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theytrebel : I do not often comment on my own videos, but this was jaw dropping and absolutely amazing! The strength and balance that must have taken, leaves me full of so much respect for these guys. After reading some of the comments below; can I also say for the record, the 2013 winner of the show was Attraction from Hungary. They did not get a Golden Buzzer.

Hoàng Dũng Trương : they fully deserved deserved the golden buzzer !!!

Cá cá Channel : Max Level | Max skill | Vietnamese

Hoàng Tử Đất : Made in Việt Nam

LOL VN LMHT : *Tôi Yêu Việt Nam - I LOVE VIỆT NAM*

Rabelani Netshandama : Can someone explain to me y they didn't gt golden buzzer, #judges u let m down, crowd should've push d judges to press that thing#

Strawhat Luffy : This is a whole new level of trust to your brother. I can't trust my brother on holding my seat for me during a commercial break.

unbelvbl : Where’s the golden buzzer when it’s needed most?!

Dynagrace Silveron : Dserve golden buzzer, sw amazing',,,what a performace my god😮😮😮

MAz9n Alsalhi : I think they deserve the golden buzzer

Jess Montes : These brothers are Hot!!!!!


Wes Lerat : Missed golden buzzer audition... These guys are amazing!!!

Theresa Benoit : Was anyone else tense. Like I think I grew an ab or 6 holding my breath and being so tense

Mohd Khairi Harry : No golden buzzer?why?

Nguyen Jolie : So proud Vietnam!!!🇻🇳🇻🇳

Sadistic Spece Marine : Holy shit their handsome and im dude.

Trí Maxy : Deserve golden buzzer. Why!???

Phương Tây : Khỏe khủng khiếp

dory po : Super talented brothers. The one in white is a Hottie he could be an actor.

Vivek Bodnekar : Golden buzzer act.......

ie ra : Amaaaazing strength.

Joe Limpuasan : Oh c'mon why the judges did not push the golden buzzer..?

Michael Dela Cruz : Deserved Golden Buzzer. Fantastic

Sang Bùi : i love them, i live in Vietnam and when i see this performance, i feel very proud of what they demonstrated amazingly...

kate ara : Should have got GOLDEN BUZZER

ngọc vĩnh : Golden buzzer please. Amazing

hungryman tahun2017 : its should be golden buzzer.... why r they so prejudis.. omg.

Aveek Tamang : Why they didn't push that golden buzzer ??

Tubers Min's : So proud, love you from Vietnam <33 Tưởng đâu được nút vàng :)) Lần sau hãy mang kỉ lục guiness đến hạ gục họ đi các chú <33

LP Frisco : They do not need the Golden Buzzer while they already have the Guiness Record themselves !

Ngoc Anh Pham : Two handsome and talent guys from VietNam!

Prince Jr : That's the reason why I am very proud being an asian! I am not a racist....jist!whoever we are, we all have unique skills and talents!Congratz Giang brother....we asians are so proud of you!

hungryman tahun2017 : im still waiting..why the dont push the golden buzzer...

Hung Peter : they deserve a golden buzzer

Rick Wayet : Come on! This is an irreplaceable act. It does deserve a golden buzzer!

steph-x : omg amazing. and they look hella fine

Robi6942 : The taller brother is seriously HOT!!

Brian Bi : I very proud of you guy!

Rc Rivas : please give a golden buzzer to them ... love from philippines

Colin Celestial : they didn't push the Golden Buzzer?? Judges just know to impressed on acts not to appreciate the true and unique talent. Such a disappointment. Btw. I respect the brothers. I'm honestly saying that I can't do that act. Even the balancing of books on my head😂😂hahaha.

ALightInTheForest : Spectacular!

antonela bakavic : Wow! I am really speachless.

tuấn dương : Quoc Co Quoc Nghiep ❤️❤️❤️

Sulis : I know they're brothers, but I love the way they look in to each other eyes.

duoc phung : Tôi yêu Việt Nam

Pikuto Aka : So upset to see them going without a golden buzzer

Hyper Venom : Display of Grace,Talent ,Strength and Great Balancing Acts....A performance of equivalent to Breaking the Speed of Sound!!!Deserves A GOLDEN BUZZER!

xahoibaygio : Việt nam cố lên

Ashley Usher : Craziest shit I have ever seen in almost 31 years