Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.

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Andy Doufreisn : Me in 1999: This agent is sick in the head for saying we're a virus Me in 2015 looking at the current state of the world: That guy from matrix was spot on

maxandshakira : comparing the human race to cancer is an insult to cancer

GenoSkill : I always knew agent smith was the good guy.

OmNomNomNomNom : This is probably the most correct statement I've ever heard.

Elyse Virtue : It's an unfortunate day indeed when the comment section below are individuals becoming hopelessly apathetic without having the strength to restore hope or peace or contributing anything significant to the world and not just condemning us all, thinking that will change anything or make a good difference. No matter what happens, I still have faith in your ability to succeed on changing your mindset for a better future.

Amonsterman01 : I haven't seen the Matrix in a long time. Is Agent Smith the villain because he is right.

Madison County Sound Labs : No truer words have been spoken.

pepelota74 : We are a parasite, spreading and reproducing, every part we infect was green, blue, red, but we turn it grey and lifeless, just like a disease. Eventually we will end up killing the planet, if we don't kill ourselves first, which I'm pretty sure will happen.

Dori Aravis : For a very long time, I have felt that humans are a cancer on this planet Most people say, Oh, you've had a baby - how wonderful. I say another cancer cell. And like all cancers, we will grow and consume out host, the planet Earth.

Alex Rincon : Sadly, this is exactly how I feel about humanity.

El Perro Loco : Humanity is a cancer to the world. I hope we don't spread to other planets.

godstomper : Humans are maggots.

ShadowSonic2 : I keep imagining Elrond from LOTR saying "Men? The Race of Men are weak. They are a disease, a cancer of Middle-Earth. And we Elves are the cure."

bobbysbackingtracks : Spot on Agent Smith Pray for an asteroid.

hulmad : i agree now. we deserve the coming end.

alucard1931 : Ironic that in the sequels Smith himself becomes the self replicating cancer that manages to metastasize within and even outside the Matrix, threatening both man and machine.

amankaptan : humans were smart enough to eliminate the threats and secure their lives at first place. that is why they multiplied so much that they actually start to consume the planet (even themselves). that made the difference, no the lack of "environmental consciousness". other animals are more compatible with the nature because they have natural enemies that control their population. they don't have abilities to develop weapons or medicine etc. they can'T secure their lives. we can. they don't destroy the nature because they can't. not because they have an environmental consciousness and they know they must protect the nature. but of course, if humans are smart enough to do that, they should be smart enough to notice that the actions they make lead the planet to death. the problem is, humans are mostly selfish and lustful individuals and those two features usually blinds their consciousness.

Professor_God : you know why we do it? to kill this entire planet? we do it for one simple thing. ONE THING is enough to fuel our motives to destroy this planet. and that one thing is... *PLEASURE* yes pleasure since if we dont have it we are angry and make ourselves have pleasure. if the food we eat is not good and doesnt meet our expectations we get another food in anyway possible even if it means enslaving a whole species. did you know almost every pig in the world is in a farm or slaughterhouse? and its whole life is just ended for food on your plate. yes pork and bacon even though we know it will kill us and make us fat or have a disease that will kill us but we do it anyways for one thing. to pleasure our taste buds. if humans didnt have emotions then the earth would never be in a state like it is today. if what i said still does not get through to your head then put this in thought. *Over 150 species go extinct every minute of both plants and animals* and yet we are getting bigger. everyone thinks there is another way but the way i think is humans should start to die more than their being born you see a human being is born every 10 seconds while another human being dies every 20 seconds. that means for every one death there are 2 born. there are so many problems with human beings as so: Pollution Overpopulation crime mental problems health problems Disease that we create animal torture (yes thats right animals are tortured everyday for many reasons like to entertain people at the zoo for more money or for scientific experiements) But no one will listen. we are doomed and this is also the reason why im not having children. so they dont have to live in a absolute hell

Tyrhonius : Benign human cultures get taken over and destroyed by the malevolent one. And now that the malevolent culture has become the norm our planet is for certain doomed.

Jake The Drake : Agent Smith is bang on the money... We are the only species that destroys the very environment that supports it - we call ourselves advanced and civilised when in reality, we are running the world driven by base instincts such as greed and envy. Until we put aside our differences and use our intellect to ensure our own survival and the survival of the planet, we are utterly doomed to destroy ourselves. ...

Gil Reyes : and he is 100% right.

Dwayne Knight : Truer words have never been spoken. Humanity is the source of every evil. There is no injustice but that humankind has invented.

Rodger Pruuitt : Agent Smith is actually the one. Look it up

Vib3s : 1:06 Yup, Morpheus. He's right...

Thomas Ultron : so true and in so many ways and agree to this.

Based Otter : Wow... now that I'm older i agree with agent smith. I want to live too see death of mankind.

Ashley Casey : *Human Nature!*

gatedude07 : That moment when you agree 100% with the villain of a story.

Moon Bilguun : as i grow older i'm becoming more and more like agent smith

stillclaimndp : This is such an interesting scene, experiencing the conflict between empathy and agreement with such a logical assertion.

connor zook : well..... he isnt wrong i suppose.

Sanket Sen : I wish it was not true.

David Gallegos : Such an amazing scene & truth! with trillions of stars & planets in the Milky Way alone with billions of additional galaxies we humans are just currently the bacterium on a galactic grain of sand that is Earth in an space sized ocean.

DavoTypeR : Agent Smith is correct here!!

Joker ??? : Cue the edgy teens commenting "Agent Smith is absolutely right", or however they say it.

Joker ??? : If you actually believe humanity is a virus then you have no idea of how nature works. 1. All animals on Earth follow the same pattern of survival: Travel, reproduce, consume, travel. And no, animals don't have an "equilibrium" with nature. No animals do. It's just that humanity is a much more complex species than most, and so we need more to sustain us. We're not monsters. We're just ahead of all other species on Earth. 2. Also, if we killing off loads of animals, isn't that a good thing from your point of view, since animals are also a cancer? There's no difference between us and animals. We just need more and are more advanced.

MrGrimlockTheKing : Well said indeed. Well said.

TheCoin100 : Actually, we are just like mammals, just like all other animals. The difference with us is, we can multiply like we do. We have stepped out of the equilibrium of natural selection because of our knowledge and manipulation of our surroundings. This has brought us to the people we are today; we have science, medicine, pacemakers etc. We can live longer than we would naturally. Even with this intelligence, this ability to reason, we fail to see that we haven't changed because we haven't changed. We are still driven by the same primal core. If that same ego that keeps animals alive in jungles and injects the survival instinct in life, is magnified into enormous proportions and is no longer necessary, it becomes a virus to the environment and to the species.  We tend to forget that we have on ourselves the full responsibility of this equilibrium. Untill you do something about it, you are part of this virus.

MrSHURIKENCHO : This is true... however ... Anyone who comments something like "All humans need to die" or anything of the like... you should be the first to go :3

- : He's not wrong.

Thomas Begley : If this past year has been any indication.......I wouldn't mind seeing the end of the world.

Shikamaru747 : So, uh, anyone here who... *doesn't* want the human race to be extinguished forever, and just came here to see a sweet bad guy moment? No? Ok, cool, no problem. also that's not how you classify mammals but whatever humans are teh suck etc etc

Francesco Brosolo : He is actually right. A specie that consume everything and doesn't contribute to the enviroment is a virus.

Henry William : He's right ....we are the Cancer in this planet, like a Virus....

Mr. Nostalgia : Irony: Smith later becomes a virus himself.

Sjorben : I 100% agree... but humans are the only ones who can care about it. The universe isnt better off with or without us. It can't give a shit.

marsadddict : zionist ways ...

George Jansen : The saddest thing about this comment is not that it's true, it's that humanity knows it true but doesn't care because of short term goals or interests, or can't care because of the position its in. All 7 billion of us care about staying alive first, and taking care of the place we live in comes way further down the ladder. I honestly believe this world is screwed. We keep on consuming, thinking about our own well being, and thinking the government will fix it. People will not give up their cars to save the planet, they won't eat less meat or consume less. A lot of cars and meat consumption is fine, if it weren't for the fact that the whole world wants it. And you can't deny them that. Although you should. If we want to keeps this world a good place to live in, everyone should consume less, a whole lot less.

Mabus Khaine : One creature that parallels humans are the Asian Carp, because it multiplies at such a mormonistic rate, that no other organism has successfully quelled it. However, there a few organisms like the bubonic plague or the Spanish flu that have proved that we are not flawless.

Dan : Human beings are wonderful creatures, idiot.