Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle

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Shawn Hanscom : Kim Jong Un brought me here.

Christian Dean : This will protect you from north korea

Caleb Donovan : Rick and Morty brought me here for some fucking reason.

AntiGuy : This will probably protect you from North Korea.

Nicole workman : They left out an important part..stick you head between your legs and kiss you ass goodbye :0)

Taylor Marie : Anyone watching this for the preparedness of World War III with North Korea?

Jynx : Anyone else here from Rick & Morty?

Chad McElroy : This will protect you from North Korea

Exodus N : That won't protect you, sorry to say.

geometry dash Azure : "duck and cover in the school bus" thinks of grable video

Christian Ruffin : *insert South Park reference here*

a_u_s_e_r_n_a_m_e : Instructions unclear, I got my dick stuck in an atomic bomb

Dramapony : When you used to laugh at this film as a kid, but start taking it seriously to prepare for North Korea.

TBustah : 7:53 How could anyone say that with a straight face? XD

lucky eggermin : How to protect yourself from north Korea's nukes

Evanlution : *This will protect you from North Korea*

John Cena : I like how the turtle stares at the lit dynamite for a moment.

blckb3ard stahlmann : Who else is watching in august 2017? lol

JDogHomieBlitz : Didn't know a flammable newspaper will protect you from an atomic bomb.

Cobb Craven : Just getting prepared dont mind me

Drop the Chalupa! : Thanks Cheeto for making this old civil defense film relevant again.

Barış Oktay : 2:18 "I like your ass.", "You're lying Morgan!".

Buz Aldrin : I wonder if they are showing this to school kids in Guam.

Kalanithings velez : We'll be practicing this again in 2018-2020

My Lungs Will Phil And Dan Deflate : i thought this was legit for a second but i think i was swayed by the turtle because my social studies assignment told me this was usless

thechuckman5000 : The end = Illuminati confirmed

Wili Marc Ziegler : 9.07 ILLUMINATI!!!

Amazing The Film : Stop the North Korean jokes Jong un most likely lied about nuke testing 2.un knows that if he nukes the US a war would come and he'll be killed 3. drones+nukexdirect hit= protection

Liberty Prime : A Vault Tec presentation

Paul Noel : those people who heckle this simply do not understand nuclear weapons. More than 50 percent of casualties of such are preventable by being prepared. If North Korea attacks, the deaths and further injuries will be vastly reduced if we have effective Civil Defence efforts but that takes time and training like this film so settle down and die with the hecklers if you want to.

John King : the only thing worse than an atomic bomb is a LIBERAL DEMOCRATS

Jonathan Wingerter : Chef: That has got to be the most ridiculous load of pig crap I have ever seen!

General Gordon : They act like this is some tornado drill

Art King : Duck And Cover? ...not sure duck is the first word I'd say.

Lester Magnuson : Hey Bert looks just like Mitch McConnel

Anthony Salciccioli : Brushing up on this after what was said about North Korea today. I think it will really help.

chaosXpert : The BBC had a video on Japanese people practicing protection from a nuclear strike from North Korea. They do they exact same thing in this video. Nearly 60 years later and Duck & Cover against a concrete wall is the best anyone can come up with

Aneesh Parkhie : I think this is what they were making fun of in a Southpark episode.

Jag Crxw : Time to kiss our asses goodbye,North Korea is gonna bomb us,why I came here

Flint's random videos : "if there isn't any adult around, you're on your own" very helpful to know lol

Anti Everything : This was made AFTER Truman 'tested' a bomb on Japan. Proof that the blast is life ending, instantly, was available to anyone willing to research,... but TPTB knew few would look into it. So,... fuck Bert!

MsPiggyMarketing : For $1.00 US, I can feed a child for a day. Please donate what you can to help defeat childhood hunger: Much Thanks.

Lightskin Gucci Nigga : If you're really lucky, your shadow will be permanently wiped on the sidewalk

thorr18BEM : Well, here we go again.

Crystal Jackson : who would have thought this would be relevant in 2017 🙄😡

Kobe Naylor : Saw ths on an Adult Swim bump. I didn't know this was a thing until now. That's pretty cool

Ian Wall : Duck and cover so that when your body is found under 6 tons of rubble you will be in the heroic fetal position.

Marc Itzkowitz : Hey kids, time to rewatch this again in case North Korea responds to President Trump with their own "Fire and Fury". Oh and can someone update the title of this video to reflect modern times? It should be: "Trump and Cover"

Shawnee Longbow : Oh sure.."Cover up your neck and face.." that'll teach that mean ol' Atom Bomb. [chuckle] After all, you wouldn't want all that pesky radiation to ruin your future modeling career, right? And look at it this way..Since you made sure to cover your neck & face, *You* can be the Feral Ghoul with the "normal" head.

jsgold2000 : DUCK....and COVER......kissing your ASS goodBYE on the do doo dooo al doooo