Captain Phillips Ending - You're Safe Now

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Sly : I take the Oscars less seriously every year, when they overlook such amazing performances like this.

VHS : The woman that played O'Brien also deserves a ton of credit here. She must do this for a living or something because she handled this scene to a T... Hanks only acted around her. Still... all top notch work here from everybody.

Garilee McGlumphry : I can't imagine the swarm of emotions the real Captain Phillips felt when he saw this scene, remembering what this felt like for real.

TheCrunchySopa : Outstanding acting here by Tom. This may be the knockout scene that everybody remembers/talks about, *and rightfully so do not get me wrong*, but his performance was top-notch & believable throughout the whole dang movie. *at least in my opinion.

Gar96 : Cool fact, this nurse is an actual real life nurse with no acting qualifications or experience or anything, the film crew just told her to improvise treating Tom Hanks as if he was a real life patient.

Pranav Dhokre : Last time I cried this hard while watching Click (2006).

sevensharp9 : "Captain, you're safe now" "Thank you" "You're welcome" Such mundane formalities become profound in extraordinary circumstances.

dick3234 : Them acting skills man. Tom Hanks is a heavy weight.

Trap Music Now. : Gonna go pick up some tampons for my eyes now.

Steven Vu : That's why Tom Hanks is my favourite actor of all time

buddhalove88 : I like how the medic is always saying "it's gonna be ok" when that was what one of the pirates would always say to him.  It gives it a different meaning...

jcb561 : Anyone who has experienced severe trauma knows this feeling. Tom Hanks nailed it. He keeps drifting out of reality and she keeps pulling him back. This was hard to watch without feeling it.

karthu1993 : How come the academy didn't nominate him for this movie? They gave one for Christian bale in American hustle which is nothing compared to Hank's in Captain Philips...

Fat Amy : This is one of the finest pieces of acting I have ever seen. Hanks is just phenomenal.

Ian LeGallo-Malone : When she asks if it's his blood and he mumbles "No, that's not mine.." It gives me chills every time.

Christopher Buckley : That nurse isn't an actress she's an actual Navy nurse who Paul Greengrass cast for this scene

Sir Psycho Sexy : I'm not the type to cry at movies very often, but every time I see this scene, even out of context, I always get choked up. Few Hollywood movies deal with the emotional and psychological fallout from violent events like a kidnapping, and I've yet to see another one that portrays a person in shock so brilliantly genuinely as Tom Hanks does here.

Karin Yinyin : This was intense.

Giuseppe Ferrazza : One of the most powerful pieces of acting caught on film in YEARS!

James Fullmer : There were a lot of great performances in this film, but when I first saw this scene I was absolutely captivated by the Navy medic. She was so completely authentic! I thought, "how could an actress nail this so perfectly?" I ran a search about the "actress" immediately and, like all of you, was delighted to find that many people felt the same way about her performance. It was a stroke of genius to use a real medic and she was so brave to do this scene with Tom Hanks. It continues to captivate me. Thanks for sharing this clip.

Andrew Johnson : Absolutely incredible performances from both hanks and the medic!

aazo5 : You can clearly tell that Henry Jackman's music is heavily inspired by Hans Zimmer. The end of this piece is very similar to Time from Inception.

kmj2000 : I was fine the whole entire movie until this scene. Damn you Tom Hanks!

aruzman : That second "thank you" hits you like a tonne of bricks.

Hooktail641 : "Tom Hanks claimed that the scene of Captain Richard Phillips' medical examination was improvised on the spot with real-life Navy Corpsman Danielle Albert, who was told to simply follow her usual procedure. However, Albert was so star-struck by Hanks that she froze during the first take. Hanks joked to her that he was supposed to be the one in shock for the scene" -IMDb

Canaan B : This scene alone should have landed him an Oscar. Some of the most realistic acting I've ever seen.

I'm just some Canadian guy and I say : He's safe.... why does this scene make me cry? :'(

Aegon Targeryan : Tom hanks ranks amongst the top 10 actors of all time imo.. He is my favorite actor in the whole hollywood thing, a humble and an intelligent human being, a master of the art of acting... No one will ever replicate what he had provided on cinema screens from the movie Big to Philadelphia to Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile .... etc

hilzanne47 : That nurse did a wonderful acting job. So believable and realistic, makes Hanks' performance feel extremely real as well.

Skeptical Baby : Jesus f**king Christ this scene has me crying every single time. I can't believe this was improvised... Tom Hanks is such a master.

dosipov1 : I'm not going to lie. Period. This is definitely me at my last physical

sunking2001 : In my of the most heart-grabbing scenes in movie history! Tom Hanks...obviously one of the best actors of all time. This movie ranks in the top 5.

leonthesleepy : biggest oscar snub ever....

Cody B : Hanks should've been nominated for these 2:30 alone. So powerful. That's masterful acting.

RemusWolves : Anyone feel a lump in their throat at 0:30? "A little bit..."

kjl : "you're safe now" "thank you" "you're welcome" the tears start flowing

John Stjohn : Tom Hanks delivered in this film magically. His performance I would put up there with Ledgers Joker hands down. Give Hanks a Academy Award.

wickedawesomehede : I truly believed that Tom was in real shock during that scene.. That level of acting is beyond amazing!

Dayson Boon : Tom hanks is now officially my favorite actor.

CHVRCHESFan 777 : How he wasn't nominated for an Oscar for this role I don't know, he deserved one based on this scene alone!!

Pinkamena Diane Pie : Anyone else cry?

Conn Doherty : I think it's the detached, procedural nature of the nurse against the raw humanity of Hanks that makes this especially powerful. Especially profound when we consider the captain's heartbreaking vulnerability and the nurse's detached methodological approach as equally human

kuihman : Tremendous acting.

Krewlife_Yusuke : You cannot watch this ending without crying

Omar Little : scenes like this.... why i love cinema... so amazing

Khes Moon : The corpsman is so authentic in this scene. Even when a actress is good you can still tell she is acting but in this scene the acting is so good it seems like real life examination the way she delivers her lines and tone of voice authentic to the bone

J-F Bradley : One of the most realistic portrayals of shock I've ever seen. Incredible acting!

Paul Collins : 69 people who disliked this are the family members of the pirates

Master Debater : Amazing performance. Every bit of movement and speech was perfect.

Robert .G : This is one of the greatest movie scenes of all time. Words do not do justice to this fantastic performance. She is a real US Navy medic not an actress but she would have fully deserved an Oscar for this 2 and a half minutes, and so would Tom Hanks. What they do in this short ending scene is absolutely mesmerizing, both of them, and defines retrospectively the whole film. Simply overwhelming.