The Teslonda in action - Tesla powered Honda Accord

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Doctorbass : Awsome project btw!

Alex : THAT .. WAS... AWESOME!!!!

Tesla Mirai : nice work! looks and sounds like an RC car lol

Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex : _"Skrrrrtttt skrrrrtttttt!"_ said the electric car

MeJoho : I want this thing to win every green light.

T1000AX : looks kinda dangerous haha. don't turn a corner at any speed.

U Wot M8 : VTEC just kicked in yo!

Tobacc0 : 2.5 sec. Well, it definitely seems plausible if you have no roll cage to weigh you down. And I'm guessing there's no retro-fitted airbags so it's fine not to bother with a helmet because it wouldn't really increase your odds of survival if a speed wobble ever entered the events schedule. IF that thing fishtailed, I imagine it would tumble down the road like a craps dice only coming to rest finally in the local church cemetery at the edge of town...

Robert Dowell : You made a "gasser" honda drag car with no gas engine , nevermind the honda body it works, just i dunno. gasser honda electric drag car. yep ,gonna drink hemlock now

etbadaboum : This noise is... unexpected! Otherwise, that's fantastic! What about the battery? Thanks!

Doot Doot : Looks like an old gasser drag car with that stance. Bet it's a giggle to drive.

TestECull : Now put an LS V8 in it!

Rj21's Channel : Sounds like a rc car

ƧÜ : gta 8

Northfork Network : yes i love this ! now you should challenge blasphemi on #roadkill

Philippe Marseille : Nice to see an HSRMotors powered EV conversion on the road! Looks crazy fast! Looking forward for a 1/4mi run!

segar1234 : for a moment I thought I was looking at a High end RC Race car. Nows thats speed

Michael Pitt : but can it run crysis?

Michael Byrne : So many mixed hot-rod-themes happening here... I'm intrigued yet disgusted. Awesome :)

Kniffel101 : I sounds like a toy car! ^^ Certainly has MUCH better performance, though! :D

Hit the ground running : I would like to do this with a vintage F100.

Razster : Electric Highboy Accord? Well now I do believe I have seen just about everything.

Vinny C : Bolink RC! I had one back in the late 80s in the early 90s! As an RC enthusiasts my on road cars were Bolink chassis and they looked and sounded exactly like that. That's amazing good job brother! I want one! 3 questions where do you race them, how long does the battery pack, last and does the guy turn his head when you make Corners? LOL

Steven Grey : sounds like an RC-Car.

INFP -A -T : Sore neck, here i come.

Archie McDonaldsonshireberg : ultimate red light racer


TheIdaho69442 : Moar!!!!

Prashant Jha : What an awesome idea. The relative lack of size of the Honda combined with the noise at launch reminded me of a toy remote control car lol. Tho seriously, what an awesome project!

chefJere fulldangle : Please more videos! !! Build breakdown etc. I love the old school gasser look and vibe for a new generation. Maybe "beanogasser" or "shocker" Idk real cool.

Ktvk7715 : like a toy car from young days :D

Arnier Hamz : When your girlfriend text you she's home alone.

Dan R. : So this is where they got the front end for the current Dodge Challenger? An old Honda Accord?

Bosco Han : EarthDreams just kicked in yo!

Dan Adams : My favorite thing about this is that when you go to license it, it's still a 1981 Honda Accord and doesn't have to pay EV license tax.

brian1984hb : Now imagine a world only with clean electric cars how silent would it be on the streets and how clean the air! <3 *Please* avoid to buy gasoline and diesel engined cars to hurry up this fantastic scenario!

Lyam Lexa : Mennn... that is awesome wind... it's like the accord have finally released from heavy chains...

Vibhu Srivatsa Iyer : This is like a real-life RC car!

seekandestroy77 : Text Message: HER: My Parents just left.

Coptah : Sounds just as loud as a remote control car.

Irwan Santoso : Now do Knight rider

Cameron Oneil : That's so cool and its wicked fast too.

Matija Brkić : Mate Rimac and Concept one on life support

GramZam : new era of Gasser !!!!!!!!! That Awesome ! Respect From Russia! Love this!

Flugschreiber : WTF Is that fast! it almost looks and sounds like a huuuuuge electric R/C car ;-)

IncognitoTorpedo : I have to question how much these guys know about cars if they think their Datsun 510 is a Honda Accord.

Vanila Kung : Subbed, need i say more

Jamil Hibbane : Future hp's

703 CRUIZ'N : I like how you mixed hybrid and old school

taltigolt : Where's the remote control