The Puppies of Chernobyl

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i am wahman : Would I risk cancer caused by radiation for the pups? Hm... I just want to give them a homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Kyle Salter : ......cancer or getting to pet cute puppies.........puppies it is

SilverFang : Was anyone else expecting something like Cerberus?

Luis Demétrio : Can't touch the pups? That is the real catastrophe.

Luis Illingworth : "You can't pet them." This is the worst imaginable outcome.

koffinkat666 : I would have got cancer within a day

SeventySeven : the 8th circle of hell is filled with puppies, but you can't pet them

Joshua Kowbel : Not being able to pet such adorkable puppies is the darkest timeline. We have to go back! Edit: And boy, when that pupper laid down in the grass, my heart melted. It needs to know what a good boy (or girl) he (or she) is!

James Ryan : Looks like I'd be getting radiation poisoning

Simon Andrews : Radioactive puppies. If someone figures out how to weaponize these guys, we're all doomed.

Wladislav : We must prevent Rorie from visiting the Exclusion Zone at all costs!

Batabii : I guess I'll die.

Joe Frizzell : I feel this would be a personal hell for me to be surrounded by adorable puppies begging to be petted and being told I can't.

random trash : imagine how sad they are...they see a human and run up to them all happy and they dont get pet,they live alone and they cant have any human contact at all :'(((

TataBS : YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO *hugs them all*


Zeemod155 : Rorie would go radioactive for them

KpopNiDontStop : Might not be touching them but some people are definitely going around taking care of them.

mahchymk93 : That's so sad :( unpettable puppies

Bruce Butterfield : No petting for pups...They SO want it!!! :(

Bahamut -_-killme : The fact that the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history is now essentially a nature reserve is beautifully ironic in my opinion

Anonymous Annie : Who else would say screw it and take the risk? XD

Eduardo Paulo Fernandes dos Santos Costa : Geiger counter reveals high levels of chomp


Jeff : I know this was meant to be light hearted, but the thought of these puppies searching for human scritches and not being able to get any is incredibly sad. They will never know the joy of getting their belly rubbed. :(

PorkFistedViking : That would be like some version of hell. All of these cute puppies and dogs and I cannot pet them. I don't think I'd make it.

Jeremy Ng : But they're so happy to see you! Radiated puppers need love too! D:

Groose Caboose : I've never clicked the like button so fast in my 30 springs on this earth

Real Static : It’s like asking for depression

Flame Shadow : Can you just wash them? or use gloves?

Martín Elias Cudris Aguilar : It´s so sad for the puppies, they can´t have a human friend

infidelpants : Thank you for the extremely good dog content

Nights Only : This would be the best form of chemotherapy... instead of getting Injected with radiation, you just play with these adorable puppies 😍

Erin Finlen : I would pet the puppies...but I am nuts

KeeyLher : Radioactively cute

#MissKingdomVII : Guess I'll be going home with a radioactive dog. I'll just name him Bruce Banner.

RubberhoseAsian : Guess I'll die

Christian D'Amore : And to think realistically these puppies will most likely never be petted throughout the course of their entire lives *Not even one pet*

Bruce Butterfield : Matt Rory would be pulling his hair out!

TheCadillacCat : Was really hoping for some glowing puppies.

Allan Pizza : welp guess i’m dying, come here my cute wittle doggiesss

André Luiz Almeida Diniz : Don't tell me I can't have my own Dogmeat.

Mastema : you can pet them, just take some Rad-X first.

PhoenixKev : Shut up i'm going to pet them idc if i'm gonna die.

Door ManTM : write on my tomb *i had to know how soft its fur was*

Quantum Junkie : Anyone curious about how all of these animals can survive in an area that is supposed to be completely contaminated with radiation? Any thoughts on why every animal conceived by infected parents eating and drinking infected food and water while the animal is growing in the womb, seams to be normal ?? Does the evidence of these animals say something contrary to what we have been told about radiation and it's impact on mamals ?

Av Games : Put it in a cage, dump water on it. good as new!

vickie g : We're about to enter a global nuclear holocaust should have pet* the pup...

Kesseleth : So they're all strays? I think there are some good reasons not to pet them other than radiation, then...

Jasmine : nasty the animals be poising, God bless them all poor puppies, take care of animals