Hands on with Worlds First Tesla Powered Audi!
Hands on with Worlds First Tesla Powered Audi

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Rich rebuilds here Checking out the world's first tesla swapped audi S5! Sam and Ervin www.Polykup.com APXBoston: http://apxboston2018.eventbrite.com/ use code "RICHREBUILDS" to save $5 Should you desire to support this channel please donate to https://www.paypal.me/princeofthehouse & https://www.patreon.com/RichRebuilds Crypo Currency Donations: https://1upcoin.com/donate/youtube/richrebuilds Tesla Referal Code: http://ts.la/richard52167 Our Store: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/richrebuilds/ E-mail: thecarsnob@gmail.com Mailbox: P.O. Box 1041 Salem, MA 01970


Jesse Congdon : He has a left over stripped tesla and a left over audi engine and transmission stuff?... Make a petrol tesla..

xXMediaTrix : *Elon musk wants to know your location*

Moi 2926 : Now put a gas engine in a Tesla!

axe beard : This guy is a legend and nobody knows it yet. This is like the first hot rod electric car

Eli Maples : Seems like the car equivalent of a Hackintosh.

JerryRigEverything : This is incredible

Ron K : To put a Tesla motor in a different car is so hard it takes a really smart person to trick it to think it's still in a Tesla. This is engineering at it's best and his mc giver skills are sick

Josh Dimino : When Rich talks this fast you know he is GEEKING OUUUUUT

Elfuelte : Put these guys in a lab and you could get flying cars, no kidding.

Link : Yeah I can’t be friends with these guys. My head hurts just trying to understand what their saying.

moh abz : My mind is blown! This guy is nuts! If I had the money I would fly him out to the UK and convert my VW Scirocco!

BuildingNumber Seven : Elon Musk is Pissed...

Basic Benny : God damn! If this doesn't impress people I don't know what will.

Payton Chalstrom : I’m an EE student right now and this is exactly what I want to do I’m so glad I found this

Xavier Ancarno : VinWiki if you’re watching... we need Uncle Rich next on your channel.

Daniel G : This is the Future! battery motor swaps, bad ass!! Big block, small block battery packs coming soon? lol

JBL boi : tho S5 badge on the back and RS5 badge on the front 🤔 (1:19) (1:42)

Twenty20 Entertainment, Ltd. : Damn Rich!! The way you [speed] talk, I had to watch this video at -.75 so I don't get an anxiety attack!! ;P

Patrick Telfort : And a engineer is not the title. It’s the work!

Cars And Drums : Man you're an aggressive interviewer lol

Ripperduck : 14:40 car slang and excuses of the future. "Ya you won, but catch me when I got a full charge bro!"

Eesnimi Perenimi : This is the ONLY AUDI that don't break down!

ME Graphic Design : That guy know what he's doing! the whole baggage is empty which is mean that he can create electric 5 cylinder tesla RS3 !!! HOLYBEAST !

K Ph : battery packs on the front? I am wondering how this would handle a crash! ^^

brian 5 : IM A ENGINEER LIKE YOU RICH ..... HAHAHA. *Pulls out kitchen knife

BoostedMotorsports : Once he gets the fit and finish dialed in this thing will be badass! I was waiting for everything to go flying on the launch 🤣

0skim0 : I'm from the UK and can't understand the guy because he talks to fast when he said the range, so can someone tell me what he said

Zack : RS5 Badge up front, S5 badge on rear..

Dollar Menu : Wish I was half that smart to do any of that. That car is sick 🤤

TheSinglePlayer : Dear Tesla, HIRE THIS MAN!!!

2000 Teiki : Electric car There are a lot of videos that are converted to electric cars, but how are car air conditioners etc.? Just a motor as a power is not comfortable!

Lachskönig IV : So whats the goal? Making a worse electric car? In essence you just got rid of everything that makes a Tesla better than other electric cars.

Mitch Burgy : I love what y’all are doing! This is the next step in automotive performance! Keep up the great work!

Djayk : it must have an insanely high center of gravity... don't take it around any tight corners too fast lol.

David machAdo : And this my friends, is how the future is going to look like........outfit what you already have!

aftli : Dude I live a couple blocks from here, how did I not know about this? Would have been awesome

Jerry Serrano : I think an EV converted pickup would work so well. Lots of space for batteries and other hardware.

Xhevdet Hasani : Stage1 s5 like 420/440 hp , 520/550 tq

Brian Rock : If he ever rear ends somebody or gets rear ended he’s done for. Definitely needs better battery placement.

Robbie Speirs : the audi guy is amazing

shmadmanuts : That looks nice, but, I don't know how it will handle in this configuration - batteries in the floor would give better handling.

R1ddic : Nice! Also probably the first Tesla with straight panels and a proper interior ;)

Sean K : Dude this showed up so many times in my suggested. I’d think this was a promoted channel. Come on YouTube; stop charging people like an old Tesla.

Sit Nomine Digna : "Alright ready?" "Ready." "Shit." Looooool

Dan Simmons : Well done Rich, I hope your new friendships develop into years of great success !

Beastly Garage : Rich was totally geaking out. Love it!

Andrew R : not to knock the awesomeness of the swap, but the rs5 grill with the rs5 emblem, on an s5? lol okay definitely a pre facelift b8 s5

MISTA 808 : Change the playback speed of the video to 0.75 You're welcome. Now they don't sound spun out of their minds ;)

Jehayland : I love this so much. Car culture is alive and well with electric cars which is a great sign for the future of electric cars as part of the main method of automobile transportation. Tesla is being difficult now, but that won’t last forever, especially as large volumes of Teslas drop out of warranty and other car makers build more electric cars.