#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

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graphosxp : The Aziz Ansari story buried the Eliza Dushku story :(

FineTuning 2105 : Wow that was painful

death_by_midget : When they say witch hunt they mean by accusing people without proper evidence/ fair trial, they aren't saying that the alligations aren't true but if everyone starts pointing fingers and accusing people of serious crimes such as these, innocent people get hurt not only personally but through their career. (look up the boston witch trials people got messed up because of some little girls) I definetly think you could have conveyed your message better rather then to an extent "ranting".

Angel Salinas : You lost me on the Azari story

Sebastian Monk : My favorite part is the "Protect ourselves from men" line 😂5:59 Not a few men, not even some men... Just men in general 👌

Menachem Pritzker : I saw Liam Neeson on Broadway in the Crucible, which is literally about a witch hunt, and he was incredible in it. Not that it's relevant, but neither is the fact that he starred in Taken, so whatever. Anything goes these days, I guess.

Terry Alexander : Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.

Shadey : Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? A lot of these people have been kicked off of projects and prosecuted by the public without any real trial. I’m not saying they’re all innocent or without fault but some of them are and we’re already treating them as guilty.

SPENCER PIBBLES : “It’s really hard for a woman to leave an awkward situation” isn’t this the same group that claims there are no biological differences between the genders? Follow your own logic!

YouTube Name : Almost to 20k dislikes good job everyone!

Jabba Desilijic Tiure : Aziz's biggest mistake was choosing white wine instead of red. LOL

Mareike Dregger : I agree with the entire movement! I absolutely disagree with the public disgracing of men who weren't good lovers, in particular if the women never as much as indicated a "no" during the encounter. If you claim that men should be sensitive and check if their partner really wants to go on, what about the self responsibility of women! I need nobody checking up and taking responsibility for my feelings, I am my own mistress!

CaptBeardie : I'm sorry, Sam. But completely disagree with you. You start by claiming you're all misunderstood and rejecting straw man arguments , only to completely straw man critics like Ashley banfield. I honestly expected better from you

Millzcraftgaming : Literally look at the like/dislike ratio

C M PUNK : Best part 7:06

Manny Akintunde : I guess due process isn't a thing anymore?

JonJonPoPong : Done watching samantha bee.

Aldo : those recorded laughs tho...

Wattle 91 : Liam Neeson was FOR the #MeToo movement, he was just concerned people were to intent on destroying careers, and so he voiced it, and we all can agree (especially feminists, because this is what they push the most) that you should be open to everyones opinion, but how surprising, a "feminist" doing the exact opposite, and then trying to make a joke off of it, as if since he is a man, he doesnt deserve an opinion, oh wow would you look at that? thats exactly what "feminists" say and do edit:lol thanks for the likes, definitely a benchmark for me

anrabaro : Well the dislike/like ratio seems pretty clear on what people think about this ... lol

Wolf Pro1 : Cringe 100% level

Brett Nickel : The womansplaining in the video is unreal

Eric K : Ladies, if a guy is creeping you out, GET UP AND LEAVE! Bee is a sorry excuse for a feminist. How could such a loud mouth be such a snowflake?

Tristan Neal : This isn't trending in the good way.

Diurmid DergGae : Those mgtow people dont look so crazy right now

Donzi : Guys don't worry the list of men "isn't about men" 👍

Kappa brah : It's like they WANT to create conflict between men and women, not very productive. Stop demonizing men

Liz P : Ouch..these comments & dislikes to likes ratio!😂😂 I love it! Now.. "Samantha Bee, can u show us on this doll where reality touched u?" 😉👉👉🙄

Yeetmaster 69 : How unfunny this was is amazing

Emily T. : I don't like the #metoo movement, but that's me, not them. Every time I hear a story about this terrible topic, I fall into flashbacks of my own horror story. I don't want people to stop telling their stories, I just don't want to hear them anymore.

kevin reginald : Is it just me or does anyone else think that Samantha Bee has the bitchiest voice ever?

Dream : Samantha Bee: “the” Audience: *laughing in tears*

Power Surge : Audience is fake. how is this on trending? YouTube do you have a motiv?

David Anderson : Hated it.

Jackson Ingle : “Women need men on they’re side, because a state of fear does not make a lasting peace, just ask black people.” —Dave Chapelle

Moving Froward : So you are accusing men of crimes and literally ruining the lives of men and it's not about men?

drz : Take the L on this one Samantha.

Meme jokes : Lol disslikes

blackmeinu : I can't stand absolutist. You are only hurting your cause.

Gramifyed : Congratulations!!! You strengthened the backlash!!!

will tuders : Me too is killing itself to get money(#timesup) millionaires asking for crowdfunding their legal bills

Greg Dobson : The downvotes give me hope for this country

travis langston : All political rhetoric aside, samantha is not funny at all.

Joseph Chamberlain : I agreed with everything up until the point she weighed in on Aziz and what's happened surrounding it. The first line of Grace's text to Aziz was something to the effect of "I'd like to take a moment to make you aware of your behavior." I think that Grace knew that there was a miscommunication, but went on with the story. I think it was a bad decision.

Col. Cotton Hill : Lecture yourselves hollywood.

faisal almalke : i thought this was a comedy show not a radical feminist yelling for seven minutes

Opus : She is a man hater if ever I've seen one. What a repulsive human.

Chaarkol _ : What's with the laugh track... Wow so many cringe.

Fuckn patriarchy, : "I am sorry this is not about you" how is that not about guys when they can be randomly accused like aziz did.

joe shmo : Ashley Banfield said what needed to be said!