Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

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Calebplays 101 : Imagine how many ant bodies are in there😱

Cameron Petersen : That end piece could be a Christmas decoration

FlipiiStuff : The real reason why Ant-Man was not in Infinity War

Wei Li : WARNING: comment section is full of butthurt people defending the ants Read at your own risk.

Pratheek Bhat : The report says that 68 ants were found dead and hundreds of them were injured severely and are now admitted to the local hospitals. The number of deaths may increase. People are found holding candles and praying in the Vatican.

Lucas King : There was likely one ant who was collecting food while you did this. He came back to this destruction and is now plotting his revenge.

Avi Rathod : If u think ur life is bad, look at all these comments DEFENDING ANTS

VON FAISON : Half the people in the comments are emotional about ants yet we eat burgers and chicken...smh

Vinicius 619 : 106k dislikes is from the ants that survived

Looking In With Victor B : There's an ant hill in my back yard I just can't get rid of... Might have found a solution

Davine Jay : This dude killed them and turned it into a art piece 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂 smh

Fruit Droop Loop : The real question is... Where is *ANTMAN* ?!

boi : The number of dislikes on this video truly shows the emotional capability of our generation...

zkxe : Ant murder has really progressed over the years. We used to pick a sunny day and whip out the trusty magnifying glass, focus the sun's rays on a toddling ant and watch the smoke rise from its flaming abdomen.

BlacKing500 : If I'm being honest I read "aluminum" as "adamantium"

Dead Inside : Just imagine how all the ants inside just brutally died with all there remains incinerated almost instantly... Good way to end my day

Ayaad 724 : 2018 anyone?

Help Find Picasso : Be careful, PETA may get on your tail!

Mr Phsyco : Was I the only person who was annoyed about the stick stuck?

929GraMMiTIcaL ERR0r : I think Anthill is not going to pin me....

Juan Miguel Cantuba : 69k dislikes is from the ants that survived

[P] Parther : 51,472 ants were harmed when filming this

RAYTHEONGAMING : Video title should be How to be the Adolph Hitler of the ant world

VanePotato : Lol I love how people get so offended from him killing a bunch of heartless ants which are so small and useless like what?

Princess Vi 2009 : I wish u were inside that to experience death of how many ants your killing!

Drop Taran : You are being an Antagonist

DistantSh4dowTV : *Well R.I.P the ants😂*

Kevin K : Ants are one of the most social animals in the world so there probably working together to take revenge

Chris McIntosh : The alternate ending of A Bug’s Life, featuring the T-1000. Man, those early 90s effects really do still hold up

A27 GAMER : the aluminum looks like gallium

Mr GameBoy : And that children, is how fossils are made.

XxShockTrooperxX : Its almost like a Christmas tree. But does this mean there are ants in the aluminum that were literally disintegrated?

OMG//Adheepb : Ant-pompeii

Rapas : It is actually cool and scientific .

gansterboy fishing games and strategy games : Antman dislike this --

Zayn&OneDirection : I was like "why why did you kill the ants like that" And then I was like "whoa this is beautiful"

Shereen Ahmed : Ah the video on YouTube which everyone has watched at least once

BARUN MANNA : Ants are great architect....Human may learn from those....

ToughCorgi : Anybody got here from snapchat

Max ammo : Can you die from this

Trey Rose : This is so satisfying to watch for some reason

ameriqayqee12345 : Y ese fue el momento en el que FLIP y Z les cargo la verg#@ :V

Roxling : Who’s here from Snapchat?

;{ Skynex }; : Like a Vulcano

Rajani Gangisetty : I think ants are the greatest engineers

Mat Ignatyev : I swear if ants Canada see's this xD

Paul Tumangday : The dislikes are from Ants 😂

Nova : At first the ant genocide was really satisfying, but then seeing the ant colony made me amazed. So many good feelings towards a genocide. Good video

LunaBlueWolf Playz Animations : I watched this in December 2015 and when he finished I thought 💭 hmmmm.... I think..... THIS IS SOOOOO PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! Yayayayaya ;-; wait what about the poor 🐜 happy early Christmas ants 🐜 ;-; RIP

SmilingIpad : That's a really interesting structure.