over many years & many experiences, that there are horrible monsters out there manipulating the system who don't think twice about taking money and/or food out of the hands/mouths of those who truly need it. But thru these cooperative community groups, steps would be taken to find truly hurting & helpless families the lodging, clothing, medical care, food, jobs, etc. that they so desperately needed. The supposedly "unfortunate" ones who refused food, an offer of employment, care/shelter/clothing for their families, instead requesting a cash-only handout, were the habitual scammers. Before these community help & awareness groups were formed, carloads of "needy" would hit every single church, agency, program, etc in the county for money before moving on to the next. And they got away with it for years. And, just like you said, it has nearly ruined it for those who really DO need the help. It is indeed a terrible thing to not be able to just take people at their word but the world is so full of lazy, greedy thieves who have learned to milk the system and profit from the goodness of kind-hearted souls out there. So no one thinks less of you for raising awareness of this problem. You continually do such wonderful work to help the homeless & struggling!! You exhibit the love & charity that this world needs!! So thank you so much for everything you do!!!

The Shane L Y Experience : Nothing angers me more then people that pull scams screwing over the legit homeless..... when I used to work mall security, we see notorious criminals that actually had places to live and were collecting welfare cheques still going in areas where the legitimate homeless were panhandling in their areas. It's sad because most these homeless people that were parked in a specific area weren't panhandling only to have some jerk stand in their area trying to profit for their habit mean while they still have a place to stay unlike the homeless people they're pretty well ripping off by taking advantage of their situation

alex b. : Street median panhandling is a lucrative bit. I'd question the validity of most of our cities median pan handlers. Theres another occasional wheelchair guy at Wharncliffe and Commisioners.

Dave Boyer : Man, I’ve seen it first hand many, many times in my years of being in a service van driving around the city daily.

John : laughing at the part when you asked where his wheel chair is "it's not me!" lol! man he already knew what you were talking about, i know that area where you filmed that to Tom, that's not a easy area to get to, don't think there is a bus that goes that far where he was, especially by "wheelchair"

Riverotter : instead of giving them money, give money to charities that help the homeless. People who are in need will go to seek these services