YouTube- The Best of Pastor Manning (version 1).mp4
The inspiration for the character of Uncle Ruckus

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Grey Jay : Agree with him or not, you have to admit he's a dynamic public speaker. He could talk the gold right out of Fort Knox.

Ella Crazy girl : This guy is funnier than any of the comedians around. He is as funny as Pryor was. The best!

franklin taylor : Ah Shit... here comes Pastor Manning... Quick, hide it!!

Danny Pool : Hey I love black women and Iam white

TheLastAfrican : Truth to power. One Love

jurnagin : He really tickle me lol! Whenever I'm down and out Ill watch his videos and be crying with laughter!

Torey Burse : If 70% of the black men abandon their kids, who picked the 70% to lay down with in the first place?

leon divers : This man is on point.

tempo1889 : "I KNOW Y'ALL'S BEHAVIOR. "

blessedlady7 : He sounds like he has a chicken in his throat

blessedlady7 : Only sick white and blacks approve of him

DawnOfTheDead991 : Black religious leaders are frauds or nuts, he's both

TheNicklesworth : Mr. Manning needs to stop saying the N word! That is not nice... I pray for him, it's not good to have hate in your heart. And it's not good to preach with all of that screaming he needs to show grace!

Rebmetpes4 : Pastor Manning is NOT black, he's dark brown! Blacks are African-Americans two shades darker than a brown paper bag or darker; people who are non-two shades darker than a brown paper bag, they're dark-brown!

Rebmetpes4 : come on, people who expose uncle toms are full of crap, too! ever notice how a lot of so-called "pro-black" people are?!

Rebmetpes4 : aren't we all in a way?!

jasonlbutler : Speaks the truth? This guy is one big walking hypocrite.

jasonlbutler : This guy is a freakin' joke. I swear, I don't know how he calls himself a pastor. I swear, I'm gonna show my son this and explain that there are people who HATE their own race. Its really sad.

MervTheTerrible : Love this guy, But (I am not racist) black people NEED throw away the THUG mentality, and to show they are better then that, and no you're not being white by doing so, you're being civil.

Court Darwin : WE NEED MORE LSD IN THIS HERE SACRAMENTAL WINE! Maybe some in the holy water too..

blacksultan85 : Ms.Michelle Obama is pretty she is not ugly and your wife ain't that better looking herself!!!!!!!

NoUserism : I absolutely changed my mind about manning. but i just didnt get it. He's the greatest comedian of 21st century ;-)

WonderWomanFan4life : I cant believe he would say this is not racist!! why does he hate Barack so much?? who cares??? YOu cannot speak for Jesus... I swear I think he is going CRAZy. as if. Why must he be so cruel. Aunt Jemimah??? Whats she got to do with it?


Hester Griffin : Is this the same preacher that was going after a young school girl? Who is the Mack daddy now? Schupps...

Edward Jones : dr.manning...we love you!

Jacques Minor : Was it all truth? No, BUT SOME OF IT SURE WAS!!

Claude White : Oh the irony 不不不

Muqtada abdulzahrah : lmfaoooooo the real life uncle rukus

Melvin van Galen : He went IN on Michelle Obama lmfao King kong's babysister LOL Whoopi would win the beautycontest..this man is hilarious xD

Johnny Td : You make babies like aunt Jamima makes bisques .lmao

Hiking OR : Black community needs people like him to cut through the nonsense and speak the truth.

Corey Clemons : Hot Damn!!!!!! Lmao

george xmas : greatest pastor

John Pratt : Ain't this the one trying to f@3k some little girl lol

WaywardRobot : "I KNOW YALLS BEHAVIOR!!!" That's me whenever friends and family trying to get money outta me.

Laviolet Martin : Wow. He actually has a congregation lol!!!

Melora Foy : The CIA told Manning that Obama is not American-born? LOL! The only reason they would visit him is because he is a threat to Obama.

Melanie Janalle : Blasphemy at its finest!

Emoney G : Sam jackson in django lmao

Dr. Shawn E. Carr Sr. : 不不不不不


Teddy Doyle : 不不

Trump One : Simply because the color of his skin

pieter jansen van rensburg : Best part 2:55

Dan Johnson : What type of pastor will say he hits someone... 不

charlie banks : I bet cha everyone whos agreeing with this man is a Trump supporter lol

Fascist Incel : he's right

Roger Chenkenio : Pastor manning needs a wheel barrow to carry his balls, a real truth teller in a world of sugar coated pc culture