My Houzz: Tony Hawk’s Surprise Renovation

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Caroline : Love how one of the designers is a fan ✨🤗

John Grytbakk : Heartwarming story. Beautiful space.

Ky lohraW : He's always been a good dude! And still a badass!

Linda : I just came for the renovation and all of a sudden I'm sobbing over David from PBC getting offered a skateboard by his childhood idol . Did not see it coming but the flood gates opened real quick

ツ H m m m m N i c e B i k e ツ : I was expecting the entire house to be turned into a skate park.

Taniwha M : Great episode.. Great renovation.. Great to see the #legend Tony Hawk aaand the joy he has given to his #family with this awesome gift 👍😎

Emer Henry : Tony Hawk is my son's hero. He's the reason my Tony got into skateboarding. Now he's 27 and he still loves it. When he's angry, worried, down in the dumps - he hops on the board and everythings fine. It keeps his mind healthy and I'm so grateful to Tony Hawk for being such an inspiration to many and he continues to be that. Such a wonderful thing to do and a fab makeover. Loved the designer "geeking out". Loved Tony giving him the board too. Nice one.

ozzie : Tony Hawk's Pro Surprise Renovation

Claudette Shock : I cried. You are beautiful person Tony Hawk. I love you!!!

Mypinkbike : Tony Hawk has got to be one of the most kind hearted athletes around! Loving this series : )

tarmacsurfers : The wonders of removing a wall and purchasing cushions.

Michelle Barham : Homeowners happy..Mission accomplished👍

Mary Brunt : This whole family needed this & totally deserve it & more. Way to go Uncle Tony.

Mountain Gal : Tony and Cathy, what a beautiful demonstration of friendship!

Colette Doerschuk-Tiberi : Did anyone else cry through the whole thing? Beautiful renovation and story!

Courtney Mayo : houzz has it right, marrying 3 great things many of us love; Genuinely awesome celebs, family, and home renos. These episodes are so good! Keep them coming!

Joe Dynamo : Great Job :)

Jessica Shore : Gorgeous renovation! Great Job on making me cry. Seriously super beautiful episode all around.

Joan Berry : The house looks beautiful!

Nigel Agyekumhene : Awesome!

Tiger : Ray Underhill was awesome and is a total legend. I keep his memory alive from reciting his lines from Animal Chin, Those that know , know!!!!! Du bomp du blink! hahahah . Tony is my hero , has been since 1986. I don't watch these shows but jeez , this is awesome. This gets you in the feels! Thank you.

chankla benavidez : What a great guy God bless u

Andrew M : Tony is the man. Been a great role model in millions of lives since day one. God bless

The Helpful Assistant : I love seeing the tenderness that Tony has for the family. His friend would be very happy.

hily Gorgeous : Kery's daughters are gorgeous 😍 Very emotional 😭

Aimee Perez : this made me emotional

Sheila Yeates : I'm sitting here crying. Tony Hawk I have always thought you were a humble good guy. I love you so much right now! Warms my heart to know there are still good people on this earth. God bless this family. :) Sheila

Kathleen Howard : Beautiful renovation that truly meshes new updates and functionality with the family's combined sentimental pieces. I sobbed every time Tony kissed Kerry's head. Feel like Ray could feel his love for the family in Heaven.

Stephanie Restless In Seattle : Tony has been making me swoon for years today we saw his pure heart SO SWEEEEET!

Vicki Gibson : What a beautiful friendship and what a wonderful way to honor his friend and family. I’m crying at work. Sob!

princess ishee : Tony Hawk have a good heart....God bless u more!

chankla benavidez : This story touched me

Novrihansa Novrihansa : Cool !!!

Pannemat : When Tony Hawk says 'Ray', you don't need a last name to instantly know who he is talking about.

Carl Scruggs : i love you, tony hawk i was just a simple boy who played your videogames and loved them - but now i'm a man, and in awe of the generosity you have in your heart

Milly Borkovic : YAY! I was starting to think they wouldn’t do a 5th episode this season! 🙌🏼

J M : I wish I could give this 2 thumbs up. I grew up skating and have met Tony several times over the last 30 years and he is a class act through and through. I never met Ray, but watched him in competitions. It was an amazing thing for Tony to do that for their family. Hawk fan for life here! 👍

Aishah Abdul Rahman : Finally a new episode. Been waiting a long time for this 😁

rdd ss : I grew up admiring Tony Hawk,he truly is am awesome person. And Ray Underhill is a lucky person to have known him. I hope Ray is looking down and feeling happy, what Tonys done for his family!

Shab Nr : FINALLY! Missed the show so much! Tony’s such a sweetheart too God bless him. The new house is lovely as well❤️

jydeinden : Its not my style at all... But its fun to see what they are doing :)

Melissa E : Ugh still love tony hawk✌ great episode!

Robert Robrahn : Anybody who is THAT generous gets my vote.

D Ishappywithlife : Ahhhh great episode!! Love 💕 when he hands the skateboard to the interior designer and the guy instantly turns 12 ... Tony Is very kind, loyal and generous

Ashley sama : It had to be tough for him trying to balance his brother's legacy and embrace his brother's wife's new husband in the remodeling and he truly did a fabulous job with regarding both men in the process.

QT 297 : Man... Tony Hawk!!! That's why he's our idol... not only his talent and skills, but his heart... Thanks for sharing!

Dreadful : I cry

La' Chorna Daley : True love of friendship. When your friend become family that's true love

Sin-Yi Lambertson : The friendship and generosity is very touching.

Susan Stanewick : We think PBC and Dave Spetrino and company are the best! When we were deciding on a builder he brought a wealth of information to the decision. This is an impressive episode. congratulations to PBC for such a good job.