Reese Witherspoon Returns | The Eric Andre Show | Adult Swim

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Trouser-Shitter69 : I thought it impossible in the TMZ-era for a starlet to maintain the level of elegance, dignity and glamour that was so much a part of the legendary actresses of "classic" Hollywood, but Ms. Witherspoon is so poised and graceful here. A throwback to the Golden Age of the Silver Screen!

Party Bot : She's never looked more radiant.

matiezie : "shout out to my blood set SOOWOOP" - Reese Witherspoon

Govind Krishnan : The way he commits to the spoons bit is terrifyingly amazing.

XtraTrstrL : Reese, With her spoon(s).

Lil Scrawnz : "Shout out to my blood sets, SUWOOP"

Mr. Boo : Play these spoons baby doll

OddOneOut665 : 1:12 I hope I'm alive long enough to hear the REAL Reese Witherspoon utter that line someday...

durbeyfield : best character on this show

Mumako : She's hot.

Kartikeya Dutta : Damn she got talent with them spoons. *Warm applause*

Ty6260 : If we could time travel I would show The Eric Andre Show and only The Eric Andre Show to the Romans.

realtimeS : She looks great. Good to see Hollywood hasnt ruined her ego too. She's beautiful as she is talented.

Ryan Queen : Is that really Reese Witherspoon?!

audrey quentin : reese needs a snickers bar

Ramsey Hunt : Man, she's still lovely.

Agusta J : Love her timbs 

Mac Dee : Yeap! she's been going to tanning salons

goodolarchie : What do you get when you cross Method Man with Raekwon? Reese Withoutherspoon

ShellacSoup : Does Hannibal shit himself at 0:57 ?

photondance : I'd love to feel my mustache scratching up against her's!

Trae Walker : wtf does he mean by "hamo"?

Bruce Wayne : Is it me, or does it look like Reese's put on a bit of weight?

superfreegoat : i love that reese always has that little red cup

Juancho Corleone : 0:48 Terminator 2, main title song.

Jon Asgaeroth : I love Reese, she's always so with it.

jpas61904 : The shoutout to his bloodset get me every time lol

Charlie Brown : "SOO WOO" - Reese Witherspoon

chris neto : best spoon playing i've seen in 34 seconds

we wuz prometheus : hannibal shouldn't have disrespected an elegant Angel like Reese by calling her a man

Ian O'Shea : I don't know what it is but Reese Witherspoon looks different here

bizzyizzy : straight off the set of Wild and still in character

Dirty Mota : Lmao hes wearing timbs

Torontoista : Can I be on your show? I may not be as talented as some of your other guests but I will entertain!

D. Hagberg : play these spoons babydoll.

OddOneOut665 : 0:39 Reese knows Hamon? Is she a Jostar too???

Lady Cheyne : Reese is looking awesome 😆

™ᙠ uɐqnƆ ˙˙˙ssǝ⅄ : "Where my money at?" lol a question that when posed in the hood usually precedes all manners of violent ignorance. Nothing good ever comes from that question being asked.

fleaswallow : 0:38 the he just say *hamon*

Aspern Park : Smash

Mystery Man : Play these spoons baby doll

reymun : we need more from reese witherspoon in season 4 shes great

Jack Glastra : Is this legally blonde 4?

Dylan Williams : I've seen this video like twelve times and I just realized he asked her to play the spoons because of her last name XD

spencer : "aight" *sits down

Anal AA : i wanna see her reaction to this

Thee Adjudicator : Obvious fake, everyone knows Reese is rockin a chinstrap right now.

claw247 : I guess eric Gordon gave up in the NBA

Danzpo : Take all of these "we'll be right back" things and you could communicate with them.

Victor Villalpando : personally one of my favorite guests, hope she comes back for the new season! love you Reese!