Music From The Fibonacci Sequence

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aSongScout : Thanks for watching everyone! I'll be at VidCon later this week...anyone else going?

Danny Boi : Math should not sound this pretty

Yoseob Yang : Sounds good but it wouldn't without the left hand playing around with harmonies

Nam Giang : It is lovely, but to be honest it has nothing to do with Fibonacci Sequence.

Aldo Zulfikar : Can you play 10÷3 ?

Los Más Virales : They only put the numbers in a scale. Every note played it's going to sound good because is an scale!!!

Gergely Bodi : It's just notes of a scale, the song would have worked with any sequence. Why not harmonize the random notes of the scale sequence by defining the underlying chords with the Fibonacci logic (for example divide by 7 and the leftover is major/minor if the original number was even/uneven)? That would be more interesting but most likely horrible to listen to.

Fezteo : Theres so much that is arbitrary about this that doesnt make sense. Did you just make up the harmony and rhythm? You could literally take any random sequence of numbers and apply that same idea and it would sound just as good. Not saying it was a bad performance but this just doesnt have any significant connection to the true beauty of the Fibonacci sequence

Job Muiles : Tool - Lateralus

My Digital Teacher : *I was bad at maths and always hated it then i came across Golden Ratio and Fibonacci thing and realized every damn is run by maths it's everywhere...matrix is real😨*

LilDeuceDeuce : Incredible, incredible have an amazingly creative mind

parampaa2 : Oh god this is really sad, it reminds me my fibonacci generator used to had O(N³) complexity and it takes 2 days to generate first 300 fibonacci numbers.

Zhiyao Gu : Sounds not bad because of major scale...convert the decimal to dozen and take the remainder for number larger than 12, then map the series to all twelve keys, guess it will sound more funny

Jayhee vidz : welp on scale directly you could just put basically what ever numbers and it sounds great 🤷‍♂️

200dollarbill : fibonacci crying in the background

Andrés Ksnv : I mean every note on a scale sounds good with the rest of the scale, that's what they were designed for, but still its a great piece with a lot of emotion :D

Chris Moses : The shade in the comment section is just as predictable as the Fibonacci sequence. Instead of nit-picking go create something and I’ll bet anything you’ll be a lot less critical and a lot more appreciative.

Cryptomed : Great !!! Really you and fibo must be a good friends in a bar

FireyDeath4 : It only sounds any good because he's playing in E major, a major scale with neutral and accidental notes. And major scales can have all the notes playing at once and sound good. You could just go to the start of the piano and assign the numbers 0-9 to the first 10 keys on the piano.

last month : I don't know, I just feel it's so deeply touching something inside me.

Christian Guerra : *when the recommendation is actually worth it*

Bryan Sturgeon : Sorry dude started off lovely but after watching it made no real sense.x

EHSANIKA : You can not be " Tool "

Quốc Anh Nguyễn Lê : Imagine what this would sound like in base 2 (binary) lol.

NebulochaoticOfficial : How to teach math to musicians

Bad Time Studios : *when simple endless addition is better at writing melodys than you*

Gamefreak : That’s awesome

Aldo Zulfikar : 1:53 Just asking "where is those piano cable?"

The King of Nerds : Beautiful!👏 I always imagined the song would get higher as the numbers progressed and got bigger, nice! Very creative! Play pi next!!🎵🎼

gond hq : And they say mathematicians are more intelligent than musicians

SFMWES : Dużo zależy od interpretacji.

Bryan Chen : This has no relation to the sequence at all... and all the notes are in one scale so they would sound somewhat nice together anyways. If you took out the left hand melodies it would sound bad too.

Gerardo Garza García : So will you do the atonal version next time? Make it sound like Webern or Schoenberg? That would probably be the best Fibonacci. But still liked your melody.

Sinom : None of the work of making this sound good was done by the maths. This was all you, the musician.

Damani Jones : This man played the Fibonacci sequence so well that he was transported into nature lol.

Kailey Baca : A song that God wrote as He was making creation if you ask me 🙏🏻🤗❤️

CupCakes CanFly : Just WOW

Fairooz Al-jaberi : When u high and see a piano ◉_◉

Mountainking : That... was... beautiful!!

_ musique : It's a nice idea, but I don't know ... why should 196418 sound the same as 19 followed by 64 followed by 18? Or as 196 followed by 41 followed by 8? See, 9 for example is one count above 8 and 9 corresponds to a tone that is one step higher in the scale then the tone 8 corresponds to, so that makes sense. 10 is one count above 9 but their corresponing tones aren't in such a relation, actually 10 even correspons to a row of two tones. The fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers, not single digits. Since you just use the single digits of all those big numbers (well, they start small but get big very fast), it's more like just a (pseudo-) random sequence in E major, that doesn't show any of the beauty of the fibonacci sequence but just of the beauty of the E major scale. So ... I don't know, just drop that pseudo scientific fibonacci gimmik altogether and play piano, since it does sound fine. :)

Crystal McKinney : Bravo! Scratched a mathematical itch in me too ;). Nice work!♡

Adam Blackler : Next time do the Lucas series (1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18...)

【交換留学生応援チャンネル】New-G代表 : This is a fantastic idea !! Plus, his playing is awesome.

Tun Saha : THANKS Dude, tomorrow I am going to impress my girlfriend with this freaking tune!!!!!HA HAHA!!!!

RADIOACTIVEBUNY : Sometimes YouTube has a good idea when it decides to show me something.

PRAJWAL VIJAYKUMAR MALI : Can make on 17 equation of the world

Abin Jacob Mathew : Music+Maths=Magic

George Byron : Sono emozionato

Andreas Biesenbach : Big Fake. Just pick some Matching Notes and gave Them numbres. Also the Black ones are half notes so not 1 2 3 but 1 2.5 3.5

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : 2:17 i'm still waiting a grizzly bear attacks him from behind.