Romesh Ranganathan Live at the Apollo

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supreme : he roasts his family and his race.

Sam May : This guy was my maths teacher... I was so lucky

Humza Khan : ahhh my former maths teacher. mr rangas representing

Clothilde : "First kid's lovely, second one's a prick" 😂

Rabiah Shoaib : "Coconut"...."Bounty"...."Kinder Surprise"😂😂 DEADDDDD🔫🔫

Harry Forster : Turns out he was everyone's maths teacher

isectoid : First off: that username.

Nathan : I love Romesh, so funny

Hobby : 10:00 was the best

SeaTheLion 🅥 : I thought I was the only one who felt this about Gogglebox!

Holly Knight-Parfitt : Mum still thinks this is tamwar from eastenders

Pope-Eye : My favourite comedian by far!

Stupid Tourist : was in the audience for this. bloody great.

IRON MAIDEN : This is not funny AT ALL.

kashmachine 1 : this guy literally looks like a brown Frankie Boyle

ScabbyCrab : ArseRaptor, wow what a name.

Pushing 30 : for real guys... this dude is funny!

BangingMash : Oh my god, the android/iphone routine is so true!

GormanStudios : Seen this routine in Belfast when he was opening act for Kevin Bridges, he was brilliant!

fregaropa : Man i never knew so many people with youtube accounts were students from this guy...

Jessica Louise91 : Little family business, two brothers sam and sung 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ace11 Sarcens : "You haven't unplugged from the matrix lol

damnfunny2001 : Romesh is funny. Who else has seen Hari kondabolu?

Michael C. : Anyone recognize the opening music when he comes out? I know it's only five or ten seconds, but it's catchy, whatever it is. And for the love of god don't fucking say Sandstorm.

лунита : this guy's great! one of the good ones xD

India Bliss : Love this guy

Kamal Hussain : He killed but the audience didn't know it. What a shit audience.

Daniel Taylor : "You're not better than me" ohhhhhhh but Romesh, we are.

Doctor Robotnik : Oh my god I'm exactly like the Android people he's talking about 😂😂

MoonBoone : I had an iPhone but it started dying at 66% so I think that's a good reason to switch

Oliver Clarke : 7:05 I died laughing

Kevin William : How does the crowd constantly stop laughing so quickly

FrostiFreeze : Imagine if in years to come his third child finds this footage lmao

housebrigade : I'm android n my mrs is iPhone. he's so right about us android users.

Paul Nickerson : I love this guy.

Mike Thompson : Asian comedy af its best.... tv show asian provoxateur is the best

Raheethan Ragavathasan : This guy is a legend, XD

Kevin William : The audience sucks. Sounds like a fucking laugh track.

Jake O'Leary : looooool so good xD

Sid Iyer : 'that's run out. Better find out where they're going with those old men' 😂😂

Jay Sakariya : Looks like brown version of Frankie Boyle

Sarvan S : Lmao hilarious

Connor Frost : This guy was my teacher at the beacon what a fucking legend😂😂

Daniela Galdino-Jolly : He's hilarious and witty but I wouldn't want my husband dissing me and our children so disrespectfully even if it's for the laughs. Cuz in the end he's going back home to them

Adam Sanchez : At least his entire set wasn't about his ethnicity & cultural background, like many other similar comedians.

J420 : "why don't you know" 😂 love romesh!

Nestor's Dragon : 8:20 I'm entirely on board with that. Execute the Gogglebox viewers, along with politicians, people who enjoy eating Bounties, and anyone who starts a facebook post with "That moment when..." or "when..."

A- KHANATION : 9:14 gogglebox is fake as in some reaction and the producer is sitting in the other next room , another thing gogglebox people do not watch the entire tv programme they only watch the highlights or the best bits

Fake Name : That's the Right Honourable ArseRaptor MP, yeah?

TIGERWOODSBOYFRIEND : I feel so alone, I feel like I've missed out on real life, I feel like an outcast, I feel like an unwanted child, an ugly duckling who hasn't been included in what everybody else is experiencing............. Romesh didn't teach me Maths. I know I know it sounds unbelievable and far fetched but I swear this is true.