Eminem Says 100 Words in 15 Seconds Rap God Live MTV EMA Awards 2013

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TraumaER : 100 years from now, humans will look back and study and wonder how someone was able to be so awesome.  Their only conclusion will be that he was... a God. ツ

NEVEN™ : Respect for that censor tho. Harder than normal one.

Omar Khaled : He really is the rap god

Charles Ikner : He made rap god just to remind everyone he's the best and will always be the best. Forever killing it.

Taheer pasha : he raps faster than my WiFi 😂

Mdmbham : amazing....top of his game!

Strawberry Toaster Strudel : He raps faster live than the actual song

xxTaZxxu456 : you wouldn't even be able to rap half of the song though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

uh : Why be da KinG when u can can be the god..;)

Billy Bagiopoulos : Eminem is not appreciated anymore. The rap game has changed. Nobody wants to listen to lyrics anymore. Everyone want to listen to a hot beat and a catchy hook. Real rap fans know how it is supposed to be. Eminem was ,is and will be the greatest of all time. #rapgod


Big Friends CV : O M G. what a hell it this. i take off my hat for him. hi is so so amazing

Marla Barnes : Since I heard him for the first time in my life, I knew he was the rap god <3

some dude that watches youtube : Eminem is like Natsu spittin' fire! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Slaughter Beatz : well he is eminem what do u think lol

S TURK : That friend of Eminem is ruining everything

Puci : He is the KING !

Ronan Kelly : those background rappers suck

dean james : Ha he is super human best ever and always

Brian Leon : I counted 86

LegoofMaEggo : you can tell the verse on his album is definitely fixed a bit. A bit faster and his voice pitch stays the same as his normal rapping voice. Still sick though!!!

theodore Khouri : too fast for my laptop 

Kashif Reza : Rap god indeed

Benjamin Frizzell : If Rap was a business all the other rappers would be Senior Management and Eminem Would Be the CEO.

Balasar Windstriker : Mic cant catch up

Scorpio1988 : It really is just a gimmick, people in tje general public are just straight up blown away by this because he rapped fast for 15 seconds. Tech n9ne does full on verses like this during his whole set. Eminem is one of the greats of all time and he is one of my favorites. I am a really big follower of fast rappers like twista, tech n9ne, twisted insane and many other fast rappers. Eminem has been the top rapper in just about every category in rap, whether it be lyrics or delivery or whatever else. But he is not even close to being at the top for fast rapping. But when your a superstar already and the average listener hears this...they are like omg hes the fastest! Sorry folks not even close. And please dont mention his Guinness world record. That record is fastest rap in a "hit single" they didnt even take into account the million other faster rappers. Like I said eminem is one of the greatest rappers ever regardless of this being a gimmick.

TheBest KeyboardWarrior : I can do this too...hic! Hold my beer!

Rayhaan Jailani : Man he is a legend

Joe Harley : That is some feat! One of my favorites right now

IgnitedBeast : @razor blade Really? JJ Fad didnt even rap that fast in their song and the lyrics were completely different other than at the end where they litterally just said summa lamma dumma lamma over and over. Get over yourself.

puret_boy99 : he is great ... but btw the other dude is giving him breath breaks ...

elijah robinson : how did you say 100 words in 15 minuits

GoobyPls : This dude is crazy. Most rappers dont even manage to sound like their in their tracks during normal verses and he raps this exactly like the studio version..

CrossOverNewz1318 : He's the rap god

Sharon Ortiz : Damn he is the rap god!

TheOneRedlight : Twenty million other white rappers emerge · But no matter how many fish in the sea. It'll be so empty without me

Elaine Mo : legend

Yazan 2 0 9 : BTW guys it took him 6 minutes to write and record the song😁

ShadowWhelp : Well the youtube auto captioning tried

Kameron 12349 : Im not a hater or something or someone saying this is dumb i really like the song but who else can sing this i can its not easy tho

nadzarick 321 : i can rap 10x slower then that beat that

zaila mohamed : amazing😲😲

Stefan Menjac : His sounds like the real slim shady now :D

Anthony Messersmith : rofl, this is actually one of the easier parts of the song, but people are stunned by it, took me 25 mins to get this down with true syllables, the REST of this song is ridiculous especially after the backpack slam =p

Gizem Li : Omg Amazing!

Freaky Writhe : ......

gunnar skates : Actually 110 words in 16,450 seconds

MrRiggyRiggs : Very cool.

Eric Jones Jones : I can spit the fast part easily

melissa tan : why yall always have something negative to say.