Music From The Fibonacci Sequence

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aSongScout : Thanks for watching everyone! I'll be at VidCon later this week...anyone else going?

Terese Maple : This is truly fascinating and BEAUTIFUL❤️✨

Natalya Plays Piano : Damn that was my idea! Started writing it last year haha 😅 I love mathematics in music!! Incredible work, love the editing!

Victorbrine Cassini : It was so beautiful I almost cried

RADIOACTIVEBUNY : Sometimes YouTube has a good idea when it decides to show me something.

ArtofDylan : I love how you transported into the garden haha

LilDeuceDeuce : Incredible, incredible have an amazingly creative mind

Blue Flame : Mathematics can give a lot of ideas for music... Nature sounds beautiful...

Serpentaria : But what does it all mean??

Service Love : This song sounds like someone who has a deep appreciation for Life , in love with Life :)

madtrappa : I was the 800th thousand view! :)

Michael Mccauslin : God is in the mathematical details.

BrahmamGanapathy 999 : Sir. Big Big Big Big Big salute you sir ,👍👍👍👍👍 Iam a piano keyboard player from south India . What an awesome peice of superfine performance. Thank you sir love your talents Thank you.

Yağız Ozan Dibek : i mean, im pretty sure this guy could make any random number sequence sound beautiful

Richard Carew : It can be shown that 0 + 0 + 0 create a 1.... in the background noise of the redshifting Universe vacuum foam is found, sub quark particles that pop in and out of existence continuously at the Plank length level of space... but occasionally 2 ups and a down quark come together and.... pop!... a proton is born... the sub quark particles are apparently infinite in number, but the creation of new matter is an ongoing event.. that's why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating apparently.... not because it actually is, of course, but rather, the Universe grows along the Fibonacci sequence like all populations do... not because of some magic, but because that's how numbers fit together

A Vsaucy Boi : Why is there a pineapple on the floor? For some reason it bothers me

Truther11 Seeker : Well done Maestro. The brilliance of a human mind at its finest.

Mah S : How can I hug you how can I hug you ...marvelous...

Smokecall : It seems he freestyled the ending pretty hard

Anas Takiyudin : Who lives in a pineapple on the grass

Pianobin : Really creative!

Dante De Ruwe : It takes a piano player to play the notes. It takes a genius to make this arrangement. Beautiful.

Константин Классический : дану бред, как это проверить?кто пересчитает,о н там вконец вообще без чисел играл, вроде зашквар же

MrGenia'sWorld : That's perfect! 🤗

Tasnia Islam : The Fibonacci series is so fun and awesome! This video was cool too!

Andrés Ksnv : I mean every note on a scale sounds good with the rest of the scale, that's what they were designed for, but still its a great piece with a lot of emotion :D

MYsamuraiMENTALITY : What kind of emotion IS THAT??? I like it ;)

Thomas Munn : Wow. This has been one heck of a day for me. Just a few minutes ago, I saw the "Pi as music" video & now this... I'm going to remember this day forever!

Tyrice : The song of nature

Kristina Plays : Been playing the piano since I was 2 and love math. This hit home, thank you.

NicolyKunkel : You are very creative! Congrats!

HamPrince : Who knew the Golden sequence could have such golden music

Gobullsredbull Gaming : Beautiful


Shinchan's Funny Vines : Someone after Dan Brown has made an excellent use of Fibonacci's Series ....

Srg Fkct : Those videos are so boring, when someone puts those numbers on a scale, with added harmonies. Of course its gonna sound nice. A chromatic scale wouldve been more intriguing. But I cant not acknowledge the amount of work youve put into the vid anyway

Rihand Parde : And I said to myself a year ago, where is fibonacci series is even gonna be used in real life?

Yann Legros : You're a genius bro!

Anurag Deshpande : Revelation of world

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : 2:17 i'm still waiting a grizzly bear attacks him from behind.

Jose Antonio Marron Martinez : My sins... are being washed away...

Born to die : Beautiful. The next one: 'music from my DNA sequence'

Nghia Tran : Who else is watching this in 2130?

Hyacinth Moral : I have always hated math since elementary but Loved music since I was a child. I never knew Mathematics and an awesome musician like you can make a music this beautiful.

Erwin Tjia : Woah ...

Kris Oluich : Of course, it’s beautiful. Brilliant idea.

Mika Lei : Why is this so beautiful I can’t even make something sound ok

nazhifa truly : if math were always this beautiful id never sleep in class anymore

Cosmea Crooked : 0:50

Hypercube Extrusion : Can you do a video on euclidian rhythm theory