Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle

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Shawn Hanscom : Kim Jong Un brought me here.

Crystal Jackson : who would have thought this would be relevant in 2017 🙄😡

Christian Dean : This will protect you from north korea

Marc Itzkowitz : Hey kids, time to rewatch this again in case North Korea responds to President Trump with their own "Fire and Fury". Oh and can someone update the title of this video to reflect modern times? It should be: "Trump and Cover"

Michael Maloney : Who's watching this because of North Korea?

Amazing-videos-511 : the boy on the tractor was 1 foot away from getting crushed

Courier Legionaire : 7:17 "Thanks for helping me with my bike, sir, but what about the bomb?" "Oh, don't worry, you'll be fine! Now go to your camp and have fun!"

thepurple dolphin : Do you think this can protect you from my nukes

Nathan Sharp : Well that's a relief. Now I'm prepared.

xXWOODMEISTERXx : I love this song so much!

Jerakal : Dear edgelords, this isn't going to save you from a point-blank explosion, obviously, but if you're on the outer edge of the shockwave, it'll keep your body from being shredded by glass flying through the air, or debris falling from nearby buildings.

CrustyCruz : thanks north korea we now needa watch this in guam

Can Tanriverdi : The fidge scene from indiana jones was better than this duck and cover video from The U.S.A.

Jynx : Anyone else here from Rick & Morty?

richard barthlow : We did the hallway drills. Face the wall and crouch with hands over head.

Chad McElroy : This will protect you from North Korea

goodguy853_RBLX : Atomic bomb: Stick of tnt Nuke: Kiss your a$$ bye

Mary Evans : Watched this in Ap US history and my entire class didn't take this seriously 😂

Roger Stokes : Its a wonder kids raised in this time ever reached adult hood without being nervous wrecks

Tessa Wilson : Is no one gonna mention how the monkey just disappeared? No...ok

Harrison Crutcher : I came here because of a Metal band I recently found and like called Thank You Scientist. I was like who is Bert the turtle because they have a sample from this video on the song Grin L0L.

The Outlaw Cody Smith : Think about it like this guys, this was from a time where the atom bomb was more popular than the hydrogen bomb (either because the hydrogen bomb was new or hadn't been brought up yet). The atom bomb is only measure in kilotons (thousands of pounds of tnt equivelant) where as the more powerful hydrogen bomb was measured in megatons (millions of pounds of tnt equivelant). sure the radiation might get to you eventually, but that was the whole point of staying low to the ground was so that less radiation would fall on you. this is a time where a lot of citizens were not educated well enough on some of the effects of an atom bomb. not only that but this film takes place far away from ground zero. If if you were at ground zero, you would be either vaporized or turned into a large heap of carbon.

Drew Winslow : Chef: That has got to be the biggest load of pig crap that I have ever seen!

Taylor Marie : Anyone watching this for the preparedness of World War III with North Korea?

Christian Ruffin : *insert South Park reference here*

Dramapony : When you used to laugh at this film as a kid, but start taking it seriously to prepare for North Korea.

General Gordon : They act like this is some tornado drill

lucky eggermin : How to protect yourself from north Korea's nukes

Alex Murphy : what a meme

Evanlution : *This will protect you from North Korea*

Exodus N : That won't protect you, sorry to say.

TBustah : 7:53 How could anyone say that with a straight face? XD

Richie Toizer : This shit go hard

Perpetual Memory : Klayton's Circle of Dust - Signal brought me here. "That signal means to stop whatever you're doing and get to the nearest safe place fast. Always remember: The flash of an atomic bomb can come at any time."

blckb3ard kampfhund : Who else is watching in august 2017? lol

Micah Cease : WE NEED CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cobb Craven : Just getting prepared dont mind me

Drop the Chalupa! : Thanks Cheeto for making this old civil defense film relevant again.

Buz Aldrin : I wonder if they are showing this to school kids in Guam.

Wili Marc Ziegler : 9.07 ILLUMINATI!!!

Amazing The Film : Stop the North Korean jokes Jong un most likely lied about nuke testing 2.un knows that if he nukes the US a war would come and he'll be killed 3. drones+nukexdirect hit= protection

Kalanithings velez : We'll be practicing this again in 2018-2020

Liberty Prime : A Vault Tec presentation

Paul Noel : those people who heckle this simply do not understand nuclear weapons. More than 50 percent of casualties of such are preventable by being prepared. If North Korea attacks, the deaths and further injuries will be vastly reduced if we have effective Civil Defence efforts but that takes time and training like this film so settle down and die with the hecklers if you want to.

richard barthlow : Well, that was a soothing message before bedtime. Scared the crap out of us kids. Don't know how useful it was.

Nicole workman : They left out an important part..stick you head between your legs and kiss you ass goodbye :0)

Red Berry : You CANNOT SURVIVE AN ATOMIC BLAST by getting under a desk so this film is to instill fear in the minds of children and that is it folks...Why can't we see this???

Art King : Duck And Cover? ...not sure duck is the first word I'd say.

Lester Magnuson : Hey Bert looks just like Mitch McConnel

Anthony Salciccioli : Brushing up on this after what was said about North Korea today. I think it will really help.