Music From The Fibonacci Sequence

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aSongScout : Thanks for watching everyone! I'll be at VidCon later this week...anyone else going?

Danny Boi : Math should not sound this pretty

Chief Twistatit : *when the recommendation is actually worth it*

Born to die : Beautiful. The next one: 'music from my DNA sequence'

Damani Jones : This man played the Fibonacci sequence so well that he was transported into nature lol.

LilDeuceDeuce : Incredible, incredible have an amazingly creative mind

Bad Time Studios : *when simple endless addition is better at writing melodys than you*

Евгений Евтушенко : Can you play x² + 2x - 4 = 0 ?

James J LaRue : It sounds nice...but it's not really the sequence...for instance the number 89 is played as an 8 followed by a 9...that's more numerology than math. The frequencies would be getting higher and higher all the time if you used addition and the values, in hz, of the pitches. After a few moments it would be out of our range of hearing. But it's a great example of a formula based generative music. Production value and recording quality all very nice. Quality work.

ArtofDylan : I love how you transported into the garden haha

Andrés Ksnv : I mean every note on a scale sounds good with the rest of the scale, that's what they were designed for, but still its a great piece with a lot of emotion :D

Edmund Bloxam : This isn't really the Fibonacci sequence in music. You yourself have chosen pitch, just one element in music, and assigned it not mathematically, but to an E Major scale. The rhythm also has nothing to do with the Fibonacci sequence. It's something you think sounds nice. At best, this is click bait, and worst meaningless and mastabatory. Does not work even on its own premise, not mathematical.

Neoplumes : I'd love to see what this sounds like with the chromatic scale... It'd probably get a lot less views

2012endofanerror : So no one has ever done this over the last 900 years?

Srg Fkct : Those videos are so boring, when someone puts those numbers on a scale, with added harmonies. Of course its gonna sound nice. A chromatic scale wouldve been more intriguing. But I cant not acknowledge the amount of work youve put into the vid anyway

Serpentaria : But what does it all mean??

Doug Miles : I had no idea that there was a mathematical basis for elevator music.

Matteo Ridolfini : It's just a bunch of random notes, there's no melody in this music. If you play any other random sequence of notes out of a major scale you get the very same effect.

arpit parekh : You just nailed it bro,, 👏

_ musique : It's a nice idea, but I don't know ... why should 196418 sound the same as 19 followed by 64 followed by 18? Or as 196 followed by 41 followed by 8? See, 9 for example is one count above 8 and 9 corresponds to a tone that is one step higher in the scale then the tone 8 corresponds to, so that makes sense. 10 is one count above 9 but their corresponing tones aren't in such a relation, actually 10 even correspons to a row of two tones. The fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers, not single digits. Since you just use the single digits of all those big numbers (well, they start small but get big very fast), it's more like just a (pseudo-) random sequence in E major, that doesn't show any of the beauty of the fibonacci sequence but just of the beauty of the E major scale. So ... I don't know, just drop that pseudo scientific fibonacci gimmik altogether and play piano, since it does sound fine. :)


gigliotube : An incredible relaxing and "full" sound... i feel as the music fill me completly!. What about playing it with an instrument tuned at 432 Hz? Greetings from the Fibonacci's homeland

John Watson : Sounds of creation, I can imagine solar systems, stars and galaxies being spread out on the vibration of the sequence.

Lord Dice X : About ten years ago I made a beat using the Fibonacci sequence but I did it in a different way, building layers of drum samples and other instruments. Your version is great. Much different but smoother in a way. Great work. I'm very interested in mathematical patterns in music. I've also experimented with PI and Phi of course as well as many others. I'd be interested to see your take on some others! ☺

Natalya Plays Piano : Damn that was my idea! Started writing it last year haha 😅 I love mathematics in music!! Incredible work, love the editing!

smill pupstick : Composed by god.

Eliabe Rosa : Wow, I guess that was the song God listened while he was creating the life...hhh Amazing, Thank you man, God bless you!

rudi ade putra : weird sensation when you find mathematic so soothing..

The King of Nerds : Beautiful!👏 I always imagined the song would get higher as the numbers progressed and got bigger, nice! Very creative! Play pi next!!🎵🎼

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : 2:17 i'm still waiting a grizzly bear attacks him from behind.

nilou z : wow such a fantastically beautiful work.. in fact, I'm listening to this in memory of my lovely dad who was a genuine math-lover. He passed away few months 4 months ago.. thank you!

nazhifa truly : if math were always this beautiful id never sleep in class anymore

Aditya Roy : I am a math Major student ..and I cried fucking awesome .... Thanks for sharing this man !

Henrique Thomé : Não teve lógica colocar todos os números fora de sequência das teclas... ele só pegou uma escala, e nela, qualquer nota vai soar harmonicamente

RADIOACTIVEBUNY : Sometimes YouTube has a good idea when it decides to show me something.

RyanGreenBlue : 2:19 triumph

Zach Van Harris JR : This was highly recommended by a dear friend for me to watch and I'm so glad I took their advice! I am now subscribed!! Playing the piano is one thing, but playing The Fibonacci Sequence on piano outdoors in nature: AWESOME!! Love this!! Peace and One Love - Zach Van Harris JR

Sumit sah : You look a lot like pewdiepie

comma period : Is there sheet music or a synthesia of this out there? This is beautiful!

ForbiddenFateGaming : Playing the Fibonacci sequence on a piano sounds like the answer to a riddle in like one of those "national treasure" movies 😂

Anjani Mittal : Something truly amazing & amusing 😍😍 in love with Fibonacci series 💝 there truly is music in everything 💖

Klemens Nela : I dont think it has a lot really to do with fibonacci's gold sequence. Using the next numbers like 13, 21, 34, 55 etc. and playing only the single numbers of those like 1,3,2,1,3,4,5,5 has nothing at all to do with fibonacci's pattern. I think that if you would use a bunch of randomly selected numbers then you'd get pretty much the same effect. It's all about adjusting tempo of played notes, not really the notes themselves. Btw. I'm not a hater, i'm just sharing my point of view.

Max Max : Et bien, c'est nul. Comment pourait-on en conclure autre chose?

Who even Am I : Alright YouTube keep my recommended list with videos like these

Mimi Kal : Now try with a different number system (hexadecimal, binary, etc.)

Cleto Vaca : Suena más o menos pero es pretencioso hacer música con un patrón que se dice matemático pero no lo es snobismo puro...

Pavan Sai : This is what happens when a mathematician turns into a musician... Incredible!!!!

A Vsaucy Boi : Why is there a pineapple on the floor? For some reason it bothers me

Protect TaylorSwift : *I should be hating math but boi this sounds so good*

Brett Brown-Nelson : I've always loved how mathematically complex music can be while still sounding so beautiful. This pleased me so much. Thank you!