Russell Peters - Adventures in Saudi Arabia - This Is Not Happening - Uncensored

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omgisthatvik : “Russell what are you doing infidel?!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kool Gamez : Good jokes Wrong audience

Rifky H Pirdaus : Is it just me Russell looks like gru from despicable me

mr19zee : As a Saudi guy who went to school with "Dave Smith's" nephew I can say that it's very accurate

Jonathan : I just learned more about Osama Bin Laden from a comedy routine than any other media ever

shan_rocks : Russel is speaking about Tarek Bin Laden, who is a very prominent figure in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in the world of property and infrastructure. A lot of great multi-billionaire projects regarding civil structures, water piping etc is done by his company in cities such as medina, Mecca, Riyadh and Jeddah. As well as many buildings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi were designed and built by his company. I know this, because a relative of mine who is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) worked on one of the buildings in Dubai and personally met Tarek a few times. He is probably one of the most powerful figures in Saudi Arabia and as far as I know, speaks 7 different languages fluently and has an estimated net worth of $15 Billion.

Pat H : Hublo watches can be around 25K a piece btw. Not a bad tip.

Proud Nepali : The only thing wrong with this video is the audience!

Kriss Kross : Is this a strip club?

Jameslawz : Russell has a nice way of story telling, he's like Dave Chappelle you can listen to those two for hours!

Pratik Rajput : That comparison of Osama and Trump is lit af!!!!😂

Jim Fortune : bin Laden = Trump? Wow.

Abdul Manan Ch : Now women are allowed to drive ツ

Potato : Although I'm from Saudi Arabia, I laughed a lot and I noticed something, Americans think about us as rich princes, that's false, the truth is that we in Saudi Arabia when a guest comes the government takes him to some rich people, but they don't see the real residents, I'm a resident and I'm not rich nor poor, I live in an apartment with my family and I don't have an expensive car or anything, the point is that not all of us are rich white princes.

David Simon : The audience is whack.... damn..

basboosa : He handled this story soooooo well! This is what makes me such a big fan of him. He breaks boundaries with his stories and is not afraid of going against the stereotypes rather than enforcing them to explain the truth. The Western media loves to portray Saudi Arabia as this incredibly backward and ignorant country when in fact, its one of the most advanced countries in the world. The people there are incredibly friendly, respectful and ridiculously generous. Once I went to Jaddah and I had a Saudi mall security guy help me cross the road without me even asking him. Store guys at malls would get me and my family chairs to sit on and even brought us free juice and soda while we were shopping there. I have been to so many countries yet I have never experienced such kindness and generosity the way I did in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Yes there are lots of bad social issues going on there but this is no different than the social issues most Western countries including the US have.

darkbluemt : Holy shit. So nobody point out that he was gifted a watch that range anywhere from $10k to $300k just cuz the guy felt like giving it away lol

Golfy G : 2 Trump Supporters in the front row for SURE

Kristen225 : I was lucky enough to see him in a small club and took friends that had never seen him before. They were crying from laughing so hard.

no name : seems reeaalllyyy similar to Gabriel Iglesias's Saudi Arabi trip...

Egg : Russel Peters:*I went to the middle east but I cant tell which part of it because I signed the NDA* Russel Peters a few minutes after:* So you know in Saudi Arabia....etc*

Alfa's Design : *I've watched this video like dozen of times, and i laugh everytime.. This is a classic*

naveen udawella : This is not so much a comedy skit as much as it's a detailed account of his trip to Saudi Arabia. yet he brings the laughs.

Ishbu101 : Comparing Osama Bin Laden to Donald Trump? Osama murdered 1000's of innocent people.

Leodanm 808 : Did he just take fluffy’s routine? The Punked joke. The getting offered the watch and other stuff. He basically used jokes from fluffy. 🤔🤔🤔

first last : One of the greatest😂😂😂😂

Mike Koh : vs Gabriel Iglesias's Saudi trip

Bilal C : In Arab culture, if you compliment another on a material Good, they usually offer it to you!

Max Verstappen : HUBLOT is very expensive watch advertised on Ferrari F1 race car

wickandde : Russell never fails to make me laugh also learned more about the middle east + osama bin laden from him than any story from the media! This is how you bring the world together!

Risk : In Arab culture, when someone compliments something you have you offer them it not have to give it to them. I'm from Saudi Arabia btw and this was funny.

lovelylady0200 : I guess all the thumbs down are from trump supports...

marzia i : This show is not good for white people, they seem so scared 😂😂

The Boom Boom Room : lol His impressions are so underrated.

IanMaCee : Bad audience

Dillinger Sam : Wonderful Funny Stuff 😄😎

Atee Chakma : when Trump joke came some guys face were like 😕 Edit: wow thanks for 778 likes didn't know it was gonna get so many like . 😅👍

Absalon Perez : Sounds like gabriel Iglesias joke

RS 7 : Oh Trump is like Bin Laden 🙄 Wow that's so true and original

Nelson Ng : so much funnier that kevin hart

Gaurav Singh : I don’t understand why so many dislikes

Red Lotus : Trump is saving the west. Hes not "mad at everybody".

East West : So in Saudi Arabia they pay million or thousands to a stand up comedian for a "private party", wow no matter how cool they act, this is redicoluse and unjustified, the prince could have joined the public program and gifted the money to orphanages or ths poor people of yemen that their country is destroying

Neike Shosahie : Hilarious 😂〽

mxamiss5 : Legendary story

Angad Sharma : This story jumped to a whole nother level once he started talking about Bin Laden, holy shit!

AlphaCentauri24 : Russel was funny once.

Alpha. .Omega : He said he signed a NDA but he disclosed that went to saudi

Aaron Stone : am i the only one who thinks that the guy behind russell looks like jared padalecki from supernatural?

Timogen Viente : Imho most people from the uae said that its a land of peace and freedom are all males. Go figure. Women are criticized as low level being which is a very prehistoric belief. Women are screwed there.