Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

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Juan Miguel Cantuba : 69k dislikes is from the ants that survived

Conrad Andrew : 104k of you are vegan soyboy nuts. FIRE ANTS ARE EVIL. This man did nothing wrong

Deepak Kaushik : The ants were given 2 days advance notice to vacate the place... unfortunately they didn't know how to read.. Moral: one must get education

sunnynina! : I remember watching this in like 2015 the comments were like "OMG! SO COOL!!" now they're like "OmG, yOu'Re so eViL !111!!1"

JamieDodger78 : The sequel to Pixars A Bugs Life was pretty brutal.

Calebplays 101 : Imagine how many ant bodies are in there😱

O. K. : Just think though, 50 years from now that cast will be an ant-ique!

Tim OB : No ants were hurt in the making of this video

Billy Micheal : People: oh this is sooo cruel Also people: I love beef and pork

Looking In With Victor B : There's an ant hill in my back yard I just can't get rid of... Might have found a solution

Davine Jay : This dude killed them and turned it into a art piece 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂 smh

LUMINOUS : I’m so angry, why did he damage the mud

FAZElite : That would be funny if it said *"No ants were harmed in the making of this video."*

Jas Cat : Okay, I'm not picking a side to whether this was cruel or not, because I don't get involved with that stuff, but the art piece at the end was cool. Anyone and everyone can appreciate art, and this guy is raising awareness about something that he believes should be brought to attention. Just a little fun fact of my own: Fire ants actually have venom, and while only one bite will leave you with an itchy bump that ends up swollen, too many bites can kill someone. Here's a story if you're interested.

Lauren Gibson : All the ant savers need to lay down with a couple of these fire ants nd see if u come back still going hard 4 ur ants.

Lucas King : There was likely one ant who was collecting food while you did this. He came back to this destruction and is now plotting his revenge.

Your Neighbour : Humans The irony of eating factory farmed animals while crying about vermin getting melted.

Thefarmhelp : 3D-printed fire ant colony. :P


BlacKing500 : If I'm being honest I read "aluminum" as "adamantium"

Mr GameBoy : And that children, is how fossils are made.

Lime Diamond : This is cruel but I would probably do the same if I could.

* Seasonednuts : A lot of work for something that looks like a rice crispy treat.

Mr Phsyco : Was I the only person who was annoyed about the stick stuck?

EmDrew Appleby : now that's how you get rid of fire ants

Zayn&OneDirection : I was like "why why did you kill the ants like that" And then I was like "whoa this is beautiful"

Robert Cardenas : 2018 anyone

Justa Newb Channel : Zzzzz I want replies, idc if they’re bad or hate zzzzz oh I know! Awwwwwww why you kill the ants meanie 👿 dislike *waits for replies*

Imakiller100 d : everyone is saying @how could he kill these unharmful ants” but you know if there was a ant on you , you would kill it

all rounder of entertainment : When I saw the headlines of the video I was like so cruel!!!😨But when I saw the video I was like it's quite satisfactory 😂😍

Dead Inside : Just imagine how all the ants inside just brutally died with all there remains incinerated almost instantly... Good way to end my day

Mike M : Even a hardcore environmentalist Would burn out fire ants! Just let them Get stung by a few. They don't call them 'fire' ants for nothing!

Jesus Vazquez : No manches que no den que viven las hormigas no les importa verdad es maleducado

Wei Li : WARNING: comment section is full of butthurt people defending the ants Read at your own risk.

Mr.OverLord : He use 10tier magic on a level 1 ants??

Drop Taran : You are being an Antagonist

Ahana Talks : U r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo daring..... No one could never ever think of this experiment..... Fabulous...... Deserves a thumps up

Onii chan : I never knew so much people care about ants this much. Regular days u would just kill the ants When someone posts something like this everybody is like "OMG U MONSTER" "WHY DID U KILL THE ANTS" wth???

Ethan Kellerman : I wonder how scared the ones inside were...

Eleanor Chambers : Those poor ants But it is cool

Mat Ignatyev : I swear if ants Canada see's this xD

It's Shane My dudes : Cruel if antscanada sees this he will go insane

Duck Muffin : That’s a bit Much

E16A1瑞雲 : 🐜<グエー死んだンゴ

Kaybears Blogs : AntsCanada DOESNT approve

Anthill Art : Casting a fire ant colony with molten aluminum.

Marcelo Trindade : beatiful

Vinícius Carlos : it's seem like a fractal, It's amazing how that happen in nature

DragonsArt14332 : Any person watching this: “OMg why kill the ants!?” Any person seeing an ant in their house: “ew” *stands on ant*

Bukhari Ibrahim : complete annihilation