Romesh Ranganathan Live at the Apollo

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Clothilde : "First kid's lovely, second one's a prick" 😂

kashmachine 1 : this guy literally looks like a brown Frankie Boyle

Harry Forster : Turns out he was everyone's maths teacher

Ndaba Ncube : One of my favourites. He sounds intelligent and funny! More and more from Mr Ranganathan.

Derrick Lopez : I agree with him on the political correction.... lmfao

Kim SADLER : Bahaha my mum does the same thing, she talks in her native tongue to her friends and I can partly understand what she's saying because she uses a few English words, about me

Karan Singh : its all good man im sikh and i dont know punjabi either my family do the same god damn thing

Holly Knight-Parfitt : Mum still thinks this is tamwar from eastenders

FrostiFreeze : Imagine if in years to come his third child finds this footage lmao

Kieran : 9:58 never heard such a relatable joke in my life

The Truth : Great valid points and so fucking funny fuck all the haters

Pinky Princess : This one woman who lived across my street had 13 kids and I still wonder how the hell did she manage all that lol 😂❤ she was very kind woman too

Andrei Niculae : Are the laughs fake?

Kaz : As a 2nd child I feel like I'm being misrepresented

hiphophead555 : This geezer is a world class act!

Shazia Nawaz : Was he really a maths teacher wow

Soffy : Hilarious! I haven't laughed at a stand up for a while now. 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

Daniel Deliwe : 2:30 boss Anna from Geordie shore?

Johan Sjöö Ferm : Watching this on a Samsung because I'm just a little bit better than you. Yes, you, the person reading this!

Hamzah Muhammad : 6:26 - 7:50 I have the same problem (although not Sri Lankan, but Pakistani).

Hao Yuan : Android is always better than iPhone. Accept this view.

ScabbyCrab : ArseRaptor, wow what a name.

ill ironiks : The guy is absolutely hilarious no doubt, but are they using laugh tracks in this video edit? the laugh seems to just stop on cue as if someone mutes the audience sound intermittently...or maybe its just me :)

olivia chauders : I love him he is soo funny

Nas from-da-Ldn : This man is funny

David Malton : I fucking love the R A N G A N A T H A N !!!!!!!

Bruno Weit : Song supply proceed tune long suit hardly greet just jacket full-time let little.

Shong ElectricShoes : Omg My math teacher Funny small world we live in

Scott Blanch : The Aussie version of goggle box won a Logic. Check please!

DEEJAY PRINCE : 😂😂😂😂 son is mad funny !!

Marela9 : When I look at a bounty, I now think of this guy

edd4875 : "Sam and Sung" 😂😂

Elliott Pittam : 5:19

Gups M : Shite crowd!

Humzah Aslam : Kugan cassius is hilarious

kmonala : why so negative ho?

Always VIRAL : Android is better

t william : True about Devon haha

halfvolley11 : Indian men are so funny.

Daniel dore : romesh..PLEASE MAKE DVDS LIKE LEE EVANS. you are the most hillarious person alive

aoife : i have an android and when people say "do you have an iphone" i say "ehhm no...i'm not a rich cunt"

Marela9 : When I look at a bounty, I now think of this guy

the team sniper 62 : I feel that his representation of Android users applies more to Apple users but still great show

Doctor Robotnik : Oh my god I'm exactly like the Android people he's talking about 😂😂

The Wankinator : an Tamil dude with Brit accent and without a shaking head, I have just seen enough today.. gotta go and take a nap

Becca Boo : I'm watching this years one right now at the same time 😂

BangingMash : Oh my god, the android/iphone routine is so true!

Dominic catch : looks like I'm a prick then

A Jalal : Roms is so funny

Random Banter : IM A COCONUT AS WELL. I was born in Sri Lanka and as a Singhalese but I cant speak it and now I'm in England