Hands on with Worlds First Tesla Powered Audi!

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Rich Rebuilds : Here's an update on Sam's Audi! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFr5Sm8KE5E

JerryRigEverything : This is incredible

Link : Yeah I can’t be friends with these guys. My head hurts just trying to understand what their saying.

Cars And Drums : Man you're an aggressive interviewer lol

moh abz : My mind is blown! This guy is nuts! If I had the money I would fly him out to the UK and convert my VW Scirocco!

axe beard : This guy is a legend and nobody knows it yet. This is like the first hot rod electric car

Xavier Ancarno : VinWiki if you’re watching... we need Uncle Rich next on your channel.

Ron K : To put a Tesla motor in a different car is so hard it takes a really smart person to trick it to think it's still in a Tesla. This is engineering at it's best and his mc giver skills are sick

sieve5 : That guy and Rich are what I aspire to be as a software engineer/car enthusiast. That's an awesome build.

nenon809 : Put these guys in a lab and you could get flying cars, no kidding.

Eli Maples : Seems like the car equivalent of a Hackintosh.

Dollar Menu : Wish I was half that smart to do any of that. That car is sick 🤤

BuildingNumber Seven : Elon Musk is Pissed...

NorthAmerican Auto : Someone swap the Tesla drivetrain into a water-cooled Porsche, let’s see who gets triggered by this.

Easy How To : God damn! If this doesn't impress people I don't know what will.

NoNonsenseKnowHow : Definitely a sick build! Thanks for sharing rich!

Strangely My Comments Usually Get Quite Popular : He has a left over stripped tesla and a left over audi engine and transmission stuff?... Make a petrol tesla..

Bob Flavin : The next wave of car makers will be "ordinary" people. Taking an old car and making it run on modern tech is the best thing ever to happen in the car industry. The boy-racer will come good!

BoostedMotorsports : Once he gets the fit and finish dialed in this thing will be badass! I was waiting for everything to go flying on the launch 🤣

Daniel G : This is the Future! battery motor swaps, bad ass!! Big block, small block battery packs coming soon? lol

Sean K : Dude this showed up so many times in my suggested. I’d think this was a promoted channel. Come on YouTube; stop charging people like an old Tesla.

anasim : Finally, a reliable Audi.

Lambros Tsimakis : Poor RS5...

kotsios photiades : battery packs on the front? I am wondering how this would handle a crash! ^^

Scouppi : I WANT IT!!!

Jay Juggernaut : I get bad vibes off the owner and his buddy. He says he built the car by himself, but his buddy/cameraman says he's a co-builder but can't really say what his expertise is. Rich asks the owner what he does for a living and the guy says, uhhh this. Later he says this is what he wants to do for a living. I dunno about these guys.

aftli : Dude I live a couple blocks from here, how did I not know about this? Would have been awesome

Venom Monster : I wonder what the weight difference is between the Audi engine,transmission, gas tank, and exhaust compared to the Tesla drivetrain and batteries.

Gherman Godzin : Lol try to charge it on supercharger ))))

Lil Richard : Another Rich smarter than me.

Jeff Sadowski : Yes to more EV conversions. :-) I like how they got around having to go to Tesla for parts.

Ivan Tuma : Finally ... an Audi with... 1. no stupid timing chains or belts 2. no stupid cam tensioner pulleys 3. no stupid leaky valve cover gaskets 4. no stupid 4-way catalytic converters 5. no stupid water pumps (except for cooling batteries) 6. no stupid automatic transmission!!!!! 7. no stupid variable intake manifold 8. no stupid ignitor modules OR spark plugs 9. no stupid loose exhaust system and loose heat shields 10. no stupid EGR system 11. no stupid 5-valve per cylinder nightmare 12. no stupid (and hot) exhaust system 13. no stupid variable valve timing, VTEC, VVTI, etc etc ALL STUPID 14. no stupid turbos, or superchargers ...and so on Companies have bent over backwards developing all of these stupid systems over the last 100 years - just to avoid spending time to develop decent battery technology. https://twitter.com/oldpicsarchive/status/637694765828603905 :-D

Maor Elharar : That guy know what he's doing! the whole baggage is empty which is mean that he can create electric 5 cylinder tesla RS3 !!! HOLYBEAST !


elesjuan : The Audi was actually pretty cool.... until the inside. Now I see why it only took 6 months to do this. The interior is down right awful. :(

Dave Pawson : Put a big ass turbo sticking out the hood. That would really screw with people's heads when they get smoked. VINwiki time for both Rich and this guy. Agree?

Dan Simmons : Well done Rich, I hope your new friendships develop into years of great success !

Alex Parra89 : 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Mitch Burgy : I love what y’all are doing! This is the next step in automotive performance! Keep up the great work!

Lawrence L. : I want a Tesla engine in a Ferrari 360. Look cool without worrying about poor gas mileage.

Aaron Rembert : I am not in to Tesla or Audi, per se, but I am more than intrigued by this build and this video. Flabbergasted and caught off guard. AWESOME

GotScout : I want a 4wd Tesla Diesel.

blank : Really impressive. Awesome to see how people are doing this. Love how excited Rich is.

mangomaaza : Take a joint dude

Chris Florio : Rich love your content and enjoying all your videos

David machAdo : And this my friends, is how the future is going to look like........outfit what you already have!

beast mode : They are like doctors dont understand their language🤔

mike montenegro : Rich you have a heart of a lion at 15:00 wen you shook hands and praised sammon wow, IT GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS,,,yor excitement really showed on camera, AND NO IM NOT GAY

David J. Smith : WOW!...! Would like to See a Tesla Powered Taurus SHO (Newer Model) and or a 2015+ Tesla Powered Mustang GT! :-) ...God Bless!

Fix It Angel : 2:29 6 months That is impressive