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Half Woman Prank Julien Magic

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Eyez-wide Vids : This was funny and it’s great how she doesn’t let her condition stop her from having a laugh

Martez Chandler : God Bless Her Heart ❤️ She’s Beautiful Inside & Out She Have Full Confidence Of Her Disability #ILoveIt.

Syed M Tayyab : Is This Beach From GTA San Andreas ??

Praveen Nair : 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Best was the guy who fall down seeing the prank🤪🤪🤪

Sanjeew Kumar : Hats off to this girl. She is an amazing skateboarder! People with legs even can't skateboard. She is confident and happy. She is a gift from God. This shows if we want to do anything, excuses can't come in our way. They are only for the weak.

Viquers Vikers : 6 years old me in 2006.. *It's a demon!!! It's a demon!*

Baby Ruthie : 2:49 the guy in the scooter was shooked 🤣 3:40 💀

Shanae Mckoy : No one is safe in this prank not even the people who pass by them That man who fell had me dyeing

Alisa Klonnãl : I like how she makes the run for it😂

NCG : People should be fortunate to have legs. This woman suffers everyday. This made me feel way better about myself

paris mcginnis : It's a prank! Me: so why I'm I still freaked out

Ical holick : Yg dari Indonesia ad nggak

Jessica Williams : That was so funny when the woman pulled her legs off and started running😂😂😂

Jeremy Marin : Always keep positive Gurl!!

Separate Wolf : Srsly how how Master julien

Ian Madla : 4:17 hugs your girl Me: man this is not a prank anymore

Zavion Lee : God bless 🙏😇❣️ her

chad w : so good parts, just no legs? id still date her.... more fun with her cause she wont ask you to go hiking or bowling i bet at least one guy afterwords asked for her number

Nafkom Enterprises : ai want to see you do funn prains on you frends

Patchett White : I have been subriced from the start I love this channel keep doing the good work

Nacho TV : 2:49 he couldn't believe ..he fell for it

rakwar : Were they able to reattach her lower body? thank you

Elbo Schid Tan : Thw woman actually dosen't have legs if you look closely to the bottom.

Christian Lockett : She was such an hreat entertainer fir ither people at the beach keep it up girl😁😀😍😚😘

Andras Ostrom : happy 1 year anniversary june 15 2019

Cual Name : 2:47 Stop distracting that poor driver, he is just 100% concentrated on the road.

Sergio thanos : Yo I'm still confused as hell,

R Cvlm : めっちゃ面白い!

Aditya Chatterjee : Such a brave woman.

chad german : she would be great in a crawling zombie prank

Toptop Redondo : THAT IS ART actually its creepy when im in the vid

C NK : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when everyone starts running 🏃‍♀️

Emma Davies : "Can you...... be helpful??"

edelson mark tuscano : #RESPECT FOR HER

Sharieff sharif : Heart wrenching pranks lool😀 Ur nxt legendary magician Chris angel who is on AXN channel☺

F F : Made my day great video thumbs up 👌🏽

Muhib’s Videos : Imagine if there was this one guy who was just like “ *Woah* “

Game N Carno : Psh good luck skating now hun

IsaacShark08 Random stuff : :/ Demonetized

Reem Mohamed : Pin m if you love your fans

तापकीर सौरभ : Don't make fun if person is disable,🙏🏼

SYAM DEALOVA 93 : Mantab broooo I from indonesia like it

Kartick Das : If you have enough money please do keep making those homeless help videos

Ayanda Myeza : The guy sunglasses 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

ROBLOX Player : I saw something red

Sexyna Camara : Soooo funny video I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂

nick name : like for that girl...😇

Swapnil Upadhyay : Why is everyone riding kid scooters??😕

Winnie Macaraig : Can she pee? Doesn't it? Does she have A Butt and a Bagaina? I don't see it.