Tower of Power: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Parzival : This is awesome but I should be working. EDIT: Woah Thanks so much for the likes guys, it made me come back and listen again.

Omri Keren : who knew old white men were the best back vocals huh

Amanda Feliciano : All i can think is u would never know these old guys are such a bunch of badasses if u saw them around a table at a Denny's lmfaooo

kenneth lambert : shout to the audio engineers in capturing this sound so well!!!

junior burchall : Tower of Power? On Tiny Desk? Doing "So Very Hard to Go"? *sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt*

Mount Swervemore : My mans in the back is taking that bass for a walk deep into the pocket. Rhythm section is on!

Nick Latham : Awesome band but the singer is so good that I actually laughed at some of the crazy runs! Not in a bad way at all, it’s just like my brain didn’t know what to do with the information it was being given hahahaha!!

Caramel Drop : Tiny Desk Concerts are an excellent medium for exploring new genres. I’ve been stuck exclusively in hip hop/rap for far too long, and this helps me expand my curiosity. Keep it going, NPR!

SEVENPOINTFIVE : Kevin Hart can really sing!

drumtwo4seven : Ya man that singer is INSANE for sure but you know what? So is the whole fkn band! I seriously can not believe how awesome that was. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!!! THANK YOU!

Ruben Campos : co-worker asked me why i'm crying? i told them, because i'm happy that i can hear music, i can hear life! People be happy for the all of it, good, bad, small, or big, ALL of it means we made it here, and some day we'll make it out. So my fellow human, just enjoy the ride when possible, and accept the bumps along the way. Thanks NPR you hit my heart yet again.

Tyson Tauri : NPR for the win! D'Angelo can't be too far away....

Jonathan Smith : Kudos to the crew who engineered and wired up the sound. Wish more studio albums were recorded live with musicians playing off each other's energy in close quarters. So good!

Green Jetstream : how can this get any dislikes?? this is just the purest soul i've ever heard!

TheNamesDitto : So this is aging gracefully....

Marin Varenina : Set List: "On the Soul Side of Town" (0:00) - album: "Soul Side of Town" (2018) "So Very Hard to Go" (5:14) - album "Tower of Power" (1973) "What Is Hip?" (9:37) - album "Tower of Power" (1973) "Super Bad/Soul Power" (J. Brown) medley (13:26)

Kelvin Gilley : Shame on me for watching Tiny Desk at work...(again)... when all I can do is stand outside my patrol car, nod my head, and pat my foot...smh... Thanx again, NPR and TD!

Pim van de Noort : Not only this band but these holy producers/ engineers frikkin surpass themselfs every damn time

Dirk Jongen : NPR Really brings in Everyone! Thank you so much 😊

Gary Lawrence : 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Somebody call the fire department😋

lllllllllllllllll127 : Now that's how to play bass guitar! Damn he's funky!

A I R T I M E : Is this the tightest tiny desk yet?

wakajumba : and THAT, Ladies & Gentlemen, is how IT is done!

Kurrents : I get a strong Stevie Wonder vibe from this guy! 2 thumbs up

Andrew Purvis : Incredible stuff.... Can you bless us with a Tenacious D Tiny Desk Concert

camren raymond : Being a long time Tower of Power fan I always find it a little strange that East Bay Grease isn't talked about that often. It has been in my album rotation list for 20+ years and I tell anyone who will listen to pick it up. Love these guys, they are such a breath of fresh air and all of their songs sound like fresh picked fruit.

dexxhunt : CALI LEGENDS STAND UP 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Npr you did it again.Give Thanx from the bottom of my heart.These cats are cookin like culinary arts fam...Bless up/Peace

kcwizard72 : This Tiny Desk is the envy of the music world!! What a treasured space it is!! Thank you, NPR!! You NEVER disappoint!!

stryk187 : Holy moly. Wow, this blew me away. Exceptionally talented musicians that come together *very* nicely

Alexander K : Righteous! I dig the variety NPR offers... NPR should put together a music festival with a crazy diverse line up.

wokex : This is just crazy good music and entertaining. The feeling that singer delivers... Thank you for this!

Terry Manning : These guys sound amazing. Emilio was having TOO much fun!

Josh Mosby : 12 people are Devoid of Funk

Arthur Azoubel : I can't help thinking that putting Marcus on a higher level was not only due to lack of space, but actually for recording purposes, and that was f* brilliant and well thought. All these loud metal instruments closer to the singer's mic would definitely take over and muddy the vocal track for sure

Quack : Please bring in the Rex Orange County please!

Pow Wah : Much LOVE to The lead vocalist Markus Scott he is an AWESOME Talent !!!World get ready 4 greatness.

drumtwo4seven : OMG I WOULD GIVE THAT 10 THUMBS UP IF I COULD... 20 NO 30 THUMBS UP 300 THUMBS UP RIGHT HERE 3000 THUMBS UP David Garibaldi layin it down. That entire band layin it down. What a great video one of the best ever. THE BEST OF THE BEST THAT IS HOW ITS DONE THAT BAND (THIS BAND TOP) IS AMAZING ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. GROOVE FEEL POCKET INTONATION 3000 X 10 raised 10th power thumbs ups All day thumbs UP ☝

Lee Roberts : Just plain ole funk that makes u have a funky good time! Refreshing breath of air to see people crossing color lines and just enjoying good music.

Wes Sparkmon : Thank you audio engineer for turning Doc up even louder so us Bari Sax players can appreciate the brilliance of the GOAT

Jody wms : This performance gave me goose bumps damn it

Steve Hilliard : Saw Tower of Power & Cold Blood with Lydia Pence many times in the 70's. Loved this tiny desk @ 4:00 AM!!!

dear-allie : Can't help but smile through the whole video over here in gloomy England! Tysm tower of power & tiny desk

YT Jam Tracks : Holy smokes

Kris Gilstrap : where's rocco?

IguanaMassacre : Thought the group was called Tower of Power bc the singer was 8ft tall, then I noticed he was standing on a box...

marchingforever : The tightness of this band, especially the horn line is giving me an eargasm! 😍

Wildpony98 : NO auto tuner needed !


Benjamin Bird : These lads have the FUNK

jrudovsky : Yeah...that's right! And to the thumbs down crowd I feel bad you have no soul better you than me. Some of the best musicians on Earth here let there be no mistake.