2 Kawaii 4 Comfort (A Weeb Series) : Part 1
dark cringe comedy about a bad trip to an Anime Convention 2Kawaii4Comfort

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Five friends go on a trip to an Anime Convention, bad things happen. HQ uploads and more information can be found at https://2Kawaii4Comfort.com Like us Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2K4Comfort/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/2kawaii4comfort A new series from Rhino Stew Written and Created by Luke Palmer Produced and Driected by Luke Palmer and John Bickerstaff Charlie Fay - Spencer Daniel Perea - Randy Katie Hemming - Rita Sarah Livant - Toki Kelly Lynn - Mari Director of Photography - Jordan Michaud-Scorza 1st Asst Camera - Christriaan Tayhar 2nd Asst Camera - Holly Horne Chief Lighting Technician - Dimitri Christofordis Asst. Chief Lighting Technician - Evan Yee Set Lighting Technician - Matt Klein Key Grip - Sam Needham Best Boy Grip - Adam Silverstrim UPM / 1st AD - Peter Cannon 2nd AD - Dorsey Britton Production Coordinator - Christina Tontisakis Key Production Assistant - Ted Keffer Production Assistant - David Carfagno Production Designer - Michael Navarro Costume Designer - Andrew Barret Cox Hair and Makeup - Natalie Nicholas Art Director - Melissa Wynne Art PA - Mollie Goldberg Script Supervisor - Michael Berlind Pre-Production Coordinator - Arianna Sigel Production Sound Mixer - Joseph Fiorillo PA/ Car Goblin - Jackon Birnbaum Additional Art - Pete Ivanecky Colorist - Daniel Orenlichter Editor and VFX - Paul Merkel


Richard Chester : this is art. I feel pain watching this.

not Adam in a Trash singing : It's like the weeb verson of Napoleon Dynamite. The same color scheme, awkwardness and everything.

summerbowl : These congoer archetypes are so painfully accurate. Bravo.

Lovely_kochi : I had to commit seppuku after watching this.

KevinWK : This is making me uncomfortable, and this is coming from a guy who makes unboxing videos in my boxers.

joseph alexander : What makes this funny is how accurate it is

Axel McDoo : Euthanasia should be legal.

Random Commenter : I'm so glad someone on Reddit mentioned this-- I haven't felt pure, raw, physical pain like this in ages.

Sappyre : Okay say what you will, but that car decal game was really strong and I'm actually kinda jealous. This is giving me massive 2004-2006 con life flashbacks.

Chloe C : "Dave Brubeck." "Is he K-pop?"

Skeleton Jazz : I need more series showing the mental problems of people one wouldn't suspect.

Stephen Craig : i want to die

Ronnie Mendoza : Soo glad reddit brought this to my attention. NEEDS MORE VIEWS!

Macy May : All the characters are super cringey LOL I wish maybe just 1 character be kind of normal? x'D But I like this so far! Amazing camera skills like wow

GrapeApeTape : This is so well put together I feel bad watching it for free

Africandave : We are hitting levels of autism that shouldn't be possible.

Tanner Palmer : This had me rolling! "...but most importantly! JAPAANN!" *pocky sticks unite*

FunkyTikiGod : So glad a guy on reddit linked this!

McLovin Peter : After watching your WonkaPiercer, I instantly hit the sub button

RealVibeKiller : I'm in physical pain watching this lmao! This is why me and my friends take separate cars. Everyone gets there when they want to.

aussied : I'm really liking this series so far! It makes me feel so conflicted... part of me is looking back at my own weeb days and early convention days and jealously remembering how carefree and oblivious my friends and I were were, and part of me is cringing. I really appreciate how you guys have captured the varying types of anime/game nerds! It's nice to see all of the different personalities presented in a realistic way. So many videos about anime nerds rely on characterized stereotypes, and -no matter how true they may be- they're kind of hard to relate to and even seem a twinge extreme. These characters are all real people that I have run across many times in my convention days, so it's pretty cool to see them represented accurately in a webseries. I also think it's cool that this seems to be dealing with real life, real cons, and the awkwardness that comes from a group of fans tying to navigate not only through the scene, but life itself and all of the unexpected things that come from it. It's much more than just your scratch the surface "NERDS AT A CON DOING NERDY THINGS LOL" trope. It's very refreshing to see. The end of this first episode especially threw me for a loop. Speaking of refreshing, I can't praise you guys enough for shooting something that actually looks like a well thought-out series! The cinematography is nice, the use of cool tones in "Randy" really helped set the mood... even the background actors and extras help bring the world to life. I'll say again, it's just SO NICE to have a series that I can relate to that actually is shot well, acted well, lit well, has good sound mixing, etc. I'm excited for part 5 and beyond. Keep up the great work!

Tyler Notluf : This is INCREDIBLE. Acting, production, writing. Damn you're going places

AllTheOthers : I am deeply uncomfortable.

Gustavo Delu : Oh my lord. This is so raw. And real. Where this has been all my life?

Keouse : I can be weeb trash sometimes, but this shit makes me look normal. Sad thing is, I've been to my share of anime conventions and i can see some of this cringe actually happen in real life.

e : I watched this all in an hour or so, holy shit. This is the best youtube series I've seen. I'm not even in to either anime or cons, but this shit makes you feel.

Fistoh : Is this black mirror? Love it.

Par Chu : Best 11 minutes of my life.

Faiz zahir Ramadhan : i always found people like this in any anime convention.

Abipop : I AM F***ING CRYING HAHAHAHAH! This was freeking beautiful :')

JadendayZero : damn dude. that ending just went super dark..... i love this already lol

Balloonbot : If Wes Anderson made a film about weebs. Nice one.

DutchGuyMike : Hilarious.

FawkeN : OMG, Totaly got by surprise on this one. Pure gold! Came here from Kotaku.

joka4eva101 : I'm literally here after wonkapiercer. Showing love.

Spyder : you got a mention on kotaku!

stocchinet : Yeah, Dave brubeck, dark lord of piano and keyboards

loliamcool : when cringe goes too far..

Éinrí Daibhead Mac Donnchadha : I used to be pretty into cons, though more of a Homestuck angle as I didn't watch anime. But it's exactly the same. The egoism, the deluded sense of frail sensitivity, the passive-aggressive fights- these are why I left to rejoin real society. I plan on, once I have the money, to pay back my parents roughly $400 for what they lent me for cons. I do work in the summers so that should be easy. I owe everything to my parents.

Dennis Grießner : no idea at all what happens here but i am enticed to continue

Dark Ninja : This is brilliantly cringy. Really well done mate.

MAandS : This has been in my Watch Later for over a year.... omfg. Hnnnnnnnnng....

Bo ter Ham : Holy shite bro! This is actual movie quality

Brazilian Goddess : Watch the whole thing before judging it.

Yang Carpenter : This is amazing!! This is incredibly well-done and I feel like this nailed the message super well!! I tip my hat off to this!!

Absolute : This seems like a horrible ride, I love it Will be watching the entire series now

charlie Reding : Watching this first episode after having watched all the other ones really puts another perspective on the characters, this are all people that we've met at cons or in other situation but at least I had never thought before what made them so cringy or how they ended up like that, I love this series so much its a relatable parody of real life for a niche audience.

Bonnie Kay Banks : Am I the only one who WAS these people when I was fourteen lol?? It's kinda cringey, but I just want them to be happy and have a good time at their con lol...

TAYVIN BECRAFT : I can honestly relate to this on a spiritual level