Why Video Games Should Be Banned

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Kilian Experience : Yes this is a sequel to slowest speedrun. Please check out my twitter for no more information https://twitter.com/KilExperience?lang=en

Flodishuuu : It should be a must to have a helmet while riding any sort of vehicle in a video game.

Jon Amwoza : Breathing should be banned. Ever notice that everyone who has ever breathed has died?

ldmt1995 : Did you know that 100% of rapist have consumed water at one point of their lives we must stop this vile liquid.

just another comment : my parents actually tried to used this video against me lol , after two minutes of watching this vid they shut it off so fast and immediately changed the subject 😂😂😂

Roy Treves : You're all blind. Video games are ruining our society! I'll prove it. Video Games. Video. Videos. Movies are videos. Actors play in movies. Actors make money. Teachers also make money. Teachers. School. Children. Children play video games. Coincidence? I Think not! Children are raised by their parents Parents. Harry Potter had no parents. Harry Potter has a villain without a nose. Video games will make your children noseless!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Budget-Builds Official : What an Amazing Experience this video was... You Could say it was a... Killian Experience

Super Luigi Epic : "clash of clans" *STARTS TO PLAY ANGRY BIRDS MUSIC*

Forte Cyveria : "In the year 14000, all of humanity has been wiped out by a copy of Kirby"

Bleak : "The obvious to talk about is GTAIV. ...but let's not, they have a really good legal team." That made the video for me. God damn.

Zenmaster : Well i mean, in quite some cases videogames DO make condoms useless. You cant use a condom if you dont get laid.

Connr : Why doesn't Isis just use video games to kill people? more effective according to the reliable source that is this video

TheThunderSlug : "Father John plays it with the church kids all the time, a little too much actually" "Getting wood" lmaooo

Joseph Mowitch : Came to dislike.. Ended up liking. Lol

Jonx : Open your eyes people, Video games are a gate way drug to the Marijuana.

kenan1099 : Still more believable than fox news .

Han Solo : Got here in less than 12 parsecs.


David Salazar : and after humanity has all died, gaben long dead, a steam robot will explode, and from its ashes, a flash drive, labelled "half life 3"

FlyingPenguins : Someone somewhere took this seriously

zaako arolikin : Oi Kilian! Your argument is invalid. You forgot to count the deaths caused by TV series and movies.

Kai Dolan : Video games are bad because it causes people to do crazy things, like play video games.

Timmy :D : Shows clash of clans Play angry birds theme

SilverRain : Actually, the world will be destroyed after the leaders of Russia, USA, France, UK, DPRK and China all get salty after a game of Mario Kart and decide to nuke each other.

Multibe 150 : Fact: Every Gamer in the world will be dead a day. Coincidence? I don't think so

i’m clout af : You should always wear a helmet in real life, due to constructing buildings in Fallout 4.

The DreadSnortt : *Clash of Clans is legitimately awful though.*

MemeLord Kuroe : I thought you were you were being serious when I saw the thumbnail. Then I realised it was you and I laughed at my stupidity.

DANtheMANofSIPA : White Moms: The Video

Sipher : I'm pretty sure the 1,000 dislikes are the people who didn't watch the video

Ethan Buckler : did anyone notice the achievement "Getting wood" when Killian talks about Father John and the kids?

Jeremiah Tabidze : Why life is so awesome In 1958 the first video game “Tennis for two”, was created by a scientist by the name of William Higinbotham. It consisted of three blue rectangles, and one small square. The two players would hit the small square back and forth, and that is it. Since then, the gaming industry has not been the same. New consoles were created, and new and creative games follow right after. Instead of two dimensional games where the player can do only one thing, it evolved into many more things. 3D games were created, some so imaginative you can play as a futuristic soldier that protects earth from aliens. Also, many lovable characters were created in this transformation of gaming, making video games more immersive and satisfying; knowing that your action will be notice by those extraordinary digital characters. Games also developed deeper stories, some stories so unique and complex, one could write an essay about. This evolution of videos games turned the world inside out, it created a wide variety of games for all sorts of people, it help many escape reality, and bonded many people together; making life awesome. Video games come in many forms. There are first-person shooters, horror survivals, platforming adventures and many more; all containing their own unique stories and game mechanics. In a first person shooters the player takes a role of soldier in a warfare based story, and in horror survival games the player usually runs away from grotesque and horrifying creatures. Platforming adventure games take a more joyful theme, with bright colors and adorable characters. This large amount of variety makes gaming entertaining and different in every aspect. Even when games are similar to another, it will still provide a new experience, for it will contain new features. This eliminates the sense of boredom, for the player get new experience each time he or she plays a video game. Diversity in video games not only expels boredom but it also allows many people to find interest in them. The large quantity of video games allow people to find the right game that fits their liking. If a person is fascinated with war, that person will be able to acquire a game that is associated with warfare. People will not have to play a game that does not intrigue the player making games more fun and enjoyable. By providing diversity within the video game realm and allowing an escape from boredom it allows a person to escape their reality. Video games are an excellent way to escape reality, especially when life is turning into a nightmare. For example, if person is undergoing chemotherapy and is unable to leave their hospital bed, video games can help cure their sadness and depression because it can pull one from depressing circumstances and place them in a world of endless possibilites. In this new world, the player unplugs from reality and does not have to worry about the struggles of life. They just have to focus on the video game's objective. This increases the wellbeing of the player for he or she will start to forget about their worries and strifes in the real world, all negative thoughts will be replaced by positive ones originating from the video game. Provided the fact that video games intrigue the mind, video games can help one escape reality even without physically playing the game. Thinking about a video game keeps the mind entertained and can, at points, help escape reality. If a student is at school and is having a boring day, he or she can think about their favorite video game and plan on what they will do next in the game, to avoid dull situations. Since the mind is focused on video games, whether it be how the game will end or how to beat a certain boss, they are able to remove themselves from a boring situation and focus more on video game. Video games allow people to escape reality when it is tough and uninteresting, either physically playing or thinking about the game. Video games can bond people together through discussion. Discussion about video games help bring people together because when two or more people talk about a video game it makes all of them happy, for all of them can share their thoughts and ideas to people who would understand. For example if two friends have played the same Dark Souls game, they can talk to each other about the concepts they liked and disliked. One could say that the sword combat was fantastic and the other could say that it was not. Nevertheless, talking with someone about your favorite game boosts both joy and companionship. Video games also help people bond together through online or couch co-op. In online, the player can play with his or her friends in separate areas. Couch co-op is the opposite. This is where two people play on the same console with two controllers that are connected to the same console. Both of these aspects allow a person to have more fun with friends and then by themselves, especially in team based games. When friends play as a team the bond between each other increases, due to the fact that all of them have to work together to accomplish the overall objective. Each friend has to watch the other’s back and help anyone of them if they require assistance to insure victory. A good example of a video game that brings friends together would be League of Legends. This is a heavily team-based game where a group of five pick champions (characters) that fit the different lanes in the game - bot lane, mid lane, top lane, and jungle - and face another team of five. Each member is highly dependent to each other because if one keeps dying the enemy will get stronger and will make the game harder to win. That is why if someone is losing the other members can assist the one who's struggling with his lane. Also, after winning the game and playing well, the group of friends will think highly of themselves as a team rather than five common individuals playing a video game. To conclude, video games have always shaped the modern world of entertainment. Whether young or old, individuals have admired the pleasure of playing video games and experiencing a whole new world of fun and excitement. For instance, by coming in various forms that fit people's interests, helping many escape reality, and becoming a bonding agent to bring people together, video games have consistently provided the demographic amusement and joy that never ceases to end. There are many reasons to why life is awesome, and video games have proven to be one of them due the mass joy and excitement they have spread from generation to generation.

J the Welsh Warlord : I have problems with identifying sarcasm, is this supposed to be sarcastic?

inmate1559 : Video games should be banned because they cause people to do stupid stuff like go to gamestop

The Good Guy : My parent's would probably use this video against me, then might realize it was a joke, then explain to me the games are the "Root to all Evil" (But of course violent movies aren't)

SwordOfTheWolfs : Honestly 80% of the dislikes are probably from people who didnt bother to actually watch

SolidRavenTV : God warned me about the newest comments. I didn't listen...

Obo the Hobo : i hate that there are 2,000 people who either 1. Knew it was a joke and are like "how dare you make fun of a serios problim!" 2. Are dumb and think ur being serious even tho you make a living off of videogames

psykopandaz : Every person who has played video games eventually dies.... In like 60 or 80 years. ... Coincidence?! I think not!!

I can't come up with a good username : A lot of people are saying that the dislikes come from either stupied people or people that did not watch the video. Lets be honest guys. How many likes do you think came from overdramatic parents that either did not watch the video or are stuiped.

Tjitze de Boer : Certainly the most compelling case for this position.

What are we gonna do on the bed???? : I'm betting most of you down here came because you wanted to get butthurt. How does it feel, knowing that you have been FOOLED

Belal DarkneSS : video games molested me when I was a child, this damn Ezio, he and his gang of Mario the plumber, CJ the criminal from the hood, and Sonic the hedgehog. don't let your kids sleep in the same room you store your video games in :(

Barbarossah : I was gonna place an epic quote from this video here, but then I realized I wasnt sure which one to pick. So then I asked the much superior Online University of Baghdad and they said 'sure pick whatever quote you want" and now Im still in dubio.

RedCastoff : The timing of the Minecraft achievement is stellar

Steven : When I go to parties I inject whole marijuanas


Patriot Samurai : 0:03 did people not realize this was sarcastic like... right when it started?

Christopher Szabo : When I was little, I was playing Shrek Adventure 2 Battle and Donkey Murphy came out of the screen to tickle me until I peed my pants and that when I learned I got the gay. Now I am always injecting the marijuana toads into my belly button with a syringe. 1 LIKE = 1 PRAYER

David GamingIL : We have not replaced jesus with a hedgehog... we replaced him with a soup can