How I Know We’re Winning

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Computing Forever : This video was Re-uploaded to fix a small mistake I made because I’m a moron. I’m really fastidious about small narration and script errors and that kind of stuff. Apologies.

Styxhexenhammer666 : I was very proud to be on this list since it's basically a who's-who of the antiestablishment.

H2O Chi : Holy shit.. that woman is straight out of 1984..

Regelos : I learned about Hilter in school I guess I'm a member of SS now.

Shekelberg Goldstein : and the far left starts wondering why people like me go from centre right to far right nationalism in one year. jesus christ.

Eventide : It's scary to see how full of hate and paranoia some people are.

Dr Shaym : I once saw a picture of Hitler in a book. I guess I'm a Nazi now, and so is everyone who reads this comment.

Michael C : Weren't Nazis far left?

sonicbooomboy : Please stop identifying Nazism with the right wing. Hitler's party was called the NSDAP or National Socialist German Workers' Party. Please note the second word in that title.

Andrew Smith : The thing is, SJWs don't see the plane. There is no "center" there is only the edges of the wings. You're either on the left tip or the right tip. They see everyone that isn't "woke" as a Nazi. They are incapable of seeing nuance, unable to dissect ideas into individual components and don't believe in discussion. There is no need for them to discuss anything. Their minds are made up. ANY of the SJWs pillars fall apart on minimal scrutiny- and they know this. The Emperor has no clothes, so they don't want anyone looking at the Emperor. Any discussion about sensitive issues is an endorsement of those issues even if you SAY you disagree. They see their beliefs as infallible (even though they've never even examined them) and if you question them, even for clarity- you are a bigot, homophobe, transphobe, racist, i.e. Nazi. And if you speak to anyone that questions their bullshit, then you are a Nazi for not calling them a Nazi and dismissing them. There are only 2 sides in their fantasy world: Oppressors and the Oppressed. Reality doesn't work that way. So, they have to distort reality to fit with their madness. Just a matter of time before it all comes crashing down on them.

Joshua Dersham : This report is terrifying. Extreme censorship is coming. The fact this "report" is considered academic in any way shape or form and should be peer reviewed before having any considered credibility. We are going to soon be living 1984.

Heckler : Rebecca Lewis is the kind of person who probably lost too many arguments. So she wants those different opinions banned.

CrackShot47 : So... I thought these people were against the concept of McCarthyist witch hunts. But I suppose that's only for thee, and not for me. A quote from a former alienated Hollywood communist comes to mind, discussing Soviet infiltration of post-WWII Hollywood: "We should never let the communists get away with the pretense that they stand for the very thing that they kill in their own countries."

Rebecca McCreary : In Becca's defense, when your own side is actively working to create these networks and shut down those they don't agree with, it's really easy to think that the rest of the world is doing that also, because that's just how the world works, right?

Spills51 : I like her Map. It gives me new people to check out and subscribe to LOL. So...Thanks! Dont listen to Becca though. I went to High School with her. She used to barely shower and eat her boogers when she thought no one was looking. Nasty chick lolz

JZ Squared : Who needs research when they have a narrative to push? :P

Spectator 72 : I bet the feminists of the 1800s and early 1900s are rolling over in their graves in reaction to what feminism has become.

Mikedc100 : Defining far right as Nazism and Fascism is playing into the social engineering propaganda. Far right in reality is limited, transparent, small as possible government valuing liberty, freedom, individualism, capitalism, meritocracy and responsibility over authoritarianism, regulatory over reach, collectivism, identity politics and dependence on government for social issues. None of these far right values are anything to be ashamed of and it just shows how bad we've been propagandized that the mainstream can just tag something "far right" when they want to smear or discredit something. Far right is an honorable and noble position to hold but we've had it framed and branded as a pejorative and an absurd association with Nazi's while at the same time far left ideology get's a pass when it's irrefutably aligned with the most abhorrent tyrants who have imposed this ideology to inflict the worst human suffering and deaths of the 20th century. But the propagandists have flipped the script and brain washed people to have a false framing of far right and it's destructive and inhumane counterpart of socialism. When they call you far right don't scramble to deny and distance yourself from it if your believe in these ideas (liberty, freedom, individualism, capitalism, meritocracy and responsibility) tell them what the correct framing of far right is and tell them to fuck off. Far right is right next door to anarchy NOT NAZI'S OR FASCIST'S that's an academia propaganda lie.

Azarath Dragoneel : She put mundane ratt on her list lmao.

Andy Kench : This report is 100% projection; she assume those who disagree wit her are as collectivist, organized and as underhand as the left that co-ordinates across large numbers of media (see almost identically false headlines in many different outlets all released contemporaneously) and sneak their beliefs into mainstream media such as drama comedy, music and art. Wake up sweetheart, the rest of us aren't that desperate, we just share our views and let others share theirs, free and fair, no scheming, no conspiracy, no underhand tactics, just debate and critique, that's all.

Zim Tage : You know who radicalized me? I'll give you a hint of wasn't Tim Pool or Richard Spencer it was feminists and other SJWs like Becks

Castor Pollux : Wonders if any one of these people, have read ANY of Orwell's books.

Hybrid Jack : "Far Right is Fascism, its Nazism" - Its such a shame that this is the accepted definition of the far right these days... It literally makes no sense at all... I mean Hitler was a Socialist ! Not your average Socialist I will admit, but many of his beliefs were on the Left wing of the political spectrum, though due to the realities of rebuilding an economy and preparing for a world war he wasn't able to pursue many of these policies to the extent he would have liked, such as the relief of debt for those in the agricultural sector... In fact most forms of Fascism that have been perused have genuinely more Left Wing economic and social policies than Right Wing. This was both true in Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy - It was one of the ways they indented to ensure the long term survival of there Fascist Regimes... Of course the various forms of Fascism, most notably Nazism, shared some traditional Right Wing values, but generally there policies are just as if not more Left Wing than Right... Yet today 'Far Right' is one of the most common ways of referring to fascist ideologies... Its just absurd, and something that really bugs me as a historian. Fascism is a very loose ideology that has meant many different things in its different variations, in Mussolini's Italy it took a more moderate form of Strength from extreme National Unity, an Italy for Italians united by shared Italian cultural values and history, essentially simple nationalism taken too far... In Hitler it took a far darker turn and was about the active removal and extermination of any that did not fit the perfect mould of German... However what about that is 'Right Wing'? Seriously… What about either of those policies could be defined on the traditional political spectrum as Right Wing? Fascism as an ideology does not belong anywhere on the political spectrum - It has no specific economic, social or general foreign policy - Even the policies perused by two historical Fascist allies, Hitler and Mussolini, massively varied from one another, even if they could generally be consider both somewhat Left Wing (What a surprise considering Mussolini was originally a bloody Communist) Its a vague idea of Nationalism taken to far... Yet somehow 'Far Right' has been co-opted to mean Fascist or Nazi simply because most nationalistic causes generally have Right Wing values, and a globalist more liberally dominated media came to the conclusion they might be able to score some political points and scare people away from said nationalist causes they don't like by linking it to Fascism... Plus they obviously needed a counter measure for Communism on the Far Left - What's sad about this is that Communism has specific economic and social policies - sure it can vary, but generally you will find them having similar core values in regards to domestic policy throughout its many variations… It can fit on the political spectrum - Fascism does not - its just a variety of very different governments with totally different domestic policies that uses extreme nationalism to unify a country. This is most hilariously seen when you look at what Hitler actually wanted for the domestic policies of Germany both economically and socially and you have to say "Well Hitler is quite far Left... He is a Far Left member of the Far Right because being a Fascist means you have to be Far Right" - Its just idiotic. Simply because Hitler had opposed the most extreme form of the Far Left, Communism, does not suddenly mean Fascism is Far Right... Its a bloody stupid conclusion to come to. I just find it so annoying, as someone who studies history and has a enthusiasm for politics, that 'Far Right' has come to be interchangeable with fascist ideologies when it simply shouldn't be... FACISM DOES NOT BELONG ON ANYONE ONE SIDE OF THE POLITCAL SPECTRUM.

TeacherinTraining39 : Nazism, or National Socialism, is not a right-wing ideology. Socialism is an *extremely far left-wing* ideology, in point of fact. Right-wing ideology advocates for limits on government for the sake of the people. [Edited for clarification]

BJB : Feels good - I just deactivated my twitter account - join me feels wonderful

The Promethean : I’m very (scarily) close to Sargon politically but I don’t agree with everything he says, I guess I have the gall to make my own mind up (gasp from the leftist sheep).

Gamerdude1067 : the irony in all of this is this conspiratorial lunatic introduced me to more youtubers that i enjoy!

andybytheway : Fascism is left wing. The only real difference between communism and fascism is that the former says there should be no private businesses and everything should be nationalised while the latter says there can be private businesses but they should all be regulated by the state. "Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state". So the SJWs who genuinely want to regulate (usually with the help of government) everything people see, hear, think and feel are way closer to actual fascism than anyone I've ever heard on the right.

Funky Monkey : This will happen . When the EU makes it up as they go along to suit themselves

Pakorn Wattanavrangkul : This woman seems like the left's version of Alex Jones, but less funny. So, how long will it take for her to be deplatformed for hate speech and spreading misinformation?

Justin Archer : KKK White Nationalist and American "Nazis" are actually Dixiecrats. Old Blue Dog Democrats... not Republicans... they are not Political Conservatives.

MrBalrog64 : Actually, Naziism is far left, not far right. Far right = personal responsibility, a free market society, and U.S. Judeo-Christian culture based on a Constitutional Republic.

KassperT : Free speech is a fascinating phenomenon in which good ideas are furthered and lesser ideas fall by the wayside. If an idea sticks around it can be because it has not been satisfactorily countered. IMO the fact that the left cannot discount the idea on it's own merit, white nationalism looks to be the correct philosophy.

spelling1234 : To be fair; it's made for quite a good guide for who to watch next.

Dante Banducci : Just gotta say, reading the “Talmud” will make ANYONE an antisemite. 😂😂

fastold carz : The left continues to prove repeatedly and conclusively that their spokespeople are simply incapable of drawing correct inferences from available information...or they are willfully ignorant, and blatantly refuse to consider available information. The ability to string words together in coherent sentences and paragraphs does not, apparently, imply any actual intelligence of the kind that's useful for pattern-recognition or interpreting reality as it actually is. Their disconnected and wildly illogical drivel that passes for "commentary" is, in my humble opinion, irrefutable evidence of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action, with relatively stupid people setting themselves up as champions for causes they fail to understand adequately. The alignment of third-wave feminism with Islam is perhaps the most obvious case in point. Repression and objectification of women, and abridgment of their rights under Islamic rule, are somehow equated with the "freedom" and "equal opportunity" that feminism supposedly stands for. And the left's persistent failure to notice that there are NO successful communist or heavily socialist countries, and this latest attack on the freedom to express any thoughts or ideas that conflict with their own (HUGELY obvious as a logical-disconnect double-standard to anyone with a brain) only go farther to prove this simple truth...leftists are idiots, across the board.

warhorse03826 : "far right" are actually royalists..people who want kings. nazis are socialists. left wing. antifa is communist. also left wing. fascists are left wing. any fight between any of them is the progressive equivalent of a domestic dispute.

TradPolitics Show : The Nazis were far left socialists

101 KM : Wait, wait.... WAIT!!! This is important. Can I order AIN (Alternative Influence Network) on my cable network??? Is CRTV a channel on that network?? Is FOX??

TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music : Brittany Pettibone uses a clip of my music in her outro, so I guess you can lump me into this association network by the most abstract line ever.

AaAaAaAaAaA : I'm on the nose of the plane

Andrew Bobb : You Tube makes a lot of money showing videos. That fact is probably more powerful than all the psychotic venom-spouting SJWs on Earth. In the end, one of two things will likely happen: either YouTube will realize that censorship will reduce views, and with them advertising dollars, and tell the schmucks where to get off, or they will cave to the schmucks, and someone else will create a competing platform, which will end up taking a bunch of money away from YouTube. This saves me thinking about the alternative , where the SJWs continue to tell a large part of the population that they are evil, that they are violent, and then jam them into tighter and tighter boxes. Honestly; what do they think will happen?

fredoniahead : Far left are Nazism and Socialism. not far right. Nazi = National SOCIALIST Workers Party...NOT National Capitalist Workers Party. Fascism also was leftist. Right wing to these fanatics is anyone right of Mussolini. There is no such thing as a White Nationalist. What the hell is that anyway?. The left does not know who Hitler even was. They just draw him like a pistol because they heard he was a bad man.

allgonne : Great article... I will now use it to check out the content of these creators. I hope she doesn't mind me using her hard work as a menu to explore and support these creator's content.

Spike Viper : Computing, it's going to be a hard fight but don't worry. It's not just the political YouTubers noticing the bias, the censorship, the pandering on this platform. We all see it. And if they try to take you down, us small channels of all types, of all topics, will come to defend you. It's our job as YouTubers to stand together. And we will.

Vojtěch Poživil : Just to be clear... Nazism is NOT ... I repeat is NOT far right. It is NOT far left either. It is radical on both sides, but probably more on the left. Nazi ideology shares lot of similarities with communist and marxist ideology. If you'd go to far right you would get total anarchy... Why do you think that NSDAP party has word "socialist" in its name?

Sapioit : The problem with you not being there is that the people are there, being "the place" for mainstream discussions. If you're not there, you're not part of the discussions.

numbSKULLery : the AIN shows that these far leftists are brainwashed, they literally see collectivism everywhere, even among people who are against collectivist ideas

Rory Morris : technically she is now part of her own web just as much as you are

Thraxton Stirling : Nothing paradoxical about trying to foil Hitler while putting hordes of citizens on a list.