Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum (Cast #043)

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Myrtle Syd : Now we know who invented the first ant Christmas Tree

mati vergil red : Ríp ants

Raju Rajam : Where is ant man???

Ametislady : The three ants outside trying to escape the destruction of the colony are a true script for a movie

david snake : R.I.P Scott Lang "ant man"

DEL Rodriguez : Looks like the ants are having a smoke sesh 0:45

Teniente Rex : The ants don't need this

Kennedy Barbarin : If only you could do this to wasp

Dark zero : Fire ants actually harm the environment. This is not animal abuse.

Superpureeliteful : Fire exits are here, here,and here...

Artisteroon : It looks like a pine tree

Joe Fisher : Now burn it and play the lord of the rings Mordor theme

VanillaSpice : They harm the environment -_-

Leonard Pearlman : I'd buy that! They should go around and make it on the spot (in YOUR yard), just for the story. If people feel bad about this, can we remember that TONS of special ant poison are for sale in every hardware store, and wherever gardening stuff is sold? Fire ants are kind of a curse in parts of FLorida.

General Patzer : Fire ants be like "WTF???"

Westley JackLone : It's shows how constructive ants are

Angelo Polanco : Poor ants, but they are billions

Augusto Pinochet : Killing ants is just like killing bacteria: They're harmful, there's trillions of them, and they're too small and insignificant to care about.

Maha - مهــا : Where are the rights of ants

Kevin Bergin : Funny, I'm a guy who poured gas down a mud wasp nest to kill them so I could mow my lawn in peace. However, there is some thing wrong with doing this as an art project.

Carlyn W : this comment section is one of the best things

Muhammad Fahad : Shame on you

Maria Eduarda : Man.... Man.... This was horrible! U KILLED A COLONY! A COLONY! Ik this ants are dangerous but u think that was fair? These ants do not even have to defend themselves! The next time u make such a SHIT put yourself in the place of the animal you are killing!

bilal khan : Really? Killing ants?

THE CLASER : I see first time as like thing!!!😂

阿修 : Ant man will piss

Overly Sarcastic Dude : ANT LIVES MATTER!!

Jason kool : Imagine being an ant Your friends and family, your home All turned into a hunk of metal

حمودي البصراوي : سبحان الله العلي العظيم


Mr. McEdgeLord : Dude, AntsCanada is going to murder you with his Fire Nation once he sees this.

Ishan ji : so cruel

plum pulum : Not one ant left. 😭😭

Apohorn hichelly : Poor Ant's

Hilary Wingertsahn : What is wrong with u these ants are nature no matter how small.

SwiftieRunner .89 : 0:49 ants smoking that weed

Gamer de palmo e meio : You kill ants for this?

Carloz G. : How are ants harmful to the environment? And humans also harmful, we need molten aluminum poured on us

juanchiPM 360 : Pobres hormigas

SuperPussyFinger : A pretty cruel scheme for creating tacky art.

LinkCanBackflip : I know this is kind of brutal. But the comment section is funny af 😂

David Gaffney : Genocide.

Fatma Amar : How can u be so selfish u killed just to ... I realy don't have the write word that will describe this ....

Molly A. Block : So THIS is how I kill those effing basterd fire ants that are EVERYWHERE here in my yard and fields in north Florida! These ants are brutal, painful, f*ckers!!! Anyhow, this art is neat! Certainly different. I enjoyed this a lot!

Pawel W : W dupe sobie wlej te aluminium a jak nie to ja ci wleje. Biedne mrowki.

Ron Jet : Fire in the hole

Jensen : Pick one. Get rid of Dangerous Fire Ants Or Get rid of soil by using a harmful substance

robert khanvilkar : Very Bad you kill 10,00,000 fire ants .murder

Izabella Zuniga : I am new on the channel and it looked so awesome I am totally subscribing for shure

yee지욘 : Ants : wa...wait!! wtf?!!!