Dancing Birb

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Kosmic Kiwi : What type of dog is that? it's very good at dancing

Fluffy Bennie : I Broke the replay button ITS SO CWUTE!!!!

hispanic! at the disco : my depression is cured

MegaDweeb : I broke the replay button.. Like if u broke it too😂

The owlempire : this video makes me happy

Vic the Nobody : Beach boys and birb? They're perfect together.

KRAZY GOAT : *when you finally can buy game in steam*

Ian the Bubbian : When you teacher announces the semester final top scores and your name is on the list

dan howells eyebrow : *me on a friday*

Jason Allcreator : when you realize the beach boys were horrible people... cute birb though!

Your friendly neighbourhood Nazi : When you ask your mom to stop for food and she actually says yes.

Candee Poots : I don’t know why there isn’t a 1:00:00 ver of this and it’s making me sad

sprite Dutch Angel Dragon : bird dances like me

megaponful : oh man i love birds.

Bouncing T-Rex : I don't think it's physically possible for anything to be happier than this video is

Gabriel de Jesus : What is this version of Wouldn't it be nice? (Music) I want this version.. :c

Rosie Productions : yet again someone stole the video from Topaz

AgateSubset animates : When a birb dances better then me


x Xx_TH14G0_xX x : When...

Thiago Silva : Wouldn't It Be Nice

Nicole Powers : SO CUTE OMG

CSLFiero : that QoB is DTF.

Amber Animations : Just realized Jaiden animations liked this video... LOVE IT

kawaiikittygirl 1234 : W O U L D N T B E N I C E

Hey It's Billy : Still a better love story than Twilight.

bunny lover : What's this song?

Molly Hooper : Nice dog

Mini Sparkler : Wouldn't it be nice if we were older ? Then we wouldn't have to wait so long and wouldn't it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong? You know it's gonna make it that much better, when we can say goodnight and stay together. 😂😂😂 for all people who want to sing it too

CozyBuff : This makes me so happy to see

Emperor Palpatine : Who sings that song? The BeAcH bIrBs?

Iguana Guacamole : Thank you for liking this video jaiden. I can enjoy beauty

Lower Pitched Songs : This is my favourite video on the internet. Nothing else will ever come close

Waaruum Daaruum : I feel like Jaiden likes this

daughteroftiaran : Birb!

latiosGamer&Cynder : More like Dancing doggo AM I RIGHT JAIDEN FANS

DanBoy : *Time to Watch some wholesome YouTube content*

JustARandomSpy : _Quando sua namorada vai tomar banho e você escuta o barulho da gilete batendo._ South America Memes, 2017.

MusicLova : This is adorable

Josuel Sanches : Qual o nome dessa música?

Sarah R : This is so pure

November Daily MSP : jaidenanimations liked this.

Snap Cracker 123 : this makes everything better

Noemí Juracan : Kawaii!!!!!!!!!

ZeroTM : S A M

EpicMovieAddict : Happiest birb ever.

Barbra Zivelonghi : this parrot is SO CUTE

shuruwell : music's name?

Davito2000 : The Beach Birbs.

DangerMou$e : That seems like 1 happy birb