Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

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Mr GameBoy : And that children, is how fossils are made.

The Mighty Umbreon : *Guys kill ant hill* OMG WHAT A SIN!WE MUST STOP HIM *Another animals species goes extinct* Y’all hear sumn?

Faeries_Xylia 923 : People are defending the ants.. fire ants wouldn’t be defending you if you fell or sat in their territory.

Grry Mxwll : you got a lot of this series. damn man, how many ants were there in your yard?

Jicky Cao : My cousin is cursing at this guy for killing so many ants... while eating a hamburger 20 likes is the most likes I’ve ever gotten lol

Lucas King : There was likely one ant who was collecting food while you did this. He came back to this destruction and is now plotting his revenge.

The Foundation : Ant : ah finnaly new sweet home Anthill art : YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOO'

Joe Swanson : Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire.

Lassannn : 111 thousand people have never been bitten by a fire ant.

ExoticBeat22 : Lock your doors Ants Canada is coming

Cody Spradling : ALL ants were harmed in the making of this video! 😂

I wanna change my name but need to wait 90 days : Ants:Ah that's hot,that's hot

Aeyen The Lobster : that's what they get for stealing his nachos

GalaxyQweenx3 Msp : Rip ants they will never be missed

Adim Fathi : 110k disliked is from the ants that survived

NeedOfName YT : Just imagine how all the ants inside just brutally died with all there remains incinerated almost instantly... Good way to end my day


dientyy : Pompeii in a nutshell

Parion Johnson : Everybody talking bad about his videos is a hypocrite because I know at some point you have killed some sort of insect no matter what it was for so maybe yall should take a look in the mirror before you speak.

FuryanJedi13 : Wow. I knew ant tunnels went deep, but I didn't know it was THAT deep!

Zayn&OneDirection : I was like "why why did you kill the ants like that" And then I was like "whoa this is beautiful"

nxxy nx : Thank you sir for helping the environment and ecosystem by eradicating members of a severely destructive and invasive species.

Vonzent : The dislikes are the ants who got away

obi swan kenobi : If only I could get that amount of kills I fortnite

unrepeatable raddish : people defending ants.......the low ridiculousness of people after the millenium is astounding. People defending stuff THEY dont have to put up with change there. We have millions of ants on our ants nasty bastards

Trey Rose : This is so satisfying to watch for some reason

Sima Das : this man is destroying a anthill with molten metal. The ants who survived are planning to kill the man by feeding him mercury.😂😂😂😂 ( probably)

Martin Tan : Can you do a episode where you pour molten cast into a nest of invasive environmentalists? What? That counts as murder? You're not joking? Okay. Never mind.

Mateo Palma : Vietnam war tunnel clearing strategy *leaked* *colorized*

Kweh : Guess I'll be that 1 person.... 2019 anyone???????

LinkCanBackflip : I know this is kind of brutal. But the comment section is funny af 😂

Rosey Cipher : *This gives a Whole Other meaning to Fighting Fire with Fire*


Helmi : does that sculpture is for sell? it's nice for my room decor..

Hiccup : Disclaimer : *No one was harmed in making this video*

Juan Miguel Cantuba : 69k dislikes is from the ants that survived

Tony Blues : Scott Lang wants to know your location

Monaco Sivaad : 🤔Doesn’t look like it’s actually pouring down 🤷🏽‍♀️

Germany : I guess you could say the fire ants got SMOKED. Edit: I was gonna say fired up but they were both cringe anyway.

The Rockstar Gamer : All of that smoke is actually the combined breath of all of the ants crying out in pain as they die.

Verlisify : any that has been swarmed by fireants probably felt a little too good from watching this

jamesblunt006 : What a brutal massacre of thousands of innocent ant lifes. So much fun! 😂

Arielle Brown : Its super effective

JstSumMobileScum Qian : *No ants were harmed in the making of this video*

Sirgaming101 : *PETA is typing...*

Davine Jay : This dude killed them and turned it into a art piece 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂 smh

muscle boy : I dont have molten aluminum so i try to kill the ant nest using bleach and soap,and it work it !i pour some water with bleach and soap in thier nest and it work they all dead.Using molten aluminium is a waste of times, and also after that i cover the hole and the next day thier was no ants around my house.Also you can tries to use gasoline which i never use it you are crazy enough !!!

Aro Raptor : No ants were har... Nvm

regular saints : People who dislike this obviouslly never get sting by a fire ants

Flaminggaminggamer : Hey look its the hard work of thousands of ants Pours bucket of aluminum in it