MARTA bus blocks feed of Georgia Dome implosion at worst possible time

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toptenguy1 : Photobomb!!

Okorie Honeycutt : AND the bus pulls off like "My bad.. 😂😂😂😂😂

GamerBoyMike : A meme was born XD

Sarah Michaels : How Rude! Funny at the same time. Lol In all fairness to the bus driver, the camera man should not of set up a camera across from a road. What do you expect?

missourispartan : ................was that live cussing on The Weather Channel.......??? By a WC reporter???????

SactoMoto : Lol!

Gerard Freeman : That was the funniest thing ever. i was up at 430am pacific time to watch it live. then that bus pulled up. I was like pissed off, but laughing at the same time. It just turned into comedy :-)

Getinit 56 : Only doing what marta does best. Being ALL Up in the d--n way, every day.

Lorenzo Alsobrooks : Perhaps they can put the Dome back together and give that Weather Channel photographer a do over. 😂😂😂

Juli Perna : I've lived in Georgia from Chicago for 21 years...Atlanta has the rudest people working downtown. .and Marta drivers are the worse..

Дмитрий Дыдышко : Это фиаско, братан!

Роман Злоба : молоток, посмострел и дальше поехал

Al Guien : On the bus... "Spot a Stroke" - I thing the cameraman just had one

K Webster : I think she just stopped in traffic to watch the implosion. No indication this was a stop. If it is a stop, then shame on the TWC camera crew.

overbanked : LMAO

littlemisscaroline : The best Atlanta meme I've ever experienced

R_Cadeious : Lmaoooooooooo bus life

bookerlo1977 : Damn MARTA bus!

FUCKYOUTUBE : "Spot a stroke FAST" HA!

Lee McDonald : Bus #1445 will be immortal in MARTA history.

Ronnie Carter : Well being. That the bus came to a complete stop we can assume it was NOT the bus from the movie SPEED...

Julian Gines : The irony of the billboard on the bus. "Spot a stroke...." Yeah, the camera guy was just about to have one.

Tranceplant82 : Bus driver: TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! *troll face*

Knazzze : ЛОХ!

S Russell : Why are they cussing out the bus driver? A car went pass as well. The camera man was the knucklehead that picked the wrong spot. He should have done a better job.

Dooble : Press F to pay respects.

Dies Ire : Ruined orgasm

Vasily Montenegro : It seems to me or the operator is a bit disappointed?

Derek White : Damn didn't realize I was filming this, I feel bad for this guy, if this was his job to film, that idiot just messed it up.

Siron : Вот же тупой мудила! Ему даже автобус водить нельзя доверить.

Alexander : It's totally your fault.

Drifter : I was so livid... waiting 30 minutes for the demo and then this epic fucking troll pulls up... 🤬🤬🤬😂😂😂

Brent Martin : Kind of like those Youtube ads

Анатолий Сомов : Пидарас!

Someguy : Ok stupid move. Why would you film something at eye level across the street ? Knowing that’s a heavy traffic route !! Stupid

Jaasau : People splicing this bus into other famous events should do it with the Kennedy assassination. Would have saved his life!

ToadBradley24 : FUCK YOU BUS

Mister Smith : And full of Trump-hating demokrats on their way to the next crime. Very poignant. Just part of effing everything up as they do daily.


Mark San : Now that is CLASSIC! 😂😂

Cory Hula : {Insert Nelson laugh here}

Patrick Schuepbach : You see, even Marta knows how to time a drive by!

kahnzime cephus : tough shit the man should've pick a better spot. things happened when you filming on a busy street

Donald Trump : What a faggot ass bus should've bombed it

bestamerica : ' oh welll... bus driver did not know about it... ask anyone front sidewalk and copy video again

Vitalii : Sad Bus....

ʂħine ɗuʂʈ : 😂😂😂

Marian Foreman : ROFL!!!!!

Boston5.56 : Black female driver. Figures.

tamikaboatwright : Hell NAWL!! 😂🤣🤣🤣