This is How to Be Bigger Than Yourself | Jim Carrey

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Robin Clonts : I love this. I really want to be fearless in the face of achieving my dreams. I'm very grateful for learning experiences and role models and for this video!

HomiesOfMars : put Hans Zimmer's best work on anything and it will make it 10x better.

Isha : he is proof... I'm telling you he is proof that everything possible and you are worthy of everything good.. he's right there in front of us

Fractorification : I watch this everyday. Thank you Jim. I want to risk being seen in all my glory.

TorrentOfficial : well this just hit me like a ton of bricks

Dingngheta Khiangte : "Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world"

Liesl Emery : Can't imagine there's anyone who can't relate to this video. Amazingly inspirational, innately true for everyone of us. These words will stay with me, thank you

Nick Boerger : What a brilliant, courageous human, to open up about his insecurities and his spirituality.

FROZEN EMPIRE : So...when you enter a black hole and you see gravity dissolving everything, the last thing you hear is Jim Carrey's voice?

Keven Frankenstine : I WANT TO SEE JIM CARRY AS GORGE JETSON.......

3def ffs : most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

gmodesike : these words have moved me to the core. i was raised Christian and still am and have grown to only question. Love is the only way for truth and life. this is where i am.

Inam Haider : i love you jim carrey

Ferruccio Guicciardi : Very inspirational ! Thanks for sharing !

Denny Law : I have a heart just full of love and forgiveness, and yet my whole life has been lived in nothing but fear and anxiety about tomorrow and ruined a wonderful human being. Jim is so right , but forgets that some of us don't get to just PICK our paths because genetic make-up, disease and rotten childhoods with psycho parents just never seem to vanish or lose much power no matter how much I pray or meditate or try to positive image those things away or lesson them. We're NOT ALL born the same is my point and God knows I've shed blood and buckets of tears trying to change things. I love your ideas Jim and they at least make the effort to inspire us.

eugkra33 : Interstellar music?

Animebrother : very inspiring

General Entrepreneurship : When your bigger than yourself everything is possible.

The Daily Difference- By Brian David Muller : Love Jim. So inspirational.

Deepa Soman Ramani : 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

August Aguilar : This is exactly what I needed in my life at this very moment. Jim Carrey has always been one of the most influential people I've grown to love, but this right here made it so much more personal. Thank you.

Jamie Lee Sterritt : The Universe is aware that we are scared, so it made this video to ensure that we are all going to be alright.

Acime1 : :)

Nathan Einhorn : You should credit the music at least in the description, if not in the video ...

JAT002 : says the guy who stood up for Kathy Griffin when she held a mock bloody severed head. Is Carrey just being an actor here? Actors can be what ever character they want to be.

Shad0wplay : He is good Jim Carrey. Even as bad he is good :-)

Raymond Sam : i just gotta say that he chose the right track for these quotes

gourav gops : interstellar theme.

gmodesike : Beautiful

YOUR NAKAMA PIRATE LUFFY : I dont laugh or listen to you anymore .... u satanic freak Jim.

erokvp18 : wow, this is great.

Agustin Conti : This is great, I would like to share it with non english speakers but the subtitles have white letter over a white background and that makes it impossible to read. Anybody knows how to change that? Thanks,

Dai Zote : He is my mans

Vandy King : I was initially skeptical. I'm so glad I pushed past that and watched it.... So moving and passionate

Ahadbek Komilov : pretty good)

Avatar 777 : so beautiful, thank you so much

Crazee Clayton : I love U Jim Carrey... I love U ..... thank u

shadow3brigade3SBX3 : I asked the universe for a far no answer;) oh well, I will just live my life as if the universe does not give a fill int the blank blank.

Severus Sid : Cornfeild chase!

Detlef Roters : you just a pritty boy

lobo2k : That's really beautiful, well done guys

Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας : Hans Zimmer is simply.. MAJESTIC.

francisco j hernandez : how can I copy and paste this video and put it in my Instagram profile?

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