Make a Gold YouTube Play Button

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Mark Rogers : Hope you like it :)

Trudeau TV : That is really cool!

SML Parodys : It looks amazing i will do it tommorow with my dad 😊😊

Slmd4u : Awesome Work.

Nouha Channel - قناة نهى : very very very goooooood 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👇

BlazeNoutlaws : Make me one

NaeemRaudhah Fatinxx : That is just sweet man

SML Parodys : Where did you buy the vinyl? We finished all the steps but we just need vinyl

The_Master_Gamer : Nice! This version is much neater and put together better

ToffePeer : Very nice!

WOLFIE GAMES : I wish i was handy like u...

Patrick Hrdliczka : Hello Mark ! Can you say me whats the Name of the Shadow Box is? Thank you!

Anthony Miller Art : wow!

Bilo Haddara : But how to stick the paper of good in wood

Bilo Haddara : Wow I sudden

King_Spammer 99 : the problem is that he put the playbutton in the middle and it should be at the top ._.

ToffePeer : Hi, I have a question, where can you buy that golden paper? (0:16)