The Puppies of Chernobyl

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Joe Frizzell : I feel this would be a personal hell for me to be surrounded by adorable puppies begging to be petted and being told I can't.

Joshua Kowbel : Not being able to pet such adorkable puppies is the darkest timeline. We have to go back! Edit: And boy, when that pupper laid down in the grass, my heart melted. It needs to know what a good boy (or girl) he (or she) is!

PhoenixKev : Shut up i'm going to pet them idc if i'm gonna die.

James Ryan : Looks like I'd be getting radiation poisoning

SeventySeven : the 8th circle of hell is filled with puppies, but you can't pet them

SilverFang : Was anyone else expecting something like Cerberus?

mahchymk93 : That's so sad :( unpettable puppies

Batabii : I guess I'll die.

MissKingdomVII : Guess I'll be going home with a radioactive dog. I'll just name him Bruce Banner.

Simon Andrews : Radioactive puppies. If someone figures out how to weaponize these guys, we're all doomed.

Kyle Salter : ......cancer or getting to pet cute puppies.........puppies it is

Anonymous Annie : Who else would say screw it and take the risk? XD

TataBS : YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO *hugs them all*

Nights Only : This would be the best form of chemotherapy... instead of getting Injected with radiation, you just play with these adorable puppies 😍

zr de : These poor puppies are craving to be petted and held by humans.

GarrettFischer1 : Don't care. Still petting the puppy.

Jado Cast : Was anyone else expecting the Dogs from "Fall Out?"

Matthew Ryans : Guess I'd have to risk the biscuit and pet the puppers. Cancer is better than knowing I left that lil guy with no love.

Mastema : you can pet them, just take some Rad-X first.

F0bius : Let's get real, Drew. Maybe your true calling is to travel around the world to film puppies and other cute animals.This being your most successful video by far, you know what the people... need. It goes without saying that your wingman for that kind of content would have to be Matt Rorie. In addition (for less exclusive yet easier to make content) you could play games that involve great portrayals of puppies such as Secret of Evermore or Okami. Think about it, this would give you a good reason to travel to Japan to pet Shiba-Inus and go to cat cafés.

Nicholas Urquides : I'm going to get one and call him dogmeat

Jeff Arthur : I know this was meant to be light hearted, but the thought of these puppies searching for human scritches and not being able to get any is incredibly sad. They will never know the joy of getting their belly rubbed. :(

flaming corgis : I'd pet them. If that's how I go out, that's how I go out. There would be a few less puppers in need of petting.

Bahamut -_-killme : The fact that the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history is now essentially a nature reserve is beautifully ironic in my opinion

Tony Music : A dog can't read an MRI... But catscan.

Daemien21 : Someone might tell me I'd dare you to fore 1000 dollars. id say no..... for free. :) too adorable. vice or anyone wont scare me

Saerise : Lie down. Try not to pet the puppies. Pet the puppies a lot!

Mia Carla : Can carry but.. maybe unlikely you will get sick...


André Luiz Almeida Diniz : Don't tell me I can't have my own Dogmeat.

A Divine Canine : I want to bring them all HOME!!

Jacob Entzminger : Drew, please do this for all the countries you go to. We need those international puppers.

OnFireGamer : Who's to stop me from touching them. Besides apparently it's fine if you wash your hands after

Felix Verran : Makes me so sad. Hope the groups volunteering to help make it out safely and without damage. And without loss of life. And that they can rescue these little puppies

KpopNiDontStop : People are absolutely touching them though they are friendly with people.

nhs2008NC : Is this what's going to take for us to roll back the rapid urbanisation and deforestation?

Family of Fun : This is sad. They don't look under fed, but they are under loved 😢

Me Auntie Nora : Matt Rorie would totally suit up and do a Properly Petting Puppies.

wisco : who is paying for the clean up, and why has it taken so long to finally put the dome over that

Chill n Space : DO IT FOR THE PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grayjack : Fuck it, I'll pet them. If I'm going to die of radiation poisoning, I'd want puppies to be the cause.

planesrift : They don't look mutated.

selbie : Did Matt Rorie pay you to do this? :P

Nathan McKee : I wish we could donate for Drew to adopt a nuclear pupperoo.

zzz zzz : fuk that, il take him home give him a bath n we good :D

Tom Carpenter : Is this the Drew that used to do the video games and now he does the puppies?

Robert Merritt : OMG I'm not sure I could resist radioactive cuteness of that magnitude!

Keith Redacted : You cant pet them? WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN

Martín Elias Cudris Aguilar : It´s so sad for the puppies, they can´t have a human friend

Gregory Smith : I give this video 5 radioactive puppies out of 5