My Houzz: Tony Hawk’s Surprise Renovation

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Watch professional skateboarder Tony Hawk surprise his longtime friend and her family with a fully renovated kitchen, living room and bathroom in their North Carolina home. Shop for the products and materials from the video here:

Comments from Youtube

ZOE RAPHAEL : how cute was that when he gave him the board???? omg what a nice guy he didn't have to do that

Caroline : Love how one of the designers is a fan ✨🤗

Ky lohraW : He's always been a good dude! And still a badass!

Courtney Mayo : houzz has it right, marrying 3 great things many of us love; Genuinely awesome celebs, family, and home renos. These episodes are so good! Keep them coming!

ツ H m m m m N i c e B i k e ツ : I was expecting the entire house to be turned into a skate park.

Jade Welch : Tony is a great guy for doing this for his best friends widow (she’s obviously become a close friend of his also) and her family. It must have cost him a fortune with the light being $799 on its own. But I like that rather than saying “do anything” or “let’s make it traditionally modern/minimalist”, he really took into account what she would like! A really generous man.

Mypinkbike : Tony Hawk has got to be one of the most kind hearted athletes around! Loving this series : )

La' Chorna Daley : True love of friendship. When your friend become family that's true love

John Grytbakk : Heartwarming story. Beautiful space.

D Ishappywithlife : Ahhhh great episode!! Love 💕 when he hands the skateboard to the interior designer and the guy instantly turns 12 ... Tony Is very kind, loyal and generous

Colette Doerschuk-Tiberi : Did anyone else cry through the whole thing? Beautiful renovation and story!

Claudette Shock : I cried. You are beautiful person Tony Hawk. I love you!!!

Travis Warren : I saw him skating in SD at park and he gave me his board before he left and signed it. It's been hanging on my wall in my room for over 10 years now

hily Gorgeous : Kery's daughters are gorgeous 😍 Very emotional 😭

Mary Brunt : This whole family needed this & totally deserve it & more. Way to go Uncle Tony.

Mountain Gal : Tony and Cathy, what a beautiful demonstration of friendship!

Taniwha M : Great episode.. Great renovation.. Great to see the #legend Tony Hawk aaand the joy he has given to his #family with this awesome gift 👍😎

Sheila Yeates : I'm sitting here crying. Tony Hawk I have always thought you were a humble good guy. I love you so much right now! Warms my heart to know there are still good people on this earth. God bless this family. :) Sheila

Ashley sama : It had to be tough for him trying to balance his brother's legacy and embrace his brother's wife's new husband in the remodeling and he truly did a fabulous job with regarding both men in the process.

QT Aruba : Man... Tony Hawk!!! That's why he's our idol... not only his talent and skills, but his heart... Thanks for sharing!

tarmacsurfers : The wonders of removing a wall and purchasing cushions.

ozzie : Tony Hawk's Pro Surprise Renovation

DJ Jones : The bond between Tony & Kristy is so beautiful and sweet and genuine!! I think I am definitely crushing on Tony Hawk just q little more now because of him in this episode. He was so charming, sweet, thoughtful& did i mention his smile? Awww 😍😍😍🖤💙💚 What a good episode. Love this family!

Susan Stanewick : We think PBC and Dave Spetrino and company are the best! When we were deciding on a builder he brought a wealth of information to the decision. This is an impressive episode. congratulations to PBC for such a good job.

Sin-Yi Lambertson : The friendship and generosity is very touching.

Carole Hanrahan : I have two sons with brain cancer. They continue to fight for their lives. They both have young families and one of my sons also has a wife fighting cancer. Thank you for doing this for your friend's family. You are a very good man.

Tiger : Ray Underhill was awesome and is a total legend. I keep his memory alive from reciting his lines from Animal Chin, Those that know , know!!!!! Du bomp du blink! hahahah . Tony is my hero , has been since 1986. I don't watch these shows but jeez , this is awesome. This gets you in the feels! Thank you.

Kathleen Howard : Beautiful renovation that truly meshes new updates and functionality with the family's combined sentimental pieces. I sobbed every time Tony kissed Kerry's head. Feel like Ray could feel his love for the family in Heaven.

D'o Carrasquillo : Omgggg... Ok i know i said a different one was my favorite.. But THIS ONE just really got me! For Tony to love his friend so much that he truly loves this family and respects the fact that.. She is human n moved on after his death and is truly accepting of the new husband is AMAZING..! This world has changed so much we dont get to see stuff like this anymore.. This show is AMAZING. I love HOUZZ. I cried n cried to this episode. It was so sweet. Ty for sharing! 😍

rdd ss : I grew up admiring Tony Hawk,he truly is am awesome person. And Ray Underhill is a lucky person to have known him. I hope Ray is looking down and feeling happy, what Tonys done for his family!

sienna x : FINALLY! Missed the show so much! Tony’s such a sweetheart too God bless him. The new house is lovely as well❤️

Stacy M : If Tony Hawk is even half as kind and loving as he comes across in this video, the world is a better place with him in it.

Criss : this is by far the best one

imari2305 : Just absolutely amazing. Tony what a big heart you have.

Wendy Knox-Leet : What a totally wonderful man. So talented and so genuine! Respect.

Paul Barth : It is more blessed to give than to receive. I'm hats off to you Tony and God will bless you thousands fold. - Leslie

Jessica Shore : Gorgeous renovation! Great Job on making me cry. Seriously super beautiful episode all around.

Vicki Gibson : What a beautiful friendship and what a wonderful way to honor his friend and family. I’m crying at work. Sob!

Andrew M : Tony is the man. Been a great role model in millions of lives since day one. God bless

Anne Sacco : Made me cry. Tony, I love your heart for others. I can't wait till someone taps on me to be a part of something like this. Great job to the whole team.

Koko : Another job well done Houzz!! Tony you and the design team did an amazing job together!!

Jordie Belle : Love when brands have a heartwarming story that doesn't feel forced. It made the renovation much more special.

Elizabeth Harttley : Wow Tony and the designers did total justice with this reno. This family is kind and humble, i want them to thrive here. One of my favorite episodes, thanks houzz!!

Ricardo Cuevas : DAMN! My idol as a teenager when I was skateboarding. Tony you may never read this but you are an inspiration, a mentor and a selfless soul. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Pannemat : When Tony Hawk says 'Ray', you don't need a last name to instantly know who he is talking about.

first last : Tony Hawk. Still being the man. Love seeing this.

The Helpful Assistant : I love seeing the tenderness that Tony has for the family. His friend would be very happy.

Daniel Baugher : God bless Ray Underhill and the family in Jesus name amen God bless Tony Hawk and your family in Jesus name amen 🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇😇😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇

chankla benavidez : What a great guy God bless u