SCOTLAND - A Highland Tale | 4K Timelapse

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Annemieke van Leeuwen : Absolutely fantastic! Thank you!

Uncle F : Marcel, wow, hats off to you, this is novel and amazing, and I live in Scotland!!! Hope you enjoyed your stay, and hope you'll come back to film more! :D

Super Time Lapse : Great job!!

Robin Deutsch : Hut ab Marcel. Ist echt toll geworden. Für mich die beste Szene bei 2:07 :)

Stephanie Hair : This is amazingly beautiful!! Wow just breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing this film with us.

Paulo Araujo : Scotland is an incredible country! How I miss the days I lived there...

Rabsputin : The people down voting this are probably LOL members.

MySamaa : amazing!! SubhanAllah.

Ana Uke : Breathtaking.❤️❤️❤️❤️

1./JG26_Jaydog : Beautiful!

donna foote : Magnificent . . . I am in awe . . . Thank You, Thank You, Thank You . . .

trekki : I love the Isle of Skye ... 4 Years ago i made roadtrip through Scotland for two weeks. One week of that i was on Skye! Thanks a lot for this amazing Video :) I have to visit Scotland again soon...

VIC VideopIC : Great stuff!

Jorge_RodriVaz : Breathtaking 👌❤

Micha Felder : Wow, wurde schon oft geschrieben, aber das war auch mein erster Gedanke. Perfekt, mein 2. . Freue mich schon auf weitere Videos.

midliferaver : Thank you Marcel! A great talent and a great eye for reminding us of the glory that surrounds us.

Nassim Sahili : Fantastic !!

Carlos Molano : fantastic.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Carlo Didier : Great video! So many places I recognized!

Drew Valentino : Bravo. Please do more. Would love to see Ireland too!!

Phil Durkin : Stunning work, just stunning...Many thanks for sharing

Kevin McIntyre : Fantastic work, I recognise almost all the places. Looking forward to your next one.

Derek McDonald-Lee : Mate, this is absolutely stunning! Keep up the awesome work

Dawn till Dusk We Travel : Incredibly beautiful. Beautifully done as expected.

fingerstylefan : WOOOW flippin' incredible!!!! Very nice work. That sequence from 2:07 to 2:14 is just beautiful.

Roberta Robertson : Magnificent - Thank you for your talent and generosity in sharing.

Nina K. : Whooow Marcel! Es ist wunderschön geworden! Meine Erwartung war ziemlich hoch. Und ich bin nicht enttäuscht worden! Die Musikwahl, die ich äußerst wichtig finde, ist ebenso eine Punktlandung! Dankeschön!

David Gerulis Photography : Loved it. Living in Ireland myself and Scotland is certainly on my go-to list! Thanks for inspiration, the sequence was perfect!

Svend Nielsen : Nicely done ! Scotland are something special Thank You For Shearing

David Smith : Well done Marcel...Thank you for posting.

Serge Pikhotskiy : This is really well done! Congratulations!

Wilfried0815 : Absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much!

Christian Barten : 😯 I'M blown away! Fantastic work!!! 👍

stewart dickson : What slider do you use? It looks so smooth

Margaret Samuel : Awesome, thanks for sharing! :)

Mattia Bicchi : Beautiful work man!

David Doyle : One word "Epic". I've recently done a 1,500 mile road trip around Scotland and recognise many of the views. My favourite part of the video is the Sunset behind Eilean Donan Castle.

Hjördis Beny : most beautiful video!

dkwroot : Wow, the new elder scrolls game is looking great.

Walk With Wallace 👣 : Nicely done. 👌🏼

oldvideodude : Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing. I do wish you had treated some of the time lapse differently, vegetation and animals in the shot made the scenes seem very nervous.

Claudio Weiß : Amazing Video Marcel, Great Job

alex wallman : Fantastic, THANK YOU>

David Win : Absolutely loved this!

Michael K. : Super schön geworden!! war wohl ganz schön windig :D

bulgariafilms : Nice! Great work man!

David Withers : Quality work Marcel!

James Cameron : Wow Wow Wow !!!! Truly MAGICAL

infinit finites : bravo Marcel, incredible video

Lee Pelling : Stunning work