Music From The Fibonacci Sequence

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aSongScout : Thanks for watching everyone! I'll be at VidCon later this week...anyone else going?

Yoseob Yang : Sounds good but it wouldn't without the left hand playing around with harmonies

dawn mathieson : omg i came for tetris but youre actually youtube famous :D nice!

Tippy Magoo : Now I want to know what pi sounds likes, and e.

Emmanuel Winston : I see so many people disliking this man. Now come on! He did something creative. At least give him credit for that!

Xander Mijares : Fibonacci has been waiting for someone to discover this.

LilDeuceDeuce : Incredible, incredible have an amazingly creative mind

José da Vēde : Unfortunately this isn't realistic, not even close. You're simply playing a melody in E major.

Ben Adams : It’s good but nothing defining, by assigning numbers to something which is anyway harmonic it cannot go wrong. That’s how jazz works, you can pretty much do what you want provided you stay within a given scale and keep the measure.

Cyberian Deprochan : The basic problem is that we take the decimal system for granted. The number 34 has nothing to do with fibanocci when its 3 and 4. But still i wonder what it would be if the numbers are in septenary because the music also follows a septenary pattern. I don't think it makes much difference but makes more sense than decimal.

Glen Renner : 1) you're playing every digit separately that means it doesn't present the Fibonacci series accurately. 2) the melody isn't that beautiful actually what you called "Harmonies" is what sounds good.

Danny Boi : Math should not sound this pretty

Colin Whitlock : It only sounded good because the lefty hand was compensating.

Keith Camplin : Beautiful. Have you ever hear Lateralus by Tool? It uses the Fibonacci sequence in the music and vocals to an extent. Really makes you think on a higher level. As always love music as it is connected through all human souls.

Tom : Ruined it with the left hand. We dont want your personal wpin on it.... Just give us the raw data

Ron Swanson : What about Pascal’s triangle

Andrés Ksnv : I mean every note on a scale sounds good with the rest of the scale, that's what they were designed for, but still its a great piece with a lot of emotion :D

tanure : Doesn't djent.

M. de k. : Sound like random notes to me

Jayanth Gowda : That's nothing but *CREATIVITY*

Wolfyshii • : What about pi

Death Wish : God has Copyright on this. Hope YouTube don't take it down!

Gourab Neogi : Hats off: from an Indian pianist (amateur)

Elana Isbister : This actually sounds amazing ❤️

Johannes Gjøringbø : Lateralus by tool is also based on the same principle

Gimberg Preval : Now play the Pythagoras theorem

ringdigger : Not very well explained whatsoever.

Arda Drawing : but this is the decimal numeric system

Mark Leon : It’s so random and basic. It only sounds decent because the harmonies are compensating a lot and the rhythm and intensity are also making this mess a little more appealing. But, like 99% of the people watching this is the kind of people who can’t tell if justin bieber sing better than Pavarotti or not... this is a masterpiece and it’s magical and it proves god exists and so on...

Roger Wang : Do Base 12!

Natalya Plays Piano : Damn that was my idea! Started writing it last year haha 😅 I love mathematics in music!! Incredible work, love the editing!

Benjamin Brady : ...I would've just taken the sequence mod 13 to remove the base 10 centric scale

Gianluca Sighinolfi : Another example of the greatness of Gods thoughts.. mathematical laws, physics, biological laws are all his great plan. We are just players of his will.

TrackHead Studios : I love math. I love music. Therefore, I subscribe.

alfredo walter gutierrez maldonado : how did you figure the rythm, there's no fibonacci there

Retro Reboot : *when simple endless addition is better at writing melodys than you*

Milk Tea : It sounds interesting, but I don’t think it express Fibonacci...

Rohini Dhokale : Did he learn the whole sequence

cherophobic : Next up, Pi.

fireflyfree311 : STARS Sing!!! Amazing to hear what they sound like!! "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands" Psalm 19:1; "There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard" Psalm 19:3;

Terese Maple : This is truly fascinating and BEAUTIFUL❤️✨

When She Met Him Music : Amazing!! super beautiful!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Evincer Fyle : As long as you play it on scales, nothing will get wrong.

Kirby Armstrong : Have you done the golden ratio?

Loki Studios : Math sounds beautiful

Jirachi of Jirachi : When you don't have idea to compose songs. Use *quick math*

Martín TC : ¿Mister Jagger?

Adelina Graichen : Nah, gonna listen to some Beethoven

Sanjeev Kushwaha : It's very good sound but unfortunately it's not gonna make you pass your maths exam 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭hate maths.

Misho Pruidze : A melody that leaves me unsatisfied, yet, can’t get enough of