Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

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Just Some Guy with a Mustache : This is the origin story of the first fire ant superhero.

Artisteroon : It looks like a pine tree

Brandon Shave : How kill an entire ant colony and build the memorial at the same time.

IM SUPERMAN WOOHOO : No ants were hurt in the making of this video - 😂

Nadiya Guerrero : Tbh, I actually feel sad for the ants

Westley JackLone : It's shows how constructive ants are

Trisha Evans-Lutterodt : For those who are complaining that this is animal abuse, I think it would benefit yourselves and everyone else around you to *READ THE DESCRIPTION!!!*

Zidane24 : 10% of the comment : a serious / real comment 30% of the comments : A joke comment While 60% of the comment : oH MAy GaWD ThIS Is AnN AnIMAl Or InSeCT ABuSE RePORt!!1!1! (Like srsly guys, why do you always comment that 60% percentage of the comment EVERY single of experiment animal video????! /facepalm) Edit: This comment is changed completely and also thanks for alot of likes!! :D

Eliana Spinelli : I see ... now it's fun to kill ants for a decoration? 😡

Sangeeta Butola : I feel bad for those ants

DEL Rodriguez : Looks like the ants are having a smoke sesh 0:45

Shivali Sahu : Ants are on fire..... LOL fire ants...!! Bad joke.

hazel credo : This is sad yet satisfying

Life with Dante : That was like Pompeii for fire ants. Some ants were just baking bread and making clothes when the liquid fire rained from the skies.

Relli Coverdale : You know you could of killed some ants! 😡😡😡

SwiftieRunner .89 : 0:49 ants smoking that weed

Pedro Gabriel : Modern art

Master Gamer : Ants have degree on Engineering

sandstorm : Rip

Leann TV vlog : I hate fire ants


Jhoreen Sakay : Your so bad the ants she didnt have fault this is made from god your a evil

KittyNom Cuteness : Teacher: Ok class science project is due in 6 months *6 months later* Me: This is my science project Me: *pours molten aluminium in fire ant hill* Teacher: A+++++++++++

Melanie butox lol : That's so dope

Carlyn W : this comment section is one of the best things

YL vlogs : Or. I also do a small channel for you to support me. Thanks

StarWarFan : Bro exterminators should take a leaf out of this guy's book. Complete guaranteed destruction and a pretty cast for your trouble.


Nadiya Guerrero : Wow. No words.

Ron Jet : Fire in the hole

Malachi Walker : Pest control workers hate him! See how this man took care of his pest problem with this simple trick!

Nancy Desch : I don't like ants but this is very mean.

Linix Volt : For people that are hating, this are fire ants. Invasive species

עדן הרר : WOW😱😱😱😱

Myrtle Syd : Now we know who invented the first ant Christmas Tree

the cats : I saw one Live and he knows your face and will get you

madmini _88 : Yo how much for that art piece

Nugget Studios : Yes kill them all, they attack me when I broke a stick on the ground accidentally! Yes burn...

LucidDream : All these snowflakes getting mad, good thing they are a minority. Your safe little world you imagine is a lie.

sahil sharma : All the ants inside the colony died instantly but those on the surface outside shat their ant pants when the floor is lava came to life😂😂

Neptune the purple protagonist : Leaked footage of the new Antman movie. I hate those damn fire ants

Kaian凯安 : At 2:24 you forgot to give the death toll

Sangeeta Butola : omg

WORLD OF GAMING : Ants are not harmed naa????¿¿¿¿¿

阿修 : Ant man will piss

시크한화이트 : 한국인 찾아요오...

Bob Stahnke : amazing!!

Minnie Mouse : Not all savages wear shades. Sometimes, they wear safety equipment

Pastor Abraham Zamarripa : Now these were true fire ants

Mr. McEdgeLord : Dude, AntsCanada is going to murder you with his Fire Nation once he sees this.