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kristopher masterson : Yep, time to go to bed now.

Carlos Fontes : This is why aliens won't make contact with us.

Ten Tron : Just another example of millennials ruining everything.

chili24137 : Why would you shave a monkey? c'mon man, dat fade though

mrsticky005 : Anyone else think the opposite would of been WAY more interesting...monkey shaving their owner's beard.

TubesX : You should name the title "monkey loves being shaved" or something like that it's a great cute video!

Buz4rd : This is going viral monetize the video and prepare for the stupid sites asking for permission to use

nomismi1 : He is people now...

jmua04 : Say baw, that's a nice haircut.

Dell Extron : Is this wrong?

atomicbrett : Steve Buscemi?

DeaKz : What.

willymeaux : The New Iberia Haircut; the best haircut in the world!

Mandy Rarsh : Of course its an asian video...

ƧÜ : hahaha türk mü lan

TIGRLEE : Looks like one of those short, gold chain wearing coonasses from new Iberia I'm still LOL

Kamikaze Gorilla : How is this not animal abuse...

dedpxl : any more vids of this monkey?

Meme Alert : Richard Spencer

Kabalyst : whats wrong with your kid go see a doctor man

deus ex : Monkey has a better shave and haircut then I do. Or ever will for that matter.

Push Back : I'm more freaked out by the shoes.

samy belhinani : I too have a little monkey but it keeps runing and making weird noises like no please and stuff

RAMMY : im not sure what else i expected


Roberto Lopez : He is like: missed a spot there fam

HolyTaco : am i the only one the searched: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR lol

Gregory A. Parker Sr. : I bet he feels like a new primate already.


TazTalksYouListen : Some corners of youtube are extra dark.

canon2k7 : He's a ballchinian

MotoYoshi : what

Matthias W : Hes got that scott storch haircut

Max LeaVesseur : Looks like Willem Dafoe lol

dxxPacmanxxb : So many questions

Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play : Haha, cool :)

dantesu gogan : 岑村さんwwww

Ya Ryu : 岑村さんやん草

Nabi S : Oh

IN_DEI_XICHT___ : Dumb asians...

Thomas Lane : "Shaving my nutsack"

yukineswan : Now i've seen it all.

Kevin Walters : Damn that's one ugly child.

David Polikoff : Look on my face watching this = look on little elephant slippers on monkey's feet