#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

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ImJustTooGuud : Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that before you go on a witchhunt.

Bugeekman : Are people actually laughing?

nathan hensn : Seeing all of these comments disagreeing with Samantha gives me hope for the future.

Brett Nickel : The womansplaining in the video is unreal

milkytoad : So women should be able to ruin careers without and evidence?

szechuan sauce : tHiS sAsSy KoAlA vIdEo Is AmAzEbAlLs *mentally challenged audience hysterically laugh*

Tristan Neal : This isn't trending in the good way.

Owen Helman : up vote this comment if you didnt laugh one time... I couldnt even force myself to

Dangerous dragon : My favorite part of this video was the like to dislike ratio 😂

Lets Read! : TBS should just be Family Guy and _maybe_ Conan.

Shubham Machhi : Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

J.Chan : Kinda have to agree with Liam Neeson. It feels like it's starting to become a witch hunt.

Gramifyed : Congratulations!!! You strengthened the backlash!!!

Steven Rhynold : This entire piece is so smug and condescending I found it hard to watch. To be so aggresive while still missing so many obvious points, and glossing over so many critical ones. It's unbearable and pretentious throughout.

Not Squirrel : If you want a crime to be taken seriously, report it to the police, not on twitter

Killer Queen : These are the kind of women that makes the rest of us look bad...

drz : Take the L on this one Samantha.

Richard Ashton : This rant was disturbing. I am a retired lawyer that occasionally travelled on business with a female colleague, paralegal or court reporter. In the hostile environment of today, I would not remotely consider traveling except with a male colleague. Why would I leave myself open to a harassment claim; there is essentially no meaningful defense to a claim made, the claim alone is potentially career ending and it’s a simple truth that in any mixed group there is the potential for conversation or innocent behavior that could be misconstrued or interpreted as harassment by someone. A man leaving himself open to this kind of rant is just plain crazy. We need to find a less toxic approach to what is admittedly a necessary conversation or I fear fewer, not more, women will find there way into board rooms. I suppose Sam, whom I have greatly admired, will want to castrate me for expressing this view. I can’t help but feel or sense that Sam sees little redeeming value in the male gender. And while perhaps Sam is not that strident, I believe others are; and I certainly do not want to cross paths with any of them. I do not believe I am alone in this sentiment.

Diane IsMyName : I disagree with Sam on this. If Grace wanted to share her experience, which she had every right to do, she should not have named names. Aziz Anari didn't commit a crime, or harass her. But Sam is being disingenuous by saying Grace didn't destroy his career. This will absolutely effect his popularity, roles he may be offered, his professional reputation. If he had done something to deserve that, fine. But he didn't. This situation hurts "Me too" and discredits a movement that has been doing a lot of good.

Kappa brah : It's like they WANT to create conflict between men and women, not very productive. Stop demonizing men

ShadyFIF : The comment section has kept me sane through this painful video.

JMCNYC79 : Complains men react to #metoo movement by calling women screeching shrews... spends entire 7 minute video screeching like a shrew. 😬😳😬

Chaarkol I JUST SAYING _ : What's with the laugh track... Wow so many cringe.

NexGenInsanity : Man, the womansplaining is real.

Dream : Samantha Bee: “the” Audience: *laughing in tears*

Socially Impaired : This is far too much womansplaining for me to tolerate in a single sitting.

Alex Orozco : Seeing the dislikes on this video really gives me hope.

Wattle 91 : Liam Neeson was FOR the #MeToo movement, he was just concerned people were to intent on destroying careers, and so he voiced it, and we all can agree (especially feminists, because this is what they push the most) that you should be open to everyones opinion, but how surprising, a "feminist" doing the exact opposite, and then trying to make a joke off of it, as if since he is a man, he doesnt deserve an opinion, oh wow would you look at that? thats exactly what "feminists" say and do edit:lol thanks for the likes, definitely a benchmark for me

Lucass : What a terrible host

blackmeinu : I can't stand absolutist. You are only hurting your cause.

szechuan sauce : Thousands of men *Idiotic audience laughs hysterically*

FineTuning 2105 : Wow that was painful

faisal almalke : i thought this was a comedy show not a radical feminist yelling for seven minutes

Wolf Pro1 : Cringe 100% level

aye you there : Taken is a movie...

by Kevin Samuels : Women can't be a protected class and equal at the same time. The backlash from this will be epic.

MLGProVonster : Rise of the feminazis

CaptBeardie : I'm sorry, Sam. But completely disagree with you. You start by claiming you're all misunderstood and rejecting straw man arguments , only to completely straw man critics like Ashley banfield. I honestly expected better from you

YouTube Name : Almost to 20k dislikes good job everyone!

leith squires : Even my hamster would be afraid to go out on a date with that woman

Rob Merrill : Blaming all men for the actions of a few gets the reaction of men ignoring all women. When did simply an accusation become an automatic guilty penalty? Until false accusations are prosecuted accordingly, innocent men will continue to protect themselves.

Fuckn patriarchy, : "I am sorry this is not about you" how is that not about guys when they can be randomly accused like aziz did.

Texas Don : My God, does this woman ever breathe? Talk about a male hater, this one is close to the definition. Samantha Bee, you lose, your discussion shames women simply based on you not really making a case. Just another woman talking.

CozmicK G : 3:30 your have to be so privileged to claim that your life has been ruined by some random person dog whistling at you

Not Spider-Man : #RapeIsASeriousCrimeSoPleaseReportItToThePoliceAsSoonAsPossibleInsteadOfTalkingAboutItOnSocialMediaFirstAndMakeSureTheSexualHarrasmentClaimIsLegitimateAndEveryoneIsInnocentUntilProvenGuiltySoDoNotActShockedIfThePersonIsNotPutToJailImmediatleyNobodyIsCallingYouALiarRapeIsATerribleCrimeSoPoliceNeedEvidenceBeforeTheyMakeAChoiceTwoThirdsOfRapistsArePutInJailSoWeAreNotLivingInARapeCultureBecauseRapistsAreHatedAndARapeAllegationCanRuinAMansLifeHaveANiceDay Yeah, that seems like it’ll catch on.

UnPhayzable : Aziz isn't a mind reader? My life's a lie

Power Surge : Audience is fake. how is this on trending? YouTube do you have a motiv?

Hfb Fb : These people do realise that the vast majority of men are actually nice people

Aldo : those recorded laughs tho...

MJC2Gaming : Remember it's now "guilty until proven innocent" ruin many careers over allegations doesn't matter if it's true anymore