#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

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Roast Royce : Lol disslikes

WorstCaseOntario : Like Bill Maher said last night, "I'm down with #MeToo, I'm not down with #MeCarthyism".

Hal fb Brochili : These people do realise that the vast majority of men are actually nice people

Gray Marie : This is so bad...why is this on trending? Ew. 😝

FineTuning 2105 : Wow that was painful

STUPID EDITS GUY : "All men are evil" *Autistic audience hysterically laughs*

Liam McLeod : This video is simultaneously decreasing my iq and giving me cancer

Donzi : Guys don't worry the list of men "isn't about men" 👍

Jack Howard : I'm just waiting for Crowder's rebuttal to this so I can watch some real comedy

Greg Dobson : The downvotes give me hope for this country

CaptBeardie : I'm sorry, Sam. But completely disagree with you. You start by claiming you're all misunderstood and rejecting straw man arguments , only to completely straw man critics like Ashley banfield. I honestly expected better from you

C M PUNK : Best part 7:06

Power Surge : Audience is fake. how is this on trending? YouTube do you have a motiv?

I am confused, : Sam: *tells extremely sad joke* Audience: *Laughs like seals because they AGREE"

Angel Salinas : You lost me on the Azari story

Sebastian Monk : My favorite part is the "Protect ourselves from men" line 😂5:59 Not a few men, not even some men... Just men in general 👌

travis langston : All political rhetoric aside, samantha is not funny at all.

rocknoodleman : The way she stands reminds me of the way my grandma looks when its time to change her diaper.

Jason Smith : Yup ok so women have no agency. Very regressive 2018.

Kentleigh T. : My comment has been deleted. It said "Do you ever do comedy, not just propaganda?" It had over 300 thumbs up and now it's gone.

Yeetmaster 69 : How unfunny this was is amazing

Liz P : Ouch..these comments & dislikes to likes ratio!😂😂 I love it! Now.. "Samantha Bee, can u show us on this doll where reality touched u?" 😉👉👉🙄

Kappa brah : It's like they WANT to create conflict between men and women, not very productive. Stop demonizing men

clipobserver : We need an investigate a claim before we called anyone a liar.

Dream : Samantha Bee: “the” Audience: *laughing in tears*

David Anderson : Hated it.

Stephanie Williams : All the whiny boys in the comments 😄

kevin reginald : Is it just me or does anyone else think that Samantha Bee has the bitchiest voice ever?

Brett Nickel : The womansplaining in the video is unreal

Chaarkol _ : What's with the laugh track... Wow so many cringe.

turquetto : Oh my God... she’s actually turning into Trump with the orange skin, the hair and that leopard jacket. It’s so sad to see her like this

Daniel Fadool : Ok, I guess I'll stay away from women. But I'm really craving a grilled cheese sandwich.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Benjamin Basnett : the like/dislike ratio gives me faith in humanity

Sword of Etro : lol video completely flopped. Enjoy the L.

Batman BM : Haha, what a joke......feminists are destroying their own movement

HerDark Majesty : Wow, how obnoxious and arrogant you truly are Samantha. This piece was so disingenuous, so smug, so condescending it was just embarrassing for me as a woman to watch.

Joseph // : She failed to respond to my non-verbal expressions of disgust.

blackmeinu : I can't stand absolutist. You are only hurting your cause.

Kimberly Alison : Once again, you talk a truth that no one else is or will. THANK YOU.

Chris Suarez : How much they paying the audience?


Rainbow war pig : Thank God for foreign women. American women are literally under the media spell.

Varun Kenadath : 1st we had Lenny Bruce then Richard Pryor then George Carlin then Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle In 2018 it is sad to see that idiots like Samantha Bee and Amy Schumer whose comedy are garbage are ruling this industry

Aldo : those recorded laughs tho...

Quite Cameron : I can’t imagine a single victim feeling encouraged by this lunacy.

MLGProVonster : Do women think men are omnipotent or something?

will tuders : Me too is killing itself to get money(#timesup) millionaires asking for crowdfunding their legal bills

Doctor Jo Spag : Delicious dislikes, Just like my comments :3

Tenor : Keep her from reproducing and our society will progress.

Jabba Desilijic Tiure : Aziz's biggest mistake was choosing white wine instead of red. LOL